What is the best surge protector from Kensington



Color coded surge protector

330 clamping voltage and 1500 joule energy rating

Circular design and 6 outlets

16-foot power cord

Audible alarm



One of the Kensington 62634 SmartSockets reviews notes that the device has just one on/off switch for the entire surge protector unit, and not for every outlet.

Octopus-style wiring may not be compatible for most cord organization configurations.


Customer rating -> B+


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  • With the revolutionary circular tabletop design, the Kensington SmartSockets allows you to identify connections quite easily. There’s no need to get confused by all the cords and cables as the innovative color coded system makes you aware which cord goes into which outlet. You shouldn’t have to worry about unplugging the wrong device.

  • With its 1500 joule energy rating plus 330 clamping voltage, the Kensington SmartSockets is the best surge protector from Kensington. It can absorb up to 1500 joules before it fails. The clamping voltage, which is always better when it is a low figure, guarantees that the device gets triggered at just 330 volts, signifying the level at which it starts absorbing excess energy.


  • The circular design offers a lot of room for up to 6 different adapters. This eliminates unsightly cord clutter during important meetings when plenty of room is needed for various imaging and PC devices. Since the outlets are configured in a circular design, no overlapping of cables happens as the cables are conveniently arranged together neatly.


  • The 16-foot power cord lets you connect various devices easily and conveniently. Everything is within reach of the main outlet so power is supplied to every device. You don’t have to unfurl a lot of extension cords and other surge protector units since you have the right number of outlets on the 6-outlet surge protector.


  • An audible alarm lets you know when surge protection is particularly low or is no longer present, so you can immediately unplug whatever device is connected that triggers the corresponding alarm. The alarm protects the device from damage or worse, from catching fire during a power surge or spike.


With a circular design that enables clutter-free arrangement of cords and devices connected to this best surge protector, who needs plenty of individual voltage regulators that are not only heavy but bulky as well? Organize the cords and cables on electrical and electronic devices while having peace of mind that every device connected gets sufficient protection from electricity spikes. Connect everything using just one device.


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