Tel Aviv, as well as other cities in Israel, are great places to travel to. But before planning a trip to this country, make sure that it is safe to visit. It is said to be very unstable since there are a lot of problems whose consequences are demonstrations and protests.

Thus, before taking your child out of the baby crib, keep in mind that such areas are not very safe places for kids. You should check out some of the most important things to know when planning a trip to Israel.

  1. Stay away from certain areas

There are areas which have a higher risk of instability, mainly Gaza, the Shebaa Farms and Ghajjar, as well as within half a mile of the border with Lebanon. You should also avoid reaching to the east of Route 98, where the Syrian border is located. Moreover, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has officially recognized these areas as not being safe to travel to.

If you do decide to visit a place listed below, you should contact the Israeli authorities. Moreover, the Rafah border with Egypt is not a stable place, either. It may be closed anytime and no one will know about this. More than that, Gaza should not be entered by sea, since there is a high risk of being deported.


  1. Holidays

We recommend you to check the Jewish holidays, like Rosh Hashanah or Passover, since it is stated that the tension is increased during these celebrations – a lot of demonstrations may become violent. Besides these holidays, stay away from the cities following religious holidays and Friday prayers.


  1. Transportation

Even if it may seem that public transport is a safe place to be, there have been reported violent incidents on buses and around the public transport lines in Jerusalem.

Buses and hubs in Tel Aviv are not safe, either. You should have to take much care if you do happen to be on a bus there. Maybe it would be better to take other ways of traveling into account.

  1. Learn how to behave

Since you are planning to visit an unstable country, you have to be aware that you may get in risky situations, since you do not know what may happen. You should learn how to behave if you hear a warning siren. Make sure that you know all the safety rules and actions that have to be taken. Of course, your trip may end up beautifully, without unexpected events, but you also have to take into account a more negative situation.

If you happen to need help in drastic circumstances, feel free to get assistance from the embassy of your country — you will definitely be taken care of.


  1. Immigration policies

You have to be aware of all the immigration policies and make sure that you have extra time in case the airports will activate an increased security procedure, especially if your trip is during the tourist season.

It is also advisable to keep the entry card always at hand, since there is a high possibility of it being required, mainly when crossing the borders to the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Of course, it is not forbidden to travel to Israel, but such a trip has its risks. If you are ready and brave enough to take the risk, then go for it. You never know what may happen, but, just for your safety, check all the things you can about the area you plan to visit. You may come back with great memories since Israel is a beautiful country. But be careful.