What is the best fishing boat from KL Industries



Removable and adjustable seats


Convenience features

Design and build

Motorization provisions



Some KL Industries Sun Dolphin Sportsman reviews consider the boat small for two people, but many users disagree.

The bottom and upper part of the boat may need to be thermo-sealed or require additional rivets for better integration with one another.

Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • For people who’d rather sit on the floor of the boat during a fishing trip, this best fishing boat from KL Industries has seats that can be removed. The swivel seats can also be modified in orientation from forward to backward or left or right position to let you get the best angle and comfortable position for catching elusive fish.

  • The boat is easy to transport thanks to its small size and light weight. It just weighs 45 kilograms or 100 pounds and is small enough to fit easily into the bed of a pickup truck or van without the need for a trailer. Just load this into your vehicle and transport it to those secluded fishing areas where the fish are biting. The boat measures 103 inches long, 48 inches wide and 20 inches high.


  • The Sun Dolphin Sportsman has recessed beverage and tackle holders where you can place your fishing essentials during the trip. The seats swivel to provide you with the most comfortable position while fishing. It can carry a full capacity of 550 pounds to let you and a partner enjoy a day out fishing. Protective vinyl hand/rub rails prevent accidents or injuries and give added stability when hauling in big fish.


  • The raised pontoon-style design gives the boat a functional look made for the water. The deck and hull are made of rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex® High-density polyethylene for easy clean up and ample UV protection to prevent fading and drying from sun exposure. This best fishing boat meets US Coast Guard and CE safety standards.


  • Prewired for electric trolling motors, the Sun Dolphin Sportsman is designed with built-in mounts for front and rear motors. It has pre-wired front and and a formed compartment in the rear rthat serves as a battery well. It has a horsepower rating of 3 hp.


The Sun Dolphin Sportsman fishing boat is one of the most compact and easy-to-transport models from KL Industries. It doesn’t need a lot of fishing boat accessories to stand out. The removable bucket style swivel seats can be made to straddle the boat’s center or positioned to face either side. The Sportsman meets US Coast Guard and CE standards, testifying to its excellent quality and craftsmanship.


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