Select the Best Ceiling Fan from Hunter



This is often considered the best ceiling fan from Hunter with its adjustable speeds, and elegant fixture for the lights.

The beautiful design blends with almost any decorating style, and you have the advantage of being able to choose from different mounting options.

You have the benefit of the easy to install design that includes all of the pieces you need for mounting.

With the advantage of the ultra quiet motor you can easily have a conversation or watch TV while the fan is circulating cooling air.



While all of the ceiling fan accessories are included, you do have to purchase the 4 incandescent light bulbs separately.

Even though this is often considered the best ceiling fan for home use it is not designed to hang down, which might not appeal to everyone’s sense of style.


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  • As stated in the Hunter 51061 Low Profile III reviews you have the option of attaching 4 incandescent light bulbs to this ceiling fan to use as an additional light source, and the benefit of the variable speed motor. Not only can the fan blades be reversed for comfort during the colder winter months, there are also three speed settings to choose from. With the low and medium settings you can keep can comfortably circulating, and the higher speed will help to quickly cool down stuffy rooms.

  • With the antique bronze finish on the lights and the 5 dark colored cherry and walnut fan blades, this model is designed to blend in beautifully to any room in your house. It has a casual elegance that looks great in a family room or bedroom, while still being masculine enough to make a great addition to a den or study. The dark wood fan blades are also easy to clean, and feature the same dust resistant coating that makes Hunter ceiling fans a favorite among home owners.


  • Since all of the pieces are included with this ceiling fan, attaching it to your ceiling is quick and easy. Not only does it take only a few minutes to install this model, you can also choose from three different positions. Mount the ceiling fan directly against the ceiling in rooms with lower clearances, or choose to angle it for a more modern and edgy look. The fan can also hang slightly down in rooms with higher ceilings.


  • The ultra quiet motor on the ceiling fan lets you install it in any room, and you can even sleep through this model when it is running on high. Not only is it designed to be quiet and powerful, but to also not wobble dangerously. With a lifetime warranty to ensure a quiet and powerful fan, this also makes a good investment in your comfort at home.


With its elegant design and powerful motor you can keep almost any room in your house cool and comfortable. You have the advantage of a quiet, three speed motor, along with 5 dust resistant fan blades. Priced to fit most budgets, it is easy to see why this ceiling fan continues to remain a consumer favorite.

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