Most popular PDA from HP



As one of the best PDAs from HP, this device features a large 4 inch TFT touch Screen.

You can use familiar applications and a familiar operating system with the HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise handheld device.

You can use PDA Accessories to take full advantage of the devices functionalities.

Use Wi-Fi to keep your calendar, contacts, and your to-do lists up to date.



According to the HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise reviews, the battery life of this device is less than stellar. Some complain that their particular unit would not charge completely or it simply ran through the battery too quickly. Several people complain that it has to be charged daily, regardless of how frequently the device is used.

Because this device uses Windows Mobile 6, users complain that this particular operating system is tedious to use and continues to worsen as Microsoft releases new updates.


Customer rating –> B


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Benefits Explained

  • When you think of the best PDAs that are currently on the market, you almost always zero in on the ease of use of the screen, the clarity, and the organization. The HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise features a 4 inch full color screen that makes it interesting to look at. The responsive touch screen helps to keep the user engaged while never getting frustrated while using the stylus with the device.

  • As an avid Windows user, the transition from your desktop to the HP PDA should be fairly easy. The device uses Windows Mobile 6 Classic operating system that features Office Mobile. With this program, you have the ability to stay productive thanks to Word, Excel and even PowerPoint. You can also access PDF files on the PDA.


  • By hooking up a set of Bluetooth speakers or headphones to the device, you are able to listen to your music anywhere without having your PDA attached to your hip. You can also use SD cards to expand the already massive 128MB of memory. This is great for those who have an extensive music library or just the busy businessman who needs a lot of files right at their fingertips.


  • To make your life easier, you can always connect to a wireless network and synchronize your contacts. The devices built in Wi-Fi receiver makes it easy to check your email from anywhere there is an open Wi-Fi connection—this way you will never miss that important bit of information.


By using one of the best selling PDAs on the market, you have the ability to keep up to date with your emails, contacts, and other important information. With this device, you will never want to leave home without your PDA. With it, you will always be prepared should you ever need to send important files to a co-worker or give an impromptu presentation regarding a project you are working on.


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