Select the Best Elongated Toilet Seat from Kohler



1.1 KOHLER K-3950-0 TreshamWhen comfort and utility come first, the Kohler Tresham toilet is one of the best possible choices. Using a large and elongated toilet seat with a lower height than most, this toilet is created for maximum comfort for anyone regardless of their age.

Capable of removing all the solid and liquid waste in a single flush, this toilet meets and exceeds all of the highest industry standards. Its powerful flushing technology allows it a class five performance making it a true leader in its class.

Stylish and beautiful, featuring a perfect classical American look, this toilet feels at home in any kind of bathroom, regardless of size and style. With its classic lines and modern shapes, the Kohler Tresham gets top marks for its style and design.

Not forgetting about the environment, this toilet is using a powerful 1.28 gallon flush that is capable of removing the same amount of waste as any regular 3 gallon flush. Saving water with each flush, this toilet helps you conserving water while keeping your utility bill low thorough the years.



Praised by all Kohler K-3950-0 Tresham reviews, this toilet wins all the top marks for its design, comfort and functionality. While praised by almost all its customers, there are some who regret not having an even lower seat for better comfort. We wonder if an even lower seat position will improve much on its already perfect comfort or will have the opposite effect.


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Benefits Explained

  • With the title of the best elongated toilet from Kohler, the Kohler Tresham has, without a doubt, one of the best and comfortable toilet seats you will ever use. Optimal for all age groups, featuring a low and elongated seating, this toilet raises the bar on comfort and satisfaction to an entire new level. Carefully designed, this toilet gets top marks for its seat and toilet accessories.

1.2 KOHLER K-3950-0 Tresham

  • Using one of the most powerful flushing systems available, this toilet is able to flush away with ease even the heaviest and bulkiest solid waste. With its large 3-1/4 flush valve, the Kohler Tresham is capable of delivering a massive amount of water in one flush.


  • When it comes to style, this Kohler toilet comes on top with its elegant lines and classical style. Available in an impressive 10 color range, this toilet is capable of fitting in any possible bathroom. Its perfect design can adapt to any possible style. Kohler Tresham will simply fit in with ease whether you have a modern or a traditional bathroom.


  • Meeting the most demanding EPA WaterSense water consumption efficiency program, this toilet has the best possible water efficiency around. Without sacrificing flushing power, the Kohler Tresham is capable of saving up to 16.000 gallons of water per year. Keeping your bill low and saving you money, this toilet is the perfect choice for anyone that cares for the environment and thinks about conserving water.



With its excellent comfort, exquisite style and powerful flush system, the Kohler Tresham is rightfully considered by many to be one of the best toilets money can buy today.

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