What Is the Best White Ceiling Fan from Hunter


1.1 Hunter 59073 Sonic 52-InchBenefits

The Hunter 59073 Sonic 52-Inch White Ceiling Fan provides great performance for a great price. Powerful air movement is assured by the special technologies employed by the manufacturer.

You will notice right away that the ceiling fan reviewed here is also very silent, a great plus for the times you want to relax and let the ceiling fan on to cool the air.

Style never comes second for this company, and this ceiling fan in particular is no exception, with its reversible white to maple blades.

The Hunter 59073 Sonic 52-Inch White Ceiling Fan is also great for cutting costs on your energy bill, as it complies with the latest Energy Star standards.

Maintenance for this ceiling fan is very easy, since the blades are coated with a special substance that prevents dust build-up. That is why many Hunter 59073 Sonic reviews point out that this is the best choice you can make when searching for a good ceiling fan.



While the Hunter 59073 Sonic model is highly appreciated by most consumers, there are a few comments that must be mentioned. For instance, some users are not pleased with the size of the remote controller and they say they would have liked a bigger one. As far as ceiling fan accessories are concerned, this is only a small issue.

Another mention made by a few consumers is related to the fact that this ceiling fan comes with only 4 blades, and it is somewhat less efficient than models with 5 blades from the same manufacturer. This is understandable, seeing that a difference in price is also noticeable between models with 4 blades and 5 blades respectively.


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Benefits explained

It should come as no surprise that this particular model is considered the best ceiling fan from Hunter. Its performance truly recommends it and it is due to its special WhisperWind Motor that it is so efficient in moving air so that it cools down your room without the need to use your AC.

1.2 Hunter 59073 Sonic 52-Inch

The same WhisperWind Motor is also responsible for its quiet operation. Noise can truly be an issue when using ceiling fans, so it is highly appreciated that this manufacturer thought about employing a special technology to help you relax and enjoy your ceiling fan without any disturbing noises.


Hunter has been in the business of making ceiling fans for over 125 years and this shows in their craftsmanship. Style is not a stranger to their models, either, and the appealing design adds to its popularity. The white blades are reversible to a warm maple color, so you basically have two fans in one.


The Energy Star label certifies that this fan helps you cut on energy costs every year. Truth be told, this is one of the best ceiling fans you can acquire at the moment, for style, efficiency and performance.


The Dust Armor nanotechnology used for coating the blades makes it difficult for blades to gather dust, so keeping this fan looking as good as new is done without too much maintenance.



The Hunter 59073 Sonic is one of the best 4 blade ceiling fans you can find right now. For the price, the performance and style provided are an absolute steal.

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