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Shredding the fat will never be much better if you can do it in your home. Going to the Gym can consume a lot of your precious time and it will run you crazy. So, you can choose your own workout by doing them in your home with a recumbent bike like Marcy. Marcy recumbent bikes are the best workout tools for your home-based cardiovascular workouts. If you want to save bucks while having fruitful exercises that do what it supposed to then Marcy Recumbent Bike is one of the best recumbent exercise bike under $150.


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Getting fit takes a lot of time if you don’t consider it to be your first priority-based works. If your nearby places don’t suit you to ride a cycle, then you might consider doing cardiovascular exercises in your home. But, home-based equipment costs a lot of money. It doesn’t make sense to spend $500 on such equipment. Those who want to invest $150 in your health by buying a user-friendly cycling bike then Marcy Recumbent bike is for you. There are lots of other cheap bikes which may look appealing to you but they will wear out very quickly. This is why we’ve combed through the web to find this contemporary nice-looking recumbent bike and featured this Marcy me-709 recumbent exercise bike review which might be your next fitness coach. Let’s see what it can offer us.


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Marcy recumbent bike is for only cardiovascular workouts. You can also do interval training with this bike but no weight exercises can be done with it. The bike is well-sturdy and looks pretty decent in terms of view. It features a well-cushioned seat which you can adjust according to your needs with a step-through frame in it. While you ride your recumbent bike at your home, you can see the calories burned, total elapsing time and distance you’ve covered in LCD display of your bike. It also features a magnetic resistance system with up to 8 levels to control your bike experience. You’ll be able to burn more calories by using higher resistance. Although, the manufacturer said it could fit a 300lbs person on it, but most customers are claiming that it could take over 400lbs of weight. So, if you’re overweight, then it will cover your weight easily.

Most of the bikes can get really dirty if you don’t take care of them. It’ll take only a wipe clean with a damp cloth for cleaning your Marcy Recumbent bike. No equipment can help you if you don’t exercise yourself. So, considering the fact that you’ll ride this bike regularly, you can get certain advantages and gain more stamina.


  • Doesn’t make sound while you ride it
  • Comfy Seat and Amazing design
  • Takes very little time to assemble
  • Features a LCD display and 8 levels of resistance

So, if you’re concerned about our Marcy me-709 recumbent exercise bike review then you might want to get your hands on it as soon as possible and let us know about your health.


“We all know how important it is in today’s world to have the best silhouette and so I can take care of mine even when I’m at home I invested in this recumbent exercise bike from Marcy. First of all it is not expensive, coming at very affordable price. It has simple design but has all that I need to get rid of any excess fat and at the same time stay in the best shape of my life. I worked steadily through every fitness level that it has and now I’m using the hardest one at regularly intervals. As a direct effect of working out with this exercise bike, I look and feel great, adding to my confidence level. Also its diplay shows everything I need to know about the intensity of my workout clearly, tracking the speed, calories burnt and time. I like the seat as well because it makes me feel comfortable when I’m exercisimg, even for long periods. I really recommend getting the Margy Recumbent Mag Cycle for its excellent quality to price ratio and for taking care of your body in the proper way.” – Amelie Armstrong


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