What is the best wireless outdoor security camera from Insteon



Allows monitoring of your home or business

Compatible with Smartphone and internet-connected devices


Night vision

True color of videos and images



The camera comes with standard-quality wireless outdoor security camera accessories that enable mounting, which some buyers may replace with higher quality mounting hardware to optimize use of the unit.

According to one of the Insteon 75791 reviews, the device offers no zoom function as it can only be placed in one static position to capture images.


Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • When you have good internet connection, the Insteon 75791 offers great monitoring ability for the home or office. You can do the checking from anywhere, which ensures delivery of images directly to you. Thus, you can leave home or your small business and still keep a constant checking of what happens while you’re away.

  • The camera system is compatible with Smartphone and internet-linked devices including Blackberry, Android, iPad and iPhone. With it, you can stay connected and assured of security for your home and property. It’s been engineered to ensure functionality, affordability and simplicity as primary considerations.


  • With its weatherproof housing, you can install the Insteon 75791 in the outdoors. Have a clear view of what goes on at the sidewalk and anywhere around the house. Remain vigilant even while you sleep. With this best wireless outdoor security camera from Insteon, you are kept aware of the comings and goings at your home, ensuring that you won’t miss important details about keeping everything safe and secure. Get peace of mind as well as updated knowledge of what else needs to be done to beef up the security for your property.


  • Employing 60 infrared (IR) LEDs that provide good night vision up to 30 meters away, the Insteon 75791 provides dependable night vision capabilities. Night-time and the dark are usually when criminals strike. Protect your home and the ones you love by getting a video surveillance system that watches over your property while you sleep.


  • This camera uses IR-Cut filter to enable delivery of true color video and images. It can record and send files to a predetermined folder chosen by the user. It also lets you timestamp the recorded video. It does not require a dedicated PC to run and it can be configured to support major providers including Gmail to which it sends motion capture alarm and photos.


Effectively serving to deter unwanted entry and criminal activity, the Insteon 75791 offers a first line of defense for the home or small business. It is the best wireless outdoor security camera that offers decent outdoor image capture. Alerts are sent to a pre-selected email address so the user can determine if there’s imminent threat present and if there’s any cause for alarm.


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