What’s the best ceiling fan from Hunter Company



Classic styling

Mounting options

Reversible blades




The Hunter 22720 Cortland may not be what buyers looking for more than just standard ceiling fan accessories need in their ceiling fan purchase. It does not come with a remote control kit.

Lighting fixture can’t serve as the primary lighting source for the room.


Customer rating —> B


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Benefits Explained

  • Hunter 22720 Cortland reviews gush about how the product is built with lovely ebony edge worn blades that enable customization of the fan’s appearance to smoothly go with living space décor. The 54-inch Basque black ceiling fan with light shades provides an elegant classic look. The four-light fixture makes any room look great. The lovely polished look blends in seamlessly, making your living space look refined and classy.


  • The Cortland ceiling fan is equipped with Installer’s Choice three-position mounting system that allows flush, angles or standard mounting, which goes with the way your ceiling is built or that requires few alterations if any. The ceiling fan is versatile, as it can be installed with or without the 160-watt four-light fixture.


  • The five reversible ebony-edge worn blades offer three fan speeds from low to medium to high. The Cortland ceiling fan is the best ceiling fan from Hunter when you want value for money. The blades recirculate the air to make rooms up to 485 square feet comfortable. They make the room sufficiently cool during the summer, expanding and distributing the cooling power of your air conditioner throughout the room during the summer. This can save you money on your electricity costs. During the cooler months, the blades ensure that warm air that rises to the ceiling gets distributed efficiently throughout the room as well, saving money on heating costs.


  • The exclusive Hunter motor technology on the Cortland plus the hanging system work together to ensure that your fan will remain quiet for life and wobble-free. Its Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty is backed by the only company that can boast of more than 120 years in the fan industry.


With its 160-watt four-light fixture, the Hunter Cortland ceiling fan can be the best ceiling fan you can get for the money. It offers a sophisticated, classic look that easily brightens up any living space. Customize your fan’s appearance with the reversible blades. The versatile mounting options and Whisper Wind motor offer the flexibility and precise air distributing power you need for any room.


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