What is the best USB MIDI foot controller from Logidy


The UMI3 is a USB foot controller that shows up as a class MIDI device on Mac or Windows PCs. Each of its three switches can be configured to send any type of short MIDI messages. This controller is ideal to control events and parameters in digital audio workstations or loop based recording programs when performance renders access to a mouse impractical.


6.1 Logidy UMI3 MIDI over USB Foot ControllerBenefits

Easy to configure and set up.

Very user friendly and easy to use

Ideal for Djs, pianists, guitarists etc.

The auto step feature is quite unique and useful.



Some may argue that the UMI3 MIDI switches are noisy and too close for an adult with shoes to comfortably use it. However, they still seem to be way better than their counterparts who don’t even come with such unique features and are still noisier.


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Benefits Explained

  1. The Logidy UMI3 MIDI is easy to configure and set up as no drivers or power is required. The connection to a computer is easy as all you’ll need is a USB cable. You get to pick from a variety of UMI3 compatible cables which include: Alesis F2, M-Audio Ex-p (in “M-Audio” mode), Roland EV-5, Moog EP2, EV-7, Boss FV-500L.

6.2 Logidy UMI3 MIDI over USB Foot Controller

  1. User experience has always been the core for such products. It’d be too much of a hassle to learn to use them if they wouldn’t be very user friendly. The UMI3 MIDI, unlike its other counterparts, doesn’t need you to put in tons of time into learning how it works. This ensures a much more comfortable experience.


  1. The Logidy UMI3 MIDI controller is so efficient that you can do all the important tasks in seconds. Plugging in -5 seconds, unpacking – 12 seconds, Traktor programming – 30 seconds. It’s one of the most efficient and fastest out there. Its small size and light weight makes it portable and hence adds to the ease of use.


  1. UMI3 MIDI controller doesn’t cease to amaze. This device works perfectly well when used with other musical instruments like the keyboard, guitar, piano etc. Hence, those in the entertainment industry would be more than pleased with what it has to offer as they know what a device like this means to their business.


  1. On enabling the auto step feature for one or more of the switches, the panel steps through each of the 8 configuration memories and sends them to the UMI3 on the fly. Control or note sequences can therefore be created quite easily and stepped through using this unique feature.


The UMI3 MIDI, coming with a wide range of features, indeed seems to be best for almost all types of people. Ranging from its user friendliness, ease of set up and configuring, to its versatile nature in terms of purpose, makes it the perfect choice. On top of all this, it’s quite affordable as well. Low price and superb usability, rare combination, isn’t it?


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