What is the best MIDI foot controller


5.1 Line 6 FBV Express MkII 4-button Foot ControllerBenefits

The is the best MIDI controller for hands free use with a durable and sturdy design.

Line 6 FBV Express MkII reviews list this as a reliable midi controller that includes all of the necessary power cables.

Free software lets you control the FBV, including assigning channels and will also let you send transport commands.

As the best MIDI controller from Line 6 the device also includes LED lights, and an easily readable display.



Some consumers have complained that the midi controller will not work with all ethernet cables, but this is rarely a problem some the MIDI controller accessories include the RJ-45 connecting cable.

The midi controller does not give players complete access to the Banks switch without the additional purchase of the MkII shortboard, which is only necessary for making live performances.

It can be difficult to silence all of the effects when you are switching from echo to clean mode. This usually resolves itself after all of the effects have been disconnected.


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Benefits explained

  • This is the best Midi footswitch for guitar players and anyone else that needs the convenience of switching channels without using their hands. The durable construction can withstand hard foot stomps, including the volume/wah pedal. The foot switches are constructed from durable steel, and the volume pedal features a non slip surface for crisp, clean control.

5.2 Line 6 FBV Express MkII 4-button Foot Controller

  • The midi footswitch is always ready to play, and includes the locking RJ-45 ethernet cable and jack so the device can be self powered. You also get the advantage of plugging in via the USB port, which lets record, play, and perform, along with accessing the include software.


  • The free software not only lets you customize the four channel switches with the USB cable, you can also assign the pads to perform different changes. Create and save some for your next studio session, and use the different variations of audio applications for your next live performance. The software makes all of this easy, and will even display a graph of the midi commands that you sent.


  • With the LED lights on the midi footswitch you can clearly see all of the controls. Know exactly where the volume is set, and which channels are currently active. The lighted midi controller also makes it easy for you to keep track of the tap tempo, and see the display on the chromatic tuner.


This midi footswitch is sturdy and reliable and is compatible with almost all of the Line 6 amps and PODs. The lighted display makes it easy to keep track of your volume and active channels when you are performing live, and the added bonus of the free software gives you control over the midi footswitch. Change channels, tempos, and transport commands via USB, and have the added advantage of using a footswitch that is self powered. With complete foot control, it is easy to see why this is a favorite midi footpad for guitarists, keyboard players, and other musicians who need to keep their hands free.


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