What is the best 8 person tent from Kelty



1.2 Kelty Parthenon 8-Person TentBenefits

As stated by Kelty Parthenon reviews this is the best tent for family camping trips.

The mansion style tent is lightweight, portable, and easy to set up.

It is the best tent from Kelty for camping outdoors with a durable, weatherproof design and construction.

The Kelty tent accessories include storage spaces to keep all of your gear organized.




The large Kelty tent does include small stakes, but some campers prefer sturdier ones. While this doesn’t affect the tent’s stability, thicker, inexpensive stakes can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Even though the tent is easy to set up, it does require more than one person. This is rarely a problem since most customers purchase this Kelty tent for family camping trips, and not for solo use.

There is a rainfly that covers the front door of the tent, but there is a limited amount of coverage. While this is rarely an issue, it does limit the number of people that can stand outside during a rainstorm.


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Benefits Explained

  1. This is the best Kelty tent for your next family camping trip. It is large enough to comfortably sleep 8 people with 143 feet of interior sleeping space. The center of the tent is 6′ 4″ high, which gives you room to comfortably stand up, and walk around. There is a divider that can be attached to give you two separate rooms to ensure that everyone has the privacy that they need.

1.1 Kelty Parthenon 8-Person Tent


  1. Color coded sleeves make it easy to attach the right poles to the weatherproof covering, and it only takes two people a couple of minutes. The mansion style tent is also just as easy to take back down. The tent also has a minimum weight of 26 pounds and 5 ounces so you can carry it to more remote camping locations.


  1. It is the best tent for camping with its durable and weatherproof design that will keep you cool and dry during thunderstorms and hot summer nights. The DAC poles are sturdy enough to withstand sudden gusts of wind, and the polyester taffeta rainfly will keep you dry. The floor is constructed from durable polyurethane that features waterproof seams for added protection. The mesh windows and doors keep the air circulating, and can also be closed when it is raining.


  1. There is always a lot of camping gear, especially when you are with your family. The mansion style Kelty tent includes an organizer wall and convenient gear loft loops. This keeps everything you need to enjoy your camping trip close at hand, but also out of the way so you can more around comfortably inside.



Camping trips with your family is a great way to build memories that will last a lifetime, and the right tent can make it a perfect vacation. This Kelty tent has everything you need to sleep comfortably at night, including weatherproofing for sudden rainstorms. It is easy to set up, and will even help you stay organized so you can enjoy your outdoor vacation.


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