What is the best wireless outdoor security camera from Lorex



Comes with a host of wireless outdoor security camera accessories

Simple set-up

All-weather functionality

Multi-camera solution

Color reproduction/Night vision



Although no audio is to be expected of captured video and images, the Lorex LW2110 is still the best wireless outdoor security camera when you want good quality images and decent range.

The camera requires fast internet speeds and can make other WiFi receivers slow down.


Customer rating –> C+


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Benefits Explained

  • The Lorex LW2110 comes with all that is required to set it up properly: A color outdoor night vision camera; two power adapters; a wireless micro-receiver; one BNC female/RCA male adapter; a 3-foot BNC extension cable; a mounting kit; an instruction manual and quick start guide. The best add-on to this great product is the one-year warranty, which ensures superior quality and craftsmanship.

  • The camera has plug-and-play installation. You simply assemble everything according to instructions and connect it directly to a monitor, TV or DVR. The camera is mountable on most flat surfaces thanks to its 3D flex stand.


  • This camera is installable either indoors or outdoors. The high-gain wireless antenna can be positioned between 90 to 180 degrees for quick installation beneath ceilings, troughs, and eaves. With its IP66 weatherproof rating, the camera is protected against direct exposure to snow and rain.


  • The included 3-foot BNC extension cable can be used to connect all micro-receivers for multiple cameras. Up to 4 wireless digital security cameras can be installed along with this unit to ensure optimum performance in terms of frame rate.


  • This product is the best wireless outdoor security camera from Lorex, as it delivers single-channel viewing in full-screen VGA resolution of 640 x 480, or in real-time Common Image Format (CIF) of 320 x 240 at 25 frames per second. It provides an outdoor wireless range of up to 450 feet and indoor range of up to 150 feet, with clear line of sight between the receiver and the camera unit. It offers up to 60 feet or 18 meters of infrared night vision. Thanks to the built-in infrared cut-filter, the camera delivers sharp, clear images day or night. This additionally ensures accurate color reproduction no matter what the lighting conditions may be.


Using advanced surveillance technology for camera systems, the Lorex LW2110 deserves all the praise it’s getting in many Lorex LW2110 reviews. It offers excellent night vision, reliable color reproduction, impressive image capture range and effortless installation. It comes with the required hardware for plug-and-play set-up so it’s ready to go right out of the box.


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