What is the best French door refrigerator from Liebherr





Energy Efficiency




It can be easy to get finger smudges on the polished stainless steel doors, which are built to resist rusting and corrosion.

The air filter is a bit tricky to clean out, as it requires a panel to be unscrewed first.


Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • With its counter-depth profile lauded in many Liebherr CBS2062 reviews, this appliance fits easily into any kitchen layout. It carries a special-looking freestanding hardline design that employs sharp yet graceful edges to give the fridge the look of a built-in unit. Style and elegance are demonstrated by the handsome stainless steel exterior. Large aluminum handles are a great complement to the elegant finish while enabling easy opening of the fridge doors. The reversible door hinges offer flexible opening of doors at variable sides. Organizing the freezer is a snap thanks to the removable drawer system, VarioBox, and gallon-holding spaces on the doors that maximize capacity.


  • Plenty of room is available to store a variety of food items due to how this best french door refrigerator from Liebherr offers 12.8 cubic feet of storage space. Every door on the Liebherr CBS2062 provides huge 1-gallon storage for large bottles or jugs. Get flexible storage from four glass-line storage racks that also feature an easy clean design for effortless maintenance. Dedicated storage is offered by transparent crisper drawers, where you can keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer. Up to 6 cubic feet of storage is provided by the bottom-located dual drawer freezer. Smooth sliding rails enable practical everyday usage. The special VarioSpace system allows easy access to frozen items aside from providing versatile storage options.


  • Thanks to its Energy Star rating, the Liebherr CBS2062 offers a surprising level of energy efficiency despite its enormous size. Two variable-speed compressors offer customized cooling for the refrigerator and freezer components, keeping each zone cooled sufficiently and independently. This makes better cooling efficiency and temperature regulation. Located at the back and bottom of the unit, the compressors run the fridge quietly. They are also of variable temperature so they don’t run in surges but at optimum speed for the unit’s two zones, keeping everything fresh while using less energy.


  • With its NoFrost rating, this is the best French door refrigerator you can get for the money. Because there is zero build-up of ice inside the fridge, your food stays fresh. No defrosting is required. The refrigerator has exclusive FrostSafe system that employs fully-covered drawers to ensure high cooling performance. No transfer of odor occurs from the freezer to the refrigerator zone because the two sections do not share air. This way, inside humidity is consistently at its peak, with independent controls that ensure quality storage at all times.


Making life easier without using a lot of fancy French door refrigerator accessories, the Liebherr CBS2062 offers a wide array of usable features you can truly appreciate. Temperature stability and the dual compressor system are noteworthy features, aside from the fridge’s great built-in appearance. Get seamless performance from an appliance that needs no complicated installation to blend in easily.


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