3.1 Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet CleanerBenefits

Counter Rotating Brushing

High-powered with multiple brush speeds

Six WidePath Brush heads with edge-cleaning bristles

Separate water tanks, detergent compartments and rinse mode

Comes with helpful carpet shampooer accessories



The  Hoover Max Extract Dual-V/WidePath Carpet Cleaner may cost more than basic models from Hoover but the extra bucks go a long way towards ensuring premium features such as wide-path and rinse-only cleaning.

Some Hoover Max Extract F7412900 reviews lament that the machine is on the heavy side but considering the extras, the added weight is worth it.


Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

> Thanks to 6 counter-spinning brush heads, the MaxExtract Dual V F7412900 offers thorough carpet cleaning. Employing Hoover’s exclusive SpinScrub technology, the machine provides impressive clean-up and cleaning off of stains and dirt at a better rate compared to what uni-directional rotating brushes in other brands can do. Working even more remarkably than commercial-grade units, the MaxExtract Dual V F7412900 delivers virtually amazing results.

3.2 Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner

> The six counter-rotating brushes offer brushing motion that comes in three levels. You can choose from power scrub, spill pick-up and gentle. Have good control over how your carpet gets scrubbed and cleaned, ensuring that threads do not get easily worn-out from too much scrubbing. With this machine’s 12-amp horsepower, there is enough energy to rival the performance of commercial rental carpet cleaners.

> The MaxExtract Dual V F7412900 can prove to be the best carpet shampooer from Hoover due to its being a wide-path model with six brush heads that offer one-fifths more coverage. That means faster cleaning since the machine covers a wider area in less time. The bristles even clean carpets near the edges or right next to the walls, for truly thorough cleaning.

> With separate water tanks for clean and dirty water, the machine offers users distinctive segregation. Hot water can also be put into the clean water tank for steam cleaning purposes. The separate detergent container plus rinse mode allow rinse-only pass without detergent or economical detergent use by saving unused cleaning substance for the next cleaning.

> The 8-foot hose and handheld tool enable cleaning of upholstery, stairs and hard-to-reach areas. Old stains can even be removed even though they look permanent. Remove juice stains, pet stains, coffee stains and more with just a single machine.



Thanks to its separate detergent container and rinse mode, the MaxExtract Dual V F7412900 may be the best carpet shampooer you can get for the money. It offers fast carpet drying times thanks to the heated air feature that focuses heated air onto the carpet. Separate clean and dirt water tanks provide good segregation. The machine offers nearly the same features as any expensive brand.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($151.52)