What are the best hunting boots from LaCrosse



These boots are made of durable rubber that offers 100% waterproof protection.

There is a removable EVA foot bed that provides you with extra comfort for all day wear.

These boots feature the LaCrosse Ankle-Fitdesign which is ideal for creating that perfect fit.

The unique rubber outsole is ideal for grip and traction.



When reading the LaCrosse Grange reviews you may see that there are some cause for complaints with these boots. One of the main ones being that they are sized too small. While it can be easily fixed, consumers would have liked to be alerted to this fact prior to their purchase.

Another complaint that has come up is in regard to the construction of the boot. Some have experienced one of the boots had a leak—granted not a big one, but enough to have a wet sock.


Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The ozone-resistant and abrasion resistant rubber that is used to construct these boots offers wearers 100% waterproof protection. LaCrosse uses a compound of rubber that has high tensile strength which is strong against tears and increases durability.

  • While you are looking through some of the best hunting boots that are available, you want to make sure they offer plenty of comfort. These particular boots feature removable EVA foot beds which provides you with supreme cushioning for all day comfort.


  • Along with the EVA foot beds, LaCrosse boots feature Ankle-FitDesign. This technology features a narrow ankle pocket that is used to grip the top of your foot better. This locks the heel into the boot and prevents excess rubbing and chaffing while you walk. This is a benefit for those who do a lot of walking while they hunt.


  • While it is no secret that hunters often come into areas where the ground is wet and slippery, the Grange boots are the best hunting boots from LaCrosse because they feature a Chevron cleated outsole. This is ideal because they provide you with optimal grip and traction. The large cleats shed mud and debris so you don’t have to worry about compromising the traction of the rubber sole.


While you are out and about in search of your next target, you want to be sure you are wearing the most comfortable boot that will also keep your foot dry and warm. Many hunters may not put much thought into what kind of boot they are putting on, when in truth that should be one of their primary focuses. Do yourself a favor and choose your hunting boots wisely.


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