Select the Best Toilet from Kohler



This US-made product is undoubtedly the best two-piece toilet you can get for the money, as it offers superior quality and craftsmanship.

This stately looking toilet has a classic design that makes it a beautiful addition to any modern bathroom.

The unit features a patented flush engine that works like no other.

It gives 50% more rinse action than older models, and a modern Comfort Height that provides easy use.

The Kohler Memoirs reviews praise the WaterSense certification the toilet has received.



Some users wish the Kohler Memoirs toilet came with a seat, plus wax or screws to facilitate complete installation and set up.

The Kohler Memoirs has to be adjusted really well during installation so it won’t lean away from the wall.


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Benefits Explained

  • Made by a US-based company, the stately Kohler Memoirs offers exceptional construction and quality. Using only the finest materials and the latest in toilet technology, Kohler truly lives up to its tradition of creating leading edge products like this model, to offer bathroom solutions that work according to design. With the Kohler Memoirs, you are assured of premium quality materials used in the construction of the unit. It has surely undergone quality control testing to deliver as intended.

  • It all starts with style. This unit is genuinely the best toilet from Kohler thanks to its classic design that provides the perfect look for traditional homes. It coordinates well with a host of Kohler bathroom fixtures and perfectly matches those of other brands. This unit makes a great addition to any modern bathroom, too, as it takes inspiration from classic concepts and blends them perfectly with superior modern toilet technology.


  • Instead of a standard flapper valve, the Kohler Memoirs features a patented flush engine that operates with no leaks and no problems. You can expect no less than full-out power. In fact, the Memoirs flushes up to four times more than the average adult bulk waste, ensuring reliable flushing performance every time.


  • Older models weren’t able to give the bowl a good rinse for every flush, but the Kohler Memoirs takes its cue from the inefficiency of earlier generations of toilets to deliver 50% more rinse. This ensures a cleaner bowl after every flush, reducing the need to clean the bowl too often. The Kohler Memoirs has earned a Class Five rating, ensuring users of immense bulk waste flushing performance coupled with class-leading bowl cleanliness. Thanks to Comfort Height, the unit is about the stature of a standard chair. This makes it much easier to sit and stand during and after use.


  • The Kohler Memoirs has been granted WaterSense Certification, thanks to its 1.28gpf performance. This translates to savings of about $100 per year on your water bill compared to a 3.5gpf unit.



The Kohler Memoirs may not come with a host of toilet accessories except for the three pre-installed tank bolts that save on installation time, but it is engineered to save water without sacrificing performance. Built to last for years to come, this toilet comes with a one-year limited warranty, which testifies to the manufacturer’s commitment to superior quality, craftsmanship and performance. It saves as much as 16,500 gallons of water annually compared to 3.5gpf models. Rapid water delivery from the tank to the bowl is guaranteed by the large canister flush valve.


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