What is the most popular tent from Kelty


2.1 Kelty Trail Ridge 4 - 4 Person TentBenefits:

This tent is perfect for spring, summer and fall.

It’s designed in a manner that increases space inside.

It comes with taped seams to protect you against the rain.

It’s very easy to set up.



Keep in mind that since this tent is a 3-season tent, it cannot be used during the winter.


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Benefits Explained

  1. If you’re someone who loves camping, you probably want to do as much as possible. The problem with this is that most tents from Kelty, as well as from other brands, are created to be used during the summer only, and if you try to use them during other seasons, you might have to purchase lots of Kelty tent accessories. The good news is that with this tent, you won’t have to. Why? Because it was especially created to be used during spring, summer, and fall. Thanks to this feature, this model is the best Kelty tent for those who love being outdoors as much as possible.

2.2 Kelty Trail Ridge 4 - 4 Person Tent

  1. It’s not news to anyone that tents have very little space inside. This is just something that you get used to if you like to spend lots of time camping. However, it would always be nice to have more room inside, no matter how used you are with the lack of it. This particular tent is made as an answer to that issue, because it was designed to maximize the interior space. As such, it fits 4 people comfortably, which is always a great feature. Thanks to its comfort, this item is the best tent from Kelty for those who prefer to have more space.
  2. The fact that there are a lot of chances you’ll encounter rain while out on a camping trip should come as no surprise to you. This is even more true if you’re someone who wishes to camp during spring, summer and autumn. However, no matter how prepared you are mentally for the rain to come, having it ruin your trip by getting inside the tent will never be something you’ll get used to. Indeed, few things will ruin your camping trip quite like the rain, if you don’t have the proper equipment. Luckily, this model is the best tent when it comes to that, because it comes with taped seams that are especially designed to keep the rain out.
  3. If you’ve been camping for a while then you’re probably pretty good already when it comes to setting tents up. However, no matter how good you are, it’s always bothersome when you have to spend a lot of your precious time doing that, instead of enjoying the wonderful outdoors. If, on the other hand, you’re new to the whole camping thing, you’ll have an even harder time setting up a regular tent. Lucky for you, this particular model is very easy to set up. In fact, many customers have praised the ease with which they were able to assemble and then take down this item in their Kelty Trail Ridge reviews.


If you’re on the lookout for a great tent that fits 4 people, you’ve found just the perfect one. Not only is it comfortable and safe, but this model also makes your life a great deal easier by being super easy to set up and take down.


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