What is the best PDA from HP



You can listen to your favorite songs and watch videos with the use of windows Media Player 10 Mobile.

Because this is one of the best PDAs from HP, you have the ability to view and edit various document types with the help of Microsoft Windows.

With PDA accessories, you can utilize the Bluetooth connectivity to make the most out of your media files.

The device allows you to use a Wi-Fi connection to synchronize your information to your online accounts.



According to several HP iPAQ 111 Classic reviews, this PDA does not have the best battery life. Consumers complain that the battery drains rather quickly because the PDA consistently uses the internet to check for email. This open link can be corrected by a hack that is available on the internet, however, it should be up to HP to correct this problem through a firmware update.

Some people mention that they tend to get error messages when they try to connect a USB cable to the computer, although the USB works fine when the PDA is charging.


Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • This PDA is all business during the day and it can easily be used as an entertainment device. You can watch your favorite videos, listen to your music library, and even view and share photographs, thanks to the Windows Media Player 10 Mobile. You also have the ability to download and play games from the internet.

  • With the HP iPAQ 111 Classic, you have the ability to use familiar programs that you use every day on your personal computer. These programs include Windows Mobile 6 Operating system, the mobile version of Microsoft Office which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You also have the ability to view PDF documents.


  • Because this device has Bluetooth capabilities, you may find accessorieslike headphones or speakers especially helpful. You have the ability to leave your PDA at your desk and listen to your music from another room via Bluetooth.


  • When you have access to Wi-Fi, you can easily synchronize all of your important information, contacts, dates and to-do lists to your online accounts. You also have the ability check your email from anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection—whether it is at home, the office, an airport, or a coffee shop.


When you are looking for the best PDA, you want to take into consideration the intended uses of the device. If you only need a personal organizer, then this PDA is perfect for you. Not only can you sync your information via Wi-Fi, you can use Bluetooth to give PowerPoint presentations, share documents, and so much more. With the HP iPAQ 111 Classic, you can keep your life organized and always be prepared for that next business meeting.


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