What is the best desktop computer from HP



Redesigned Start Screen courtesy of Windows 8

Computes to the Cloud

1TB SATA hard disc drive and USB 2.0 ports

Equipped with vital desktop computer accessories



Should be the best desktop computer save for a few minor nuisances including the pre-installed Windows 8 that requires users to adapt to Windows 8.1 features. This necessitates free upgrade from the Windows store, which has more than 1 gigabyte size.

Has 2 DVI inputs at the back but no HDMI or VGA. Although the computer is shipped with a DVI/VGA adapter, you may need to purchase cables separately for use with this computer.


Customer rating -> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • With the onboard Windows 8, a revamped Start Screen is presented to the user. It takes a certain learning curve to fully assimilate the features, but because all the information you need is placed before you, this should more than make up for the adapting you have to do. From the conventional Windows desktop screen, this computer introduces a tablet-style start screen design in tiled configuration. The tiles can be customized according to your preference and even updated in real time. You want apps, contacts, sports, weather forecasts and news? They’re right there for you to use. The Start Screen makes everything handy. Plus, users who would like to revert to the familiar Windows 7 can switch without a glitch.


  • Sign in via your Microsoft account with Windows 8 and get immediate access to your customized Start Screen. Enjoy your preferred browser favorites, browsing history, language preference and themes without difficulties. Connect to popular services that include Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Microsoft Outlook and others.


  • HP Pavilion 500-070 reviews cite how the computer is outfitted with best in class 1TB SATA hard disc drive. This component provides enough storage space for you to save an array of documents, music, photos, videos, movies and much more. You can connect a variety of peripheral devices easily including USB flash drives, printers and external hard drives. You have the computer’s two front-mounted USB 3.0 plus four USB 2.0 ports located on the back to do that and more. Use the integrated 6-in-1 memory card slot to transfer data at your convenience. The PC is easy to set up and configure thanks to the integrated Gigabit Ethernet network port.


  • There’s also a USB mouse aside from a keyboard, one DVI-I output with multi-display support and one DVI-D. The Super Multi VD burner offers more than your average computer in this range.


This best desktop computer from HP certainly offers a lot of value for the money. It has a third generation 3.40GHz Intel Core i3-3240 processor that complements the 8GB of DDR3 SDRAM, which is expandable up to 16GB. The computer gives you the needed processing power that ably carries various multimedia and software applications. The integrated Intel HD Graphics 2500 easily support enhanced multimedia functionality. The 7.1 HD audio surround sound completes your awesome multimedia experience.


Buy from Amazon.com for: See The Price!