What is the best plasma cutter from Lotos



Low profile torch head

Ease of use

Optimized design

Cutting ability




Most Lotos LT5000D reviews express full satisfaction with the product save for the fact that it does not come with a hard shell carrying case.

Some users would love it if the machine had a longer ground cord and power cable.


 Customer ratings –> A


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Benefits Explained

  • The compact-size torch head lets you work anywhere with the machine. You can just as easily move the torch head between braces to work on a tight space as use the unit on a piece of metal laid flat on the ground. The torch goes anywhere that other heads just can’t. The LT5000D is the preferred option to accomplish DIY projects and small light-duty business jobs.

  • Delivering great performance in a compact package, the Lotos LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter employs switch power inverter technology that significantly reduces the weight and dimensions of the main transformer. Providing better and more precise cuts than heavier brands, this best plasma cutter from Lotos also cuts faster while ensuring less distortion on the work piece. It takes on different types of cutting jobs including aluminum, stainless steel, clean metal, copper, etc. It can work in rugged industrial and construction environments. The unit costs less than an oxyacetylene machine. It requires less cleaning and maintenance and produces fewer noxious gases as well. The unit reduces your work load significantly while posing less of a fire hazard.


  • The machine carries an optimized design that follows state-of-the-art MOSFET transistors for high power output to cut thick metal and steady output for thin metal. It uses Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) technology to run the inverter power supply and generate reliable DC welding current. This best plasma cutter runs on a switch power inverter system, thereby increasing efficiency by 30%.


  • Cutting faster, cleaner and with greater efficiency, the Lotos LT5000D lets you adjust the torch trigger for a custom fit. You can use the head in either the finger or thumb position and still expect a perfectly executed cut. Its CFM requirement is just 3.8 at 66 PSI, enough for a small compressor to do the job. Confidently work on any kind of metal using this machine which offers a maximum cut thickness of ½ inch and maximum severance thickness of ¾ inch.


  • The machine employs PAPST Advanced German Cooling System for truly optimized cooling efficiency. It is a 50-amp digital inverter air plasma cutter that offers impressive power for cutting while being a compact portable piece of machinery.


The LT5000D may not come with an entire horde of plasma cutter accessories but it surely does the job. Employing inverter air technology in cutting, the product executes good, clean cuts fast and efficiently. It’s an automatic dual voltage and dual frequency plasma cutter that is perfect for DIY home projects and light-duty cutting service.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($419)