What’s the best car vacuum cleaner from Kenmore



Light and compact

Easy connection to canister tools

Great suction power

Value for money



Power cord design is poor. The cord on the wand needs to be unplugged and plugged back in when switching from the floor unit to the carpet piece.

Self-rewind design of the cord can be tricky. Moving the canister quickly will cause the cord to roll up, which results to getting the machine unplugged from the AC outlet.

Handle only rotates 180 degrees unlike models that offer more flexible 360-degree swiveling. The cord can easily wrap around the canister so you’ll have to stop and maneuver everything back before starting again.


Customer rating -> B


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Benefits Explained

  • Lightweight machine that is easy to carry around when cleaning the car or that can serve as a second vacuum for the home. It weighs just 4.2 pounds, which should enable you to easily work with it without getting hand fatigue. The cleaning tool is made of lightweight plastic, ensuring easy handling and making it convenient to work with, which also makes it a worthwhile investment according to Kenmore Evo 21000 reviews.


  • The Kenmore Evo 21000 connects to a variety of canister tools for above-floor cleaning. It has relatively fewer car vacuum cleaner accessories, coming only with a bagless dust cup and adapter. The 20-foot power cord helps you move around easily. Just choose from among possible extra attachments in the Kenmore line, which include nozzle, wand and Pet PowerMate to get the best pet clean-up possible. The large bagless dustcup that the machine comes with lets you save on money for replacement bags.



  • Input power of 693 watts on the motor is relatively higher than that offered by other portable handheld models. The Kenmore Evo 21000 offers a power-to-weight ratio of 165 watts per pound, which means 74% more power considering its weight. This makes it the best car vacuum cleaner from Kenmore.



  • This small and compact cleaning tool offers superb suction and cleaning at the price. It will give you the performance you expect for a handheld car vacuum in this price range.


With the ability to hold as much as 0.7 liters of dust and debris, the Kenmore Evo 21000 makes a great second vacuum for the home. Light cleaning is a breeze with this best car vacuum cleaner. Its traditional filtration technology is like any other on more expensive models. The machine is versatile as it comes with an assortment of attachments available in the market for thorough cleaning.


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