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Some Lotos LTP5000D reviews are unhappy about the fact that the machine does not come with a hard plastic carrying case.

The machine could use a longer ground cord and power cord, which is purely a matter of preference.


Customer rating –> A


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Benefits Explained

  • Weighing just 19.4 pounds, this best plasma cutter from Lotos is tops when it comes to effortless portability. The machine is remarkably easy to lug around. The cords can be wound up easily. Carrying the machine by the top-mounted handle is trouble-free, as this component is built strong enough for heavy-duty use.

  • The compact-size torch enables cutting in smaller areas. This means you can easily move the head into a pretty cramped space and cut with no hassles. Cut away no matter how limited the work area may be, as the torch lets you go anywhere.
  • Despite the unit being outfitted with a 110 plug, the user still has the option to replace it with a 220 plug at will. This lets you use the unit wherever you are, a perfect solution for people who want decent cutting service from a global plasma cutter brand.
  • Don’t have a clean ground on which to cut painted or rusty metal? Look no further than this best plasma cutter. The machine is exceptionally useful for working with painted metal, old scrap metal, rotted out and aging car floor pans and plenty more. With the Lotos LTP5000D, cutting corroded metal is always possible. Get the Lotos LTP5000D when you’ve got different types of metal to work with, including aluminum.
  • Bargain hunters will be happy to note that the Lotos LTP5000D comes at a very affordable price. For its incredible cutting performance and reliable technology, this machine is good news for contractors and cutting professionals. Buying the product will not break the bank, and you can be assured of total quality and service with this highly-efficient machine.


Get your socks blown off with the Lotos LTP5000D. It may not come with fancy plasma cutter accessories, but this just makes the unit an affordable piece of machinery that you can rely on for great service. The digital pilot arc plasma cutter uses PAPST Advanced German Cooling System for more efficiency. Its maximum cutting thickness is 0.5 inch and its maximum severance thickness is 0.75 inch. It can cut any kind of metal including aluminum.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($499)