What Is the Best Lasonic Boombox from Lasonic?


1. Lasonic i-931BT Portable GhettoBenefits

This is a seriously updated model that has received some good Lasonic i-931BT Ghetto Blaster reviews for its true enhanced performance.

The Lasonic i931BT may be the best boombox under $200 for those who want to bring their sounds along without spending a fortune.

This portable device lets you enjoy pure listening pleasure through its various connectivity options.

The Lasonic i-931BT is engineered with convenient features for you to maximize its functionality.

A product of the latest technical development, the Lasonic i931BT looks great and makes listening fun.



The oversized body may feel absurd for people who don’t feel a portable device should be so large.

Because of the flimsy plastic and air construction, the Lasonic i931BT may only appear like a sophisticated toy for some people.

The size could have been pared down to a smaller scale to make a more compact device.


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Benefits Explained

The Lasonic i931BT may be the best boombox from Lasonic for the way it packs a variety of features into its large frame. Weighing just a little less than 14 pounds, this audio device has been touted to be an unapologetically old school boom box designed to interlink modern music devices with a portable set of speakers. It boasts a powerful speaker sound system of 15 watts x 2. The boom box also has Equalizer adjustments so you can customize your listening pleasure, aside from separate bass and treble controls so you can really pump every element up the way you want. Aside from those, the Lasonic i931BT also has a headphone input for private listening, and volume and echo adjustment plus a volume level indicator, all working to give you a personalized sound level.The Aux In offers an extension function for even more listening enhancement.

1. Lasonic i-931BT Portable Ghetto

Sold at a bargain, the Lasonic i931BT is a terrific find in your favorite online store. This device lets you bring your music anywhere you want without having to break the bank. It won’t even cost you two benjamins to own this awesome boom box, so grab it before it’s too late!


This model has an iPod/iPhone dock, which lets you play music from Apple devices and to charge them at the same time. It also works well with Android devices and any other smartphone with Bluetooth. The appliance has compatibility with USB flash Disk and SD/MMC Card so you can play back your MP3 files. It offers Bluetooth connectivity to any Bluetooth-enabled tablet or phone. Inspired by the ghetto craze of the 1980’s, the Lasonic i931BT is made to the highest quality available.


This model comes with the necessary boombox accessories so you can optimize its functionalities. It has good reception tuner function for AM, FM and Radio Broadcast Data System. The Lasonic i931 also has 20 preset stations for both AM and FM. The LCD display lets you know what station it’s on, and the alarm function is useful to wake up to. The Sleep function switches the unit off at a designated time. The clock display ensures accurate real time telling. The full function remote control lets you enjoy music while relaxing. The device utilizes batteries or AC power for running its various functionalities.

With a shiny surface and plenty of features, this terrific boom box is truly something you can bring along anywhere.



Made to keep the ghetto blaster tradition alive, the Lasonic i931 makes a good investment for people who need to rev up the energy for their break-dance crew or just to enjoy a small party in the outdoors.

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