Best rated baby walker for carpet


In the present parents invest in professional products that can help babies grow harmoniously. One of the most appreciated baby development product is the walker. Moms and dads use baby walkers in order to help baby boys and girls learn how to walk. According to recent online surveys it seems that a growing number of parents are searching for the best baby walker for carpet use. A good baby walker needs to reunite a couple of safety and comfort features in order to keep the little one happy. It is also important for the product to entertain the child while parents are in another room. Useful baby walker features to look for:

Safety strips

As any serious baby walker advice would underline, safety strips are essential in keeping the child safe. Such strips are designed to improve wheels stability while moving on different types of carpets. With less friction and bumps, the child can freely move around the house. You should also know that such strips prevent babies from pushing the walker further in the vicinity of stairs. As a result, parents can relax knowing that their little bundle of joy is safe while exploring various rooms of the house. Safety strips also offer a smooth transition from one type of floor to another.


Lockable bounce option

You never know when you have to keep the child in one place. This is where the lockable bounce feature comes into use. Present in only a couple of baby walkers today, this function is loved by children. Once locked in, the walker transforms into a stationary jumper. As a result you will be able to leave the child in front of the TV and prepare dinner or simply relax. Still, you have check that the string system is solid enough to hold the baby. The bounce option is useful when you have to undergo other activities. It keeps the child entertained and in most cases unaware that you are not around.


Toys tray

If you want your child to always smile, choose a baby walker equipped with a tray that can hold toys. In their early stages of development babies are very fond of their favourite toys. This is why you have to keep them near the walker. The best baby walker in 2019 will definitely incorporate an easy to access tray for toys. There are also models that come with incorporated toys, often very colourful and lovable. Furthermore some baby walkers include electronic sound effects and special lighting that children seem to love.


WinFun Grow with Me Musical Walker


2A growing number of parents are currently looking for the best baby walker under 30. Price is obviously an important factor to take into account while browsing through the many products available on the market. This is why we recommend a high quality baby walker from WinFun, the Grow with Me Musical. The baby walker was designed with unique features that will guide children in their first steps. Furthermore it includes music features which entertain the little one as he walks around house. Due to the easy grip handle the baby walker can be controlled without problems on different types of surfaces.



Designed for babies from 6 to 30 months the Grow with Me musical walker stimulates mobility and enhances exploration patterns

It features a piano keyboard and colourful cell phone which can be detached

Incorporates a special sliding melody bar, reflective mirror and also a flap book which keeps the child entertained

The combi baby walker requires only 3 “AA” batteries in order to operate



The keyboard piano doesn’t come with a volume control but its noise levels are acceptable for most parents

Requires some assembly but the instruction manual can ease up the installation process


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