What is the best MIDI interface from M-Audio


2.M-Audio MIDISport 2x2 Anniversary EditionBenefits

M-Audio MIDISport reviews state that the anniversary edition of the controller is still rated highly for its durable and portable design.

The midi controller is compatible with several different operating systems.

As the best MIDI Interface from M-Audio it has the advantage of using USB bus power.

There are a total of 64 possible channels on the midi interface for unlimited creative possibilities.



The midi interface will not work with ios devices, including the iPad 3. This inconvenience can be fixed by using iRig with the midi controller.

Some consumers have complained that the midi interface uncomfortably heavy compared to other models. This is due to its durable metal construction which has made it the best MIDI interface since its introduction twenty years ago.

A few of the MIDI interface accessories are not included with your purchase, but a USB cable and even iRig can be easily purchased at most electronics stores.


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  • The anniversary edition of the midi interface is sleek and professional looking. It features a new and improved black colored casing that is still constructed from durable, long lasting metal. The slimmer and more tasteful design is ideal for smaller desktops and workspaces, and it can still be easily carried to different locations.

1.M-Audio MIDISport 2x2 Anniversary Edition

  • With the ability to work with different operating systems you can easily plug into any computer or laptop. With the ability to simply plug in and start playing, the midi interface can be used almost anywhere. It is compliant with both Windows XP and Mac OS, and it is also compatible with the less common Vista operating system.


  • The midi interface does not require an external power source making it easy to take with you when you travel, and also gives you the ability to create and perform music anywhere. By using USB bus driven power, you can also add and lay tracks, along with inserting effects without having to find an electrical outlet. Simply plug into your PC or computer and get started creating amazing music.


  • The two midi input and two output jacks make it easy to plug and start playing, along with the 32 input and 32 output channels. Play and assign virtual instruments, along with adding some personal tweaks to your music. With a total of 64 channels and the ability to expand, you might be surprised at what you compose. Connect additional midi devices to the interface and amaze your audience at your next musical performance.


This midi interface has been helping musicians compose, play, and record for twenty years, and the new slimmer design makes this device even better. It is durable and lightweight, and can be used with almost any operating system. With its ability to standalone, you can still perform with the convenient THRU switch which is an additional bonus for any traveling musician. The reliable midi interface will let you expand the channels as you need to, so there will always be new musical tones and sounds for you to explore.


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