Find the Best Ceiling Fan from Hunter



As mentioned in the Hunter 22710 Cortland reviews this ceiling fan is incredibly quiet, while still being powerful enough to provide cooling air flow.

With its stylish design the Hunter fan looks great in almost any room, and is easy to install on lower ceilings.

You have the benefit of the exclusive technology that only comes with the best ceiling fans from Hunter.

With the protective dust resistant coating, you’ll love how easy it is to keep the blades clean.



While this is the best ceiling fan to mount against the ceiling, it is not designed to hang lower which might not appeal to everyone’s sense of style.

The ceiling fan’s accessories do include all of the pieces necessary to hang this model, but the wall switch is extra if you do not want to rely on the pull chain.


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  • This ceiling fan is incredibly quiet when it is on, making it ideal for family rooms and dens. The silent motor will not disrupt your television shows or conversations, while still being powerful enough to circulate the air around the room. With this ceiling fan from Hunter, it is easy to stay cool and comfortable without having to deal with any annoying noise.

  • One of the reasons for the popularity of this ceiling fan is its stylish and functional design. The antique bronze base is stylish and looks great when it is mounted directly against the ceiling. The 5 fan blades are study and crafted to resemble weather oak, and will add a touch of casual elegance to any room in your house.


  • You have the benefit of the innovative technology that not only ensures that this ceiling fan will function quietly for life, but that it also will not wobble. Enjoy comfort, style, and peace of mind with this high quality model that also includes a limited warranty for the life of the fan’s motor. Not only is this stylish ceiling fan affordable, the included warranty makes it an excellent investment in your comfort.


  • Keeping the blades free from dust is never easy with a ceiling fan, which is why this model features a protective coating. With the specially formulated coating your fan blades will stay clean longer, and since almost 58 percent of the dust in the air is repealed you won’t have to constantly climb on a ladder just to keep your ceiling fan sparkling like new. This is just one more reason this model from Hunter is becoming a popular choice for many home owners.


If you have lower ceilings or simply don’t like the look of hanging fans, this might be the perfect model for you. It mounts directly to your ceiling to eliminate any gaps, and you’ll love the quiet and powerful motor. Not only is this product designed to look great in almost any room, it is also constructed to last a lifetime. Affordably priced and guaranteed for life, it is easy to see why this is one of the top rated models from Hunter.

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