What MIDI keyboard controller from M-Audio to select


3.M-Audio Keystation 88ES USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerBenefits

The M-Audio Keystation 88ES reviews cite the way the device sounds every bit as good as the source of MIDI sounds.

This piece of music equipment comes with the necessary midi keyboard controller accessories for successful music creation.

Users find this keyboard superbly easy to use, making it the best M-Audio midi keyboard controller.

The device is a delight to bring anywhere and to use in any setting due to its lightweight and portable quality.

The midi-controller is a highly functional keyboard that lets you explore lots of musical possibilities.



As this is a sophisticated piece of equipment, the M-Audio Keystation 88ES has to be serviced only by licensed M-Audio technicians. Or just be careful at using it to avoid the hassle of looking for qualified service people! (Very Important!)

One user cautions other people that the M-Audio Keystation is only usable with Mac or Windows XP operating systems, but not with Vista.

Some people may find the bundled software entirely useless or somewhat inadequate.


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Benefits Explained

Being first and foremost a MIDI controller, the M-Audio Keystation is not a typical keyboard that produces sound. It is designed for use with other MIDI capable devices or a PC. It can deliver as great sound quality as the source of the MIDI sound. Use it with Garageband and Logic on your Mac, or with FL Studio and Sonar for truly outstanding music expression.

This awesome-looking best midi keyboard controller from M-Audio has a Pitch Bend and Modulation wheel and tremolo sliders that work really great when you want to add expression to the sound. The two buttons for changing octave up and down are handy for small keyboards as well. Use of the device with Garageband will not even require these advanced function buttons.


When used with a reasonably modern Mac, the M-Audio Keystone proves to be a real joy to have. Simply plug the device in using the MIDI/USB cable, have Garageband at the ready and you’re good to go!


The midi controller is portable and lightweight. It is a great keyboard to use at home, for gigs on the road and on the concert stage, or in a professional music studio. It just requires a single cable to plug in and has virtually zero set-up time.


Many users have called this device a sexy tool to own, with its remarkable ability to open up endless possibilities for creating original music. It is ideal for use by music producers, arrangers, composers and working musicians. Anyone making music using software and a computer will find it a valuable piece of music equipment.



The M-Audio Keystation is considered by people to be the best midi keyboard controller thanks to its ability to bring sexy back to the creation of music. It comes built with the necessary components that professional and aspiring musicians need to  compose, arrange, produce and tweak music. It won’t even create a dent in the pocket and is exceptionally easy to use with the right programs, applications and software.


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