What is the best washing machine with agitator from Koblenz



Tall and slim profile


Wash method

Rustproof cabinet




One of the Koblenz LCK 50 reviews notes the machine’s short drain hose, which measures less than 3 feet. The short electrical cable requires uses of a grounded three-pronged extension cord.

The washer has no spin cycle so clothes need to be wrung by hand after they’re taken out, and then be spun in a standard dryer.


Customer rating -> C


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Benefits Explained

  • The washer weighs only 25.5 pounds, so most people won’t experience problems when transferring this from one location to another or in storage. It can be placed anywhere in the home due to its compact and light profile.


  • This is the best washing machine with agitator from Koblenz due to its top-loading form, which allows addition of items even when the machine is already running. The wide washtub opening allows easy loading and unloading.


  • The machine uses wash cycles that don’t employ typical spinning motion, which most full-size washers work with. To do its job, the Koblenz washer uses agitation mechanism to do cleaning. This action is delivered via the reversible action impeller instead of a central agitator. The absence of a traditional agitator in the drum also opens up more space for washing and also ensures a quieter cycle. This is also why the machine is as compact as it is.


  • Thanks to the washing machine’s polypropylene cabinet, it is ensured to be rust resistant even in wet or damp environments. Storing the appliance in a shed or garage without full insulation is possible because of this factor. The polypropylene finish also protects the machine from insects and quick deterioration.


  • Thanks to the washing machine’s 6.6-pound capacity, you can put in more laundry. Many users who’ve acknowledged that this is the best washing machine with agitator agree that its cavity/ wash tub is surprisingly large. Because it doesn’t rely on a spinning drum, this Koblenz appliance provides more space for your washing.


Despite its limitations on being a washing machine with agitator accessories, the Koblenz LCK 50 reviews won’t disappoint with its impressive washing performance. It offers a revolutionary washing action that eliminates traditional spinning drums, so you can put more laundry in every load. The reversible action impeller offers a powerful movement of the washing in the tub, moving water and detergent thoroughly through the fabric. It helps you get your clothes laundered even without buying an expensive machine with all the bells and whistles.


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