Kindle eBook bestseller reviews


Kindle eBook bestsellers in 2019


There are a lot of eBooks available now for download, which is why it is a bit hard and confusing what eBooks are worth our money for download. In this article, we have sum up five Kindle eBook bestseller reviews.


No Easy Day by Mark Owen


Kindle eBook bestseller reviews

This kindle eBook takes us into one of the biggest mission in the US military: the take down of Osama Bin laden. The story follows on the resque mission for Captain Richard Phillipns in the  iNdian Ocean and in Adghanistan mountains, where Osama Bin Laden could be found. N this eBook, the author takes us into the world of combats and terror on which the US  military was able to survive and take down. This eBook is a good read if you are into first hand account on military missions. It  is very exciting,, knowing that it happened in real life.

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The first eBook I downloaded and bought online was the No Easy Day: The First-hand account of the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden by Mark Owen. This eBook is quite satisfying. It has all the genre a story needs to have which makes the story exciting and makes the reader interested in the content.” Mary Viveros


Fifty Shades Freed by E L James


If you like a book that centers on romance, passion, and welth, the Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James will definitely suit you. This eBook has been a best seller for ong time, and it is not hard to know why. EL James let us into the world untradtional love shared by a young entrepnuer and billionaire Christian Grey and a student Anastasia Steele. In this book, we will very much be able to feel the sensuality and passion of their affair. This is a good read if you are into romace books, as this will really not disappoint. After reading this eBook, you would definitely want your very own Christian Grey.

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. I am a person who is fond of reading love stories. One of the best eBooks I had read was the Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James. I really empathized with the characters and the story. The plot was amazing. You can buy the eBook in just a budget- friendly price.”   Marjorie Cunningham


Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins


Who does not love the Hunger Games book series? The Mockingjay (the Final Book of the Hunger Games) is the final installment for this bestseller trilogy book. In this last installment, we will see how the Capitol tries its best to regain its power and keep away all the roubles that are disturbing their once perfect world. We will follow on how Katniss Everdeen will fight hard to survive the capitol’s anger. This book is great finale to a great series. You will definitely enjoy reading this eBook as it offers conclusion to the Katniss-Peeta-Gale love triangle, plus it is very thrilling and exciting.

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If you love the series of hunger games then you will also love the Fifty Shades Freed: Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy by E L James. This book has a great story and plot. It has very crucial and interesting dilemmas which need to be counteract by the character.”   Millard Liedtke


Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins


As the second installment of the Hunger games trilogy, Catching Fire is able to make readers to be more excited for the conclusion of the whole book series. After winning the hunger games, Katniss is faced to a bigger and more dangerous game, that is, to fight for her survival against the building anger of the ever powerful Capitol. Though, winning the Hunger game should have meant happiness and better life, but for Katniss, it just means facing another survival game. In this book, we shall follow how the Capitol becomes cornered over spreading rumors of rebellion and how they tried hard to suppress it.

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Another book I love to read was the Catching Fire (The second book of the Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins. This book has lots of values and optimism which makes it interesting and relevant to the readers. It is a good story for the family and of all ages.”   Estella Sevilla


Our husband by Stephanie Bond


The Our husband is truly an exciting read. It follows on the story of three completely different women and how they come together. We enter into the world of these three women who are leading completely different life, as one is a doctor, other one is a socialite and the other one is a stripper. They may be living worlds apart, but they share one thing in common, a husband. With its exciting plot and story, you will definitely be having a hard time putting away this book. This definitely can easily capture anyone’s attention, deserving a place in the Kindle eBook bestseller reviews.

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The Our husband by Stephanie Bond is an interesting eBook which will surely make you busy reading it. the story revolves around three women who have different personalities and profession yet have a common husband. This story is nice to read and you can learn a lot from it.”   Cheryl Wright