Best Standby Generator Reviews



How to Buy the Best Standby Generator


You won’t need to read tons of the best standby generator reviews to understand the importance of getting a piece of equipment that offers permanent power protection. A standby generator is vital as a long-term back-up solution, as it provides dependable power on demand. It is important to know what factors need to be considered prior to purchase of such gear, as we’re talking long term solution here and not just a simple remedy.


Power and Capacity

The best standby generator reviews often feature units with two basic power parameters. They can either be running or continuous watts, or start-up power, peak power, starting or max watts. Under normal load, appliances require continuous power to run. For appliances to start up or run at their optimum levels of power consumption, starting wattage is needed.

The top rated standby generators 2021 create power between 5,000 to 25,000 watts or higher. Power tools in your work site may need up to 8,000 watts.In choosing a unit of this type, you will have to prove that it is able to supply enough continuous and peak wattage for the appliances that have to be powered on the circuit. A standby generator can either be a bigger liquid-cooled type that produces more power, or an air-cooled model.



Plenty of homeowners choose to power selected circuits only and not all circuits during an outage. Those circuits most commonly considered essential are those involved in heating and cooling systems, lights, refrigeration, or well pumps. These not only cover basic emergency use but keeping them powered is also an economical option.


Features and Accessories

A transfer switch enables managed power generation to support every part of the home, or just a part of it.

The best standby generator 2021 works with either an automatic or a manual transfer switch. People prefer automatic transfer switches as they sense when utility power is lost and automatically switch generator power on.

Portable models can be easily transported when they have a wheeled frame. The smallest portable generator is lightweight and is easily carried. A model that’s several hundred pounds heavy will still need a wheeled frame to be moved out of storage when backup power is needed.

Units geared with noise dampening elements, such as large mufflers, can reduce the noise that usually accompanies emergency power generation.


Top Rated Standby Generators in 2021


Choosing just one product from among those highlighted in some best standby generator reviews can be daunting. To make your list of options much shorter, we have three products that deserve consideration. You can study the best aspects of each one then make a final choice based on your personal requirements.


Guardian 6551 Generac


1.Guardian 6551 Generac 22kW Home Standby GeneratorFrom the industry leader in back up power systems comes this unit that offers an unbeatable MSRP compared to any air-cooled power backup system for the home, with the lowest cost per kilowatt. With a permanently installed Generac home backup generator system, your home is protected automatically. Running on liquid propane or natural gas fuel, this backup system is often featured in the best standby generator reviews. It can be placed outside just like any central air conditioning unit. During an outage, the system protects the things you consider most essential.

Built with true power technology, the Guardian 6551 Generac offers class-leading power quality and lower than 5% of total harmonic distortion, which provides smooth and clean running of sensitive appliances and electronic gadgets. This model is geared with a 200-amp smart switch, combined with re-engineered connection points and a composite mounting pad so you won’t need a poured concrete base to install the system.

The Guardian 6221 comes with an all-weather aluminum enclosure treated with a durable powder-coat finish. The power generating system can withstand 150 mph winds, making it ideal for stormy weather use when utility power is unavailable. The Guardian 6551 Generac is engineered for operation in areas with low natural gas pressure.

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Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS


2.Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS 14,000-Watt Air-Cooled Standby GeneratorUndoubtedly the best standby generator 2021, the Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS offers exceptional reliability and performance. Protecting your family, lifestyle and home during extended power outages, this model runs automatically whenever utility power goes out, and even when you’re away. Engineered with a fast 10-second response time, dependable motor-starting power and quality, the unit belongs to a line of Kohler generators used for professional purposes including airports, hospitals and weather services.

With advanced frequency and voltage regulation plus ultra-low levels of harmonic distortion, expect outstanding generator power quality you can rely on to protect your valuable electronics. This model can easily start and run a five-ton air conditioner. With digital voltage regulation, the system protects sensitive electronics from unstable power quality and harmonic distortion. The system also provides quiet performance.

Additionally, the Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS is made corrosion proof, making it perfect for harsh seaside settings. It is impact-resistant even at -30OF. It is built with an exclusive Fast-Response excitation system that provides remarkable short-circuit capability and voltage response. It is geared with one digital controller that manages both the backup system and Model RXT transfer switch functions. Designed for easy outdoor installation, the Kohler 14RESAL-200SELS has a load connection terminal block that enables effortless field wiring.

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Generac Guardian Series 5873


3.Generac Guardian Series 5873 Gas Powered Standby GeneratorProviding fast-response and automatic protection from power loss, the Generac Guardian Series 5873 Gas Powered Standby Generator is designed for home use. Powering up automatically within seconds of utility power loss, this model doesn’t require manual startup. It starts by itself even when you’re not home. Once all LP or natural gas and electrical connections are completed, the power backup system is geared to run 24/7 without extension cords, fueling or manual operation required.

The Generac Guardian Series 5873 Standby Generator effectively prevents the typical inconveniences of power outages such as spoiled food, burst pipes, or heat and airconditioning loss. Built for easy initial setup, the generator ships prewired and with the necessary installation gear. It comes with pre-wired conduits, a 16-circuit NEMA 1 indoor-rated transfer switch, a flexible fuel line pigtail, an outdoor connection box, and a composite mounting pad. The Generac Guardian Series 5873 can be programmed to do a weekly exercise or test at a time of your choosing.

The Generac Guardian Series 5873 has convenient clear digital controls and an easy-to-view status indicator. The external GFCI outlet accommodates your outdoor power requirements. Providing clean, continuous power to keep sensitive electronics and microchip appliances running, the backup power system also features Generac’s Quiet-Test technology, keeping your daily lifestyle unaffected.

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Best Colored Toilet Seat Reviews


If you’re here, you’re probably looking for the best toilet seat. Yet what do you think makes the difference between an average one and a great one? Is it a matter of product features or does it depend on your personal preferences? We’re here to solve this dilemma and give you some tips on choosing a toilet seat that best fits your personal needs.

Just remember, reading some info on the products you want to buy means saving precious money. Have a look at our buying guide to make a safe choice and pick the right model for the best toilet.

What to look for when buying a toilet seat


Shape of the bowl and of the toilet seat

This might seem like a very easy detail to consider, but sometimes it really doesn’t cross people’s minds. Toilet bowls generally come in two shapes: round and elongated. It really goes without saying that each of these two types goes well with the proper shape of toilet seat.

To make our point, we’ll tackle the matter practically, and give you some examples. A round toilet seat will not fit an elongated bowl. Just as well, an elongated toilet seat will never be a great fit for a round bowl.

The main issue here is the fact that people will often go out shopping for something else and will come back home with a toilet seat. If you really haven’t made up your mind about changing your toilet seat, simply analyze the available options and postpone picking a model over another one.

How do you know if the bowl you own is round or elongated? Elongated bowls are what you would normally find in airplanes and official institutions. They are generally easier to clean. Most homes have round bowls, but since their owners change frequently, you can’t go with the general rule. The simplest way to make the difference between a bowl and another is to measure it.

Round bowls generally have an approximate length of 16 ½ inches, whereas elongated ones come with an estimated length of 18 ½ inches. In a nutshell, the figures say it all. Even if you buy your toilet seat online, you can still make a good choice if you’re paying attention to these numbers.


Ease of sanitation

Depending on the material they’re made of, some seats are more difficult to sanitize than others. Toilet seats are generally made of wood or plastic, but the fact is none of these two materials are resistant to microbes. Plastic is traditionally more durable than wood, but if you choose a porous model, you can accidentally make it uncleanable.

Some models feature a surface that’s covered with a special kind of antimicrobial material. Other seats are capable of cleaning themselves.



Lastly, we will tackle the matter of price. If you’re looking for the best colored toilet seat but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, Amazon is a great place to get it. There’s a plethora of models featuring many designs and most of them come at friendly prices. Nevertheless, there’s something you need to know. The more functionalities of a toilet seat, the higher the price.

Some toilet seats come with heating and their own lighting system, so they’re bound to be more expensive.


Top Rated Colored Toilet Seats in 2021


Comfort Seats C1B5R2-70 Deluxe


This is a simple soft toilet seat that comes at an amazing price. If you’re looking for a bargain, you can find this model online on various retail stores, for less than $40. Other than the great price, there are some features of the product that make it one of the best out there. It’s a strong yet durable seat, wood cores included. It is said that it is easy to install and doesn’t require anything other than a screwdriver.

The hinges it comes with are adjustable and can be made to perfectly fit the whole ensemble. Considering the material it’s made of, it’s corrosion-proof.

As for shape, keep in mind that this is a round toilet seat, so it will be a perfect fit for round bowls.

Manufacturers are offering a one-year warranty with this one. If you’re not keen on the traditional Claret color, you can pick a different one, from the following ones: Blue, Black, Green, Pink and Bone.

With more than 30 5-star ratings, this is a noteworthy toilet seat. Users speak highly of its quality and of the ease of installation. According to various buyers, the color is the same as the one pictured in the Amazon posting.

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Comfort Seats C1B6R9-SHCH


This is a beautifully designed toilet seat, which features ocean motives. It is made of polypropylene that is chemically resistant, and is known to withstand high impacts. As is the case of the formerly mentioned Comfort Seats product, this one also comes at a friendly price and can be bought for less than $85. Since it’s among the most durable items of the line, it’s certainly worth the bucks.

The seat was specifically designed to offer its users the much needed comfort they’re looking for. Aside from the high quality material it is made of, the product is easy to install. When putting it together, buyers only need pliers or a wrench.

A notable mention is the fact that it is a round toilet seat.

The item comes with a one-year warranty.

The screw nuts are corrosion-proof, and this detail adds up to the entire durability of the product.

Customers speak highly of the design of this Comfort Seats item and claim it is among the most beautiful toilet seats out there. An individual even states that it seems to have real sand and shells on the surface. Yet another satisfied buyer speaks about how comfortable it is to sit on it.

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Comfort Seats C1B4R2-30 Deluxe


This is one of the best wooden toilet seats we’ve stumbled upon. It comes with a specially developed wood material, which largely contributes to the durability and strength of the product. The surface is beautifully finished and the item comes in a fawn beige tone. The installed hinges make sure that the cover and the seat are perfectly aligned.

As is the case of other Comfort Seats product, this one is also remarkably easy to install. It is resistant to corrosion and comes with self-aligning hardware. The bumpers are the same color as the whole ensemble.

The shape of the toilet seat is round.

As for the price, it couldn’t get better than this. It can be bought online for less than $35.

The product comes with a one year warranty.

Many buyers speak highly of the quality of this toilet seat. According to some people, it is among the most comfortable products of the line, and it’s very easy to install. Some individuals emphasize how easy it is to clean and maintain. A man claims that the finish is impeccable and it looks as if it is impossible to chip. The same person states that they’ve used it for 4 years and never had an issue with it.

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Best Toilet with Built In Bidet Reviews



Getting the best toilet with integrated bidet may seem a difficult task. With so many design styles and functional variations available, it is recommended to get a lot of info before purchasing one. In this article we carefully compiled a list containing the most important aspects and features that make a good toilet with built in bidet stand apart from the rest. This information will help you make the right choice and will save you a lot of money and time. Follow our tips and pointers and you will be sure to have the best toilet with built in bidet money can buy today.

What to look for when buying a toilet with built in bidet?



Arguably one of the most important traits to seek for when shopping for a new toilet with integrated bidet is the comfort level. A good bidet toilet will have the best comfort possible both as a toilet and as a bidet. You must look for a good large toilet seat and a pressure regulated water jet. Additional comfort options can include pre-warmed water, multi jet option, reduced noise levels and even remote control functions. Keep in mind that many of these will come with an increased total price. Try balancing the comfort options and the cost of the toilet and you will get the best for your money.


Integrated functions

The best toilets of 2021 come with a huge array of functions and options. Functions like adjustable water pressure or cleaning water temperature control are now standard across all quality brands. Before buying a new toilet with integrated bidet, look for as many additional functions that you think will enhance the comfort and functionality of your future toilet. Read all about any extra features before you buy, and you will surely get the best of the best.



Comfort and functionality are all fine, but a modern high tech toilet with integrated bidet needs to have great design and style. The style of your toilet must complement its performance and capability. Once you choose the perfect comfort and functionality it is time to look at the overall design and pick the best looking toilet from the market. A good design will enhance the entire look of your bathroom and will be the best option for you and your money.


Top Rated Toilets with Built In Bidet in 2021


Toto MS970CEMFG#01


Created by the Toto Company, a worldwide toilet and bathroom appliances leader, this toilet is, without a doubt, the best toilet available on the market. Its sleek and modern design together with a compact and low profile frame make it a perfect choice for any modern bathroom and an instant hit with all customers.

Compact, modern and sleek, this toilet is called the best toilet for small bathroom by many users. Its new dual cleaning system delivers a perfect wash from both front and rear. Perfectly controlled adjustable water jets are used at the desired temperature and pressure, creating the most pleasurable experience possible.

When it comes to features and options, this toilet has it all. We resume to naming just a few – remote controlled dual head water cleaners with adjustable jet power and temperature, automatic flushing system, heated air dryer, automatic toilet lid operation and even automatic air freshener. All these functions can be manually timed and adjusted for perfect comfort. The internal memory will store all the adjustable settings using two different user profiles.

All of the above and many other features make us say it out loud that this is one of the most advanced and modern toilets with integrated bidet you can have today.

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TOTO MS950CG#01 Neorest 500


Another masterpiece from Toto, the Neorest 500 is a dream toilet with integrated bidet. Modern and sleek, packed with advanced technology and created with comfort in mind, this toilet is a must for any serious shopper that looks for a bidet toilet.

Asking what is the best toilet for small places will give you the perfect answer: Toto Neorest 500. Compact and sleek, featuring no water tank and an integrated bidet, this toilet is the perfect choice when maximal comfort is needed but the available space is limited.

The dual washing system features adjustable water jets for perfect comfort. The original New Cyclone automatic flush is a technological wonder. Totally silent, this sensor activated flush delivers a powerful 1.28 gallon flush that guarantees to clean any possible waste in an instant.

Advanced SanaGloss finishing keeps your toilet bowl clean with each flush. The ion barrier stops any dirt, bacteria or waste to stick to the inside bowl, keeping it germ free and perfectly clean without any additional effort from you.

Compact, silent and powerful, the Neorest 500 is one of the most technologically advanced toilets on the market today, and a natural choice for any shopper looking for the best.

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Kohler K-3607-0 San Raphael


A marvel from Kohler, the new San Raphael toilet with included bidet is extremely comfortable and packed with options and extra features. With beautiful sleek design lines, the San Raphael boasts one of the highest comfort ratings among all toilets available today. Reliable and stylish, functional and comfortable, the Kohler San Raphael is one of the most wanted toilets with built in bidets.

Remote controlled bidet functions, with controlled temperature and water pressure, pre-warmth air dryer, night light and automatic air freshener make this toilet a dream choice. The large and elongated toilet bowl adds more comfort to an already extremely comfortable setting. An integrated memory chip will store all your desired settings and options for future use using two easy to configure user presets.

The water efficient integrated powerful dual flush system of this toilet will help you save money with each flush, keeping the water bill low while providing perfect cleaning. The silent flush system is perfectly calibrated to maintain the optimal waste cleaning without any additional water consumption.

A true masterpiece, the San Raphael is a top rank Kohler toilet. Easy to use, featuring incredible comfort and superb modern design, this toilet is the ideal choice for your bathroom.

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Best Low Ceiling Fan Reviews


Every shopping journey is an adventure. Deciding on one of the best ceiling fans of 2021 is not an easy thing, particularly because there are so many websites out there recommending one model over another. Since it’s always a good idea to read as many reviews as possible, especially if you want to choose a pricier fan, we’ve taken the time to put together the following buying guide.

Remember, a minute spent reading precious info can help you to make a safe choice and save some money along the road. So, here are the things you need to always keep in mind when shopping for a ceiling fan.

What to look for when buying indoor ceiling fans


Room factors

As you can see, this aspect isn’t related to a characteristic of the fan you’ll be choosing. Whenever making a purchase, you need to consider your own needs over the features of a product. If you buy an expensive, good-looking ceiling fan that you won’t be able to use, you’ll go through a lot of issues with customer support and explaining to various representatives that you’ve picked the wrong model.

To keep it short, you need to know what the size of your room is and what the height of your ceiling is. Something that you also need to keep in mind is the fact that the entire height of the room is different from the height measured from the floor to the blades of the fan.

Generally, it is a great idea for the room to have a height between 7’ and 9’. If the fan you might be interested in buying is for heights lower than 7’, you definitely need to look for a low ceiling fan.

Coming back to the size of the room, another detail you need to consider is whether you only need one fan or two. If the room is smaller, a single ceiling fan placed in the center of the ceiling will do. However, if the room is larger, you might need to purchase two smaller fans, for optimal airflow.

As for safety, it is recommended that you never install a ceiling fan over your bed. Although it might be perfectly installed, it’s always better to be on the safe side.


Operation and handling

After deciding on a set of features, you need to think about how you’ll want to operate the ceiling fan. For many people, the best low ceiling fan is the one that comes with various accessories, such as downrods and remote controls. Usually, these two can be purchased separately, but there are some models that come with their own remotes.

Some remotes are wall-mounted and others can be carried around just like those that come with TV sets.


Return policies and warranty

Good quality fans will often be manufactured by well-known brands, so our advice to you is to choose a ceiling fan that’s received many positive and honest reviews from many customers. Some brands offer return policies and this is great for people that might have made a mistake when measuring the size of their rooms. Products coming from these manufacturers can usually be returned in the course of 30 days.

We recommend you pick a ceiling fan that comes with at least 1 year of warranty.


Top Rated Low Ceiling Fans in 2021


Minka-Aire F518-BN Concept II


This device is by far one of the best Minka-Aire ceiling fans, particularly if you’re looking for a low ceiling one. It comes with its own 100W halogen light and has a 10.5-inch hanging depth. What’s really neat about the light source is that you can place a cap on it and no one will know about it. The cap comes in the same box.

The model features 3 blades and comes with a sweep of 44-inches.

As for operation, this is a complex ceiling fan that comes with a hand held remote control system. You can use the remote to choose between the forward and reverse modes. The second one can be used during winter to direct warm air from the ceiling towards the floor. The forward mode is perfect for saving bucks during the summer, particularly if you also intend on using your air conditioning.

It would be difficult to question the quality of this ceiling fan, considering the fact that it has received more than 200 5-star ratings. Many buyers speak highly of its quality, and some even admire the design it comes with. Some people enjoy the fact that they can use the remote to control fan speed, direction and even the intensity of the light.

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Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy


If you’re looking for a less pricier low ceiling fan, you’ve just found it. First of all, Westinghouse is a well-known fan manufacturer with a long history of producing top quality fans. This particular model comes with three 42-inch blades that are more than capable of recirculating the air in rooms up to 144 square feet. The device also comes with a 3/4-inch by 4-inch downrod and a 78-inch lead wire.

The great thing about this Westinghouse model is its motor. This one is a 153-mm by 10-mm silicon steel variant, which features a dual capacitor. Users can choose between the available three fan speeds and even use the reverse mode for keeping warm during winter.

Something that is also worth mentioning with this one is the fact that the motor has a lifetime warranty. This is a great advantage, because this basically means that people will benefit from free repairs whenever they encounter issues with the motor engine. The other parts belonging to the ceiling fan come with a 2-year warranty.

More than 65 buyers thought this product was worthy enough of a 5-star rating. Although it’s an indoor fan, some have used it in outdoor screened areas and claimed it worked perfectly.

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Casablanca 53187 Durant


This Casablanca model combines performance with a great design. For people who’ve been looking for a chic fan that goes with their classic, vintage furniture, this is a must-have. The blades of the fan are coated with a special material that prevents dust from gathering on their surface. The Dust Armor nanotechnology is known for repelling micro-particles of dust.

This model is perfect for rooms with low ceilings. The fan comes with three 13w bulbs which are medium-base. If you’re wondering about the motor engine, you can rest assured with this one.

The Direct Drive motor certainly won’t wake you up in the middle of the night. In fact, silent performance is one of its innate features. Both the manufacturers and the buyers of the model claim it’s long-lasting and can hold up for entire decades.

The motor engine comes with a lifetime warranty, whereas the parts and electronics are protected by a one-year warranty. Buyers can make use of the 120-day in-home service whenever they feel like something’s gone wrong with the device.

Customer reviews speak highly of the quality of this ceiling fan. Some say it’s nicely made and quiet enough for them to forget it even exists. Others were impressed with how easy it was to install.

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Buying a good low ceiling fan is not an easy thing. Finding the balance between your personal preferences and a good set of features comes from a set of details. Always base your decision on the size and height of the room you intend to install the ceiling fan in.

Both reviews and product characteristics have led us to believe that the best low ceiling fans are the Minka-Aire F518-BN Concept II and the Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy.


Best Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights Reviews



Looking for the best ceiling fan with lights seems simple, until you start browsing through all the models and options available. There are many variations on sale, ranging from 2 blade ceiling fans to multiple blade fans, from modern to traditional, with one or with more lights, and anything in between. In order to get the most out of your purchase, you must have the proper information. Spending a little time reading this article will give you the best and most accurate information about what to look when buying a new ceiling fan with lights, saving you a lot of time and money.

What to look for when buying hunter ceiling fans with lights?


Fan size

The most important aspect to look for when purchasing a new ceiling fan is the size of its blades. There is no secret that larger fans are suited for large rooms while smaller ones are optimal for medium or small rooms. Most ceiling fans have the diameters clearly stated in the product description so you can make the correct choice accordingly. Remember to check for any additional details like the producer’s recommended room’s size or total weight. Keep in mind that very large ceiling fans need a lot of additional support and they may be a bit difficult to install.



The design and style of the ceiling fan must match the style of your room. Traditional ceiling fans are perfect for classic rooms with a lot of wooden furniture, while more modern fans are suited for new style rooms with plenty of electronics and contemporary furniture. Take a look at the material and colors used for the blades and then at the overall design. Use materials and colors that are a good match for your room layout and you will surely pick the best ceiling fan.


Fan speed and light options

A good ceiling fan will feature multiple fan speeds. Check before buying how many speed options your new ceiling fan will have. Slow moving speeds are great for keeping the humidity in during winter while fast speeds will cool the room down during summer days. As with speeds, light options will provide extra comfort and control. Some ceiling fans come with one or more light bulbs. Make sure to pick the best option for your room.


Top Rated Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights in 2021


Hunter Fan Company 54095 Caribbean Breeze


When you want the best ceiling fan of 2021, you must look no further. The Hunter Fan Caribbean Breeze is the best classic design fan you will ever buy this year. Large and quiet, this ceiling fan will not only keep your entire room properly chilled, but it will do so in a very elegant and select way. When quality, functionality and perfect style are required, this ceiling fan is the perfect choice.

Created to ensure perfect airflow even in the largest rooms of a house, the Hunter Fan Caribbean Breeze is perfectly suited for both your living room and the master bedroom. The large, beautiful designed 54” fan blades will circulate and cool the air in your room using three speed settings and an optional reverse speed mode. The blades are coated with the special Dust Armor coating technology in order to keep them looking as good as new and dust free all the time.

The optional lightning is assured by two 60 watt light bulbs. They provide a perfect harmonious good feeling light that will enhance the comfort of your room. The Hunter Fan Caribbean Breeze is powered by the one of the most silent fan engines you will ever find. With lifetime warranty and almost zero noise this high quality engineered fan engine will keep your fan spinning without you ever noticing it.

Classic and stylish, beautiful and sophisticated, this ceiling fan is a dream product. Quiet and with built in optimal lightning system, it will instantly improve the comfort and aspect of your room while delivering perfect airflow for both winter and summer days.

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Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe


Created by the renowned Hunter Company, this ceiling fan is one of the best choices for any buyer looking for quality and performance. Named one of the best ceiling fans from Hunter, the Hunter Builder Deluxe will be the perfect choice for any of your medium or large rooms. Quality materials and superb craftsmanship make this ceiling fan a must buy.

Created from the most exquisite materials, featuring New Bronze coating and Cherry or Oak fan blades, this ceiling fan is one of the most stylish fans you will find. Its classic design is perfectly suited for any traditional or even modern room.

The WhisperWind internal electric engine is one of the quietest fan engines on the market. Powerful, quiet and durable, this motor comes with a lifetime warranty. Three speed options provide the optimal comfort and airflow depending on your needs at the moment.

Whether you are looking for a lazy chill or a winter breeze, this ceiling fan will deliver the desired comfort with ease and in total silence. The quality, style and durability make this ceiling fan one of the favorite choices among all fan buyers today.

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Hunter Fan Company 51022 Conroy


Another consumers’ favorite from the Hunter Company, the Hunter Conroy is a great medium size high power ceiling fan. Rightfully called the best of all white ceiling fans with lights, the Hunter Conroy is a notch above all other ceiling fans in its class. Modern looking and featuring one of the most powerful fan motors on the market, this ceiling fan will keep your room temperature low without any effort even during the hottest summer days.

Working perfectly for any small, office or medium size rooms, this ceiling fan is a perfect example of modern simplicity and functionality. Featuring a low profile and light frame, this ceiling fan is a superb choice for any room with a low ceiling, where bulkier and heavier ceiling fans are hard or even impossible to fit.

The WhisperWind electric motor delivers an impressive power without any discomfort or noise. Fast, quiet and reliable, the WhisperWind will work without any problems for years and years. Its lifetime warranty is a testimony of its reliability and endurance.

Modern, light and compact, this ceiling fan is a perfect choice for any office room. Quiet and powerful it will create the optimal conditions for work on any given day of the year.

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Best Voice Amplifiers Reviews



Things to Consider When Purchasing a Voice Amplifier


A voice amplifier is perfect for making sure you are heard during small business meetings, round table conferences, or tour groups. While a voice amplifier cannot replace a traditional PA system, it can ensure that you are clearly heard in small, more intimate settings. There are several models of the small voice enhancing system, and finding the right one for your needs can be confusing. That is why we have included the best voice amplifier reviews in this helpful buying guide so you can make an informed decision and ensure that you can be clearly heard at the next meeting.


The best voice amplifiers in 2021 are convenient and easy to use. These small amplification devices are designed to project your voice over a small area so you can be more easily heard over background noise. According to the best voice amplifier reviews you want a model that is lightweight, and can be easily clipped to your belt or collar so you can still move around freely even when you are using the compact voice amplification device. You also want to consider where the power and volume buttons are placed, and make sure that each one can be easily reached.


Battery Life

The expected life of the battery is important, especially if you are using the voice amplifier to guide tour and sightseeing groups. The best voice amplifiers in 2021 included powerful lithium ion batteries that can last for up to six hours of continual use. Some voice amplifiers even include lithium batteries that can power the device for twelve hours before needed to be recharged. You might also want to consider the length of time needed between charges, especially if the device will be used frequently.



While all voice amplifiers include speakers, there are differences in the ranges between models. Some voice amplifiers use smaller speakers that are ideal for small meetings, while others can ensure that you are clearly heard up to ½ a mile away. According to the best voice amplifier reviews the best size speakers will depend on where and how you are planning on using the device.


Top Rated Voice Amplifiers in 2021


While there are several models to choose from, there are three that stand out from the rest. Affordable, convenient, and easy to use these are considered the top rated voice amplifiers of 2021.


Croove Mini Teachers


This compact voice amplifier is designed for people who are constantly moving. It is designed to clip comfortably and securely to your belt or waistband, and the voice amplifier also includes an adjustable neckband. The device clips easily on, and will stay securely in place during all of your movements. Lead a tour group or yoga class with this model, and enjoy hearing your voice amplified up to 4,300 square feet without any feedback.

Along with exceptionally clear voice amplification, you also get the benefit of the long lasting lithium batteries. The powerful batteries are able to power the amplifier for up to 10 hours, and are fully rechargeable to help save you money on replacement ones. You love the easy convenience of the green indicator light that lets you know when the battery is fully charged, along with its relatively short overnight charging time.

Use this voice amplifier for leading tour groups around city streets, or to keep your aerobics class energized and moving in time. Everything you need to be clearly heard is included, along with a comfortable microphone and headset. With the port and cable for MP3s included, you have the added benefit of listening to your music with this compact voice amplifier.

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As stated in the best voice amplifier reviews this model can run continuously for 12 hours, before the built in batteries need to be recharged. You also have the advantage of a short six hour recharging time. This makes this voice amplifier great for tours, exercise classes, and teachers who frequently lecture in large auditoriums. The short recharging time lets you use the amplifier throughout the day, and is always ready to go in the morning.

The included headset fits comfortably without pinching, and the small speakers can project your voice up to a ½ mile away. This ensures that you can be clearly heard over any distracting background noise. You also have the advantage of the waist strap and clip, which ensures that the voice amplifier stays securely attached even when you are moving.

You can choose between clipping the lightweight device to your belt or using the adjustable waist strap for a more secure fit. The MP3 input also lets you listen and play all of your favorite music, which can help add entertainment to longer presentations. With everything you need included with this voice amplifier, you never have to worry about not being heard during a great speech or lecture.

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Dime Tech Voice Amplifier


Use the microphone port on this top voice amplifier to ensure that you can be clearly heard, or play your MP3 files during your exercise class. This compact and easy to use voice amplifier is designed to help you lead professional tours, meetings, classes and anything else that requires you to be heard.

With the advantage of the lightweight design you can comfortably clip this model directly to your belt or waistband, without fear of the amplifier accidentally pulling on your pants. You also have the benefit of using the adjustable belt that will securely hold the voice amplifier in place. With powerful lithium batteries also included, you can confidently project your voice up to ten hours.

You and your listeners will appreciate the lack of annoying feedback, and how clearly your voice is projected over distances. The small speakers are capable of broadcasting up to 4,300 sq. feet, which is ideal for lectures, exercises classes, and tour groups. You will also enjoy the ability to listen to your MP3 files, and add your music to the schedule programmed. Designed to be convenient and easy to use, this voice amplifier is also affordably priced to fit any budget.

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Best White Noise Machine Reviews



Most Important Features for a Top White Noise Machine


In today’s modern world some of the basic human needs can hardly be fulfilled without any effort. This is particularly true for sleeping. Because of high levels of background noise, dealing with sound pollution during sleeping is becoming a daunting task for many people. In order to get a better noise free environment white noise generators are used with great success. Whether you are looking to buy one for your bedroom or for your baby’s nursery, here are some of the most important aspects that will help you decide on the best option.

Sound quality

When fighting distracting noise with a white noise machine, the first aspect you must look for is the quality of the white noise provided. All the best white noise machine reviews mention the speaker quality and the sound clarity delivered by the white noise generator. A good product will send a perfectly tuned white noise that will be able to counter all sound frequencies creating a perfect working or sleeping environment. Delivering high quality sounds can be achieved by either high quality speakers or natural noise generators like fans or vibrating plates.


Sound Volume

Whether you are trying to fight loud street noises or just an annoying AC engine that keeps you awake all night, the volume of your white noise machine must be loud enough to muff all the incoming sounds. Keeping all sound frequencies filled with white noise, the generator can only do so much without proper sound volume. Most of the best white noise machine reviews talk about volume control and maximal sound output for the best white noise generators. Keep in mind to look for a machine that can deliver quality while being powerful enough to mask all the annoying sounds around.


Additional options and functions

All the top rated white noise machines 2021 come with additional functions that complement their white noise generator purpose. Natural white noises are a perfect example of great additions to any white noise machine. Delivering a constant natural noise, like rain, wind or even an office fan, these white noise machines go one step further and provide great variation when it comes to fighting unwanted noises.


Top Rated White Noise Machines in 2021


Helping everyone to sleep or focus without any annoying sounds around is what a good white noise machine is all about. We took a look at the top white noise generators, selected the best of the best and compiled a small list for you. Read more and find out about the most popular and best rated white noise machines.


LectroFan – Fan Sound ASM1007-FFP


Compact and simple to use, the LectroFan is your best choice when it comes to fighting any unwanted noises and sounds that may invade your home or office. Perfect for any workplace, bedroom or nursery, this white noise machine got top marks from all of the best white noise machine reviews, scoring high on sound quality, performance and versatility.

This white sound generator comes with a high quality speaker capable of suppressing even the most invasive loud external noises. Using an internal algorithm that listens to the outside noise and generates a counter sound on the go, the LectroFan is one of the most advanced white noise machines you can find today. This allows it to generate never looping sounds that will perfectly mask all the surrounding noise.

Using a dual algorithm, this white sound generator can create fan like sounds or pure white noise. Depending on the surrounding environment you can select from any of the twenty unique generated sounds and broadcast them at maximum quality and power.

Named the best white noise machine 2021 by many online reviews, the LectroFan white noise machine is a superb choice that will fill all your needs when it comes to intrusive sound suppression.

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Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine ASM1002


When intrusive outside sounds keep you awake all night or distract you from learning and working, there is only one thing you can do: get a high quality powerful white sound machine. The Ecotones uses high quality natural recorded sounds and mixes them with the internal sound generated to create the perfect sound masking and suppression machine.

Technologically advanced, this white noise machine is taking a step further mixing natural white noise with internally generated white noise. Using its own Adaptive Sound Technology, the Ecotones reacts to the outside noise and creates the perfect noise canceling sound. Perfect for sleeping or working, this white sound machine also earns the title of the best white noise machine 2021 for its quality, power and sound suppression.

The Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine does more than canceling irritating intrusive sounds. Additional volume and timer functions make it ideal for night time use. Relaxing and extremely efficient, this white noise machine is the perfect choice for you or your baby’s bedroom.

Keeping the disturbing sounds away while adapting all the time to combat all kinds of intrusive noises, this white sound generator is one of the most advanced you can buy today. Generating natural and relaxing sounds this device is ideal for any sleeping environment.

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Marpac DOHM-DS SleepMate 980A


While most white noise machines use electronically or digitally generated sounds, the Marpac Natural White Noise is one of the few that use an actual fan to create white noise. The natural white noise generated is one of the best canceling and masking sounds that you will ever use in your office or home. Praised by all the best white noise machine reviews, this white noise generator is a gem worthy of your attention.

Endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation, this white noise system generates one of the most accurate and powerful white sound that is capable of covering the entire sound frequency spectrum. Used by many schools, dormitories, hospitals and nurseries, this device delivers an unrivaled noise countering effect.

Compact and durable, created in the US from the strongest materials, the DOHM-DS is a perfect companion at home or on the go. Small and simple to use, the white noise generator reviewed here will be a perfect addition to your travel bag, without the fear of any intrusive stressing noises. Without a doubt, the machine will keep you well rested throughout the night.

Loved by so many, with countless positive reviews and comments from users, the Marpac DOHM-DS features a superb natural ability to cancel and mask all disturbing and annoying sounds around you.

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Best Bed Sheets Reviews



Tips for Buying Comfortable Bed Sheets


What are you looking for in good quality bed sheets? Most probably you will answer that thread count is essential, but is this the only aspect that should matter? Reading best bed sheets reviews from users and critics will help you identify more aspects to keep in mind when you are shopping for a new set of sheets for your household. The following guide is aimed at helping you identify the best features good quality bed sheets should have for your maximum comfort and enjoyment.


As mentioned earlier, thread count is, indeed, important for estimating the quality of a set of bed sheets. However, if the material used for the said thread is not of good quality, thread count becomes irrelevant. Always search for bed sheets made of cotton or brushed microfiber. The best bed sheets 2021 are made of these materials and you should always consider these great fabrics as they wash with ease, they let your skin breathe freely and they do not feel clammy. For health conscious consumers, these materials should remain the first choices.


Weave style

Cotton and other fibers used for bed sheets are woven in certain patterns, and not without a reason. Basically, the pattern makes the material stronger, but it may also take more time and better performing machines, so weave style can dictate an increase in pricing, too. Nonetheless, if you read the fine print, and mentions about weave style are made, you will know that you are purchasing a good quality product that will withstand the test of time.


Chemical treatments

A lot of bed sheets you will find on the market are treated with a form of chemical treatment for different reasons. For instance, sheets that do not wrinkle – and require less maintenance as a result – are treated with chlorine, formaldehyde and silicon. In case you are allergic to such chemicals, you would be better with bed sheets made from organic cotton that were not treated with any chemical compound. Of course, you will have to put a bit more work into ironing them to maintain them wrinkle free, but the effort will be worth it.


Top Rated Bed Sheets in 2021


In the next section, you will discover the top rated bed sheets 2021 that consumers absolutely love. Now, that you know what aspects to look for in a set of great quality bed sheets, other preferences may also come into play. Take a look at the following list and you will easily find something to your liking.


Mezzati Luxury


Mezzati is a well known supplier of top quality bed sheets and this set does not disappoint at all. Sold for a very good price, the Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheets Set contains one flat sheet for a queen size bed, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases, standard size. Although it is not made of cotton, the set reviewed here is considered by many consumers as the best bed sheets 2021 worth buying.

These bed sheets are made of brushed microfiber, treated against allergens, such as dust mites. Organic materials are great for linens, but they can also become home to these invisible creepers, so, for people with allergies, brushed microfiber may be a better choice. The material lets your skin breathe, is durable and it also feels soft. You will not feel like you are losing anything in comfort if you go for the Mezzati Luxury Bed Sheets Set, instead of one made of cotton.

According to plenty of best bed sheets reviews, these sheets made by Mezzati are favored by many consumers. For the price, it is difficult to find the same quality standards and the fact that they are made by a reputable company contributes to their appeal.

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Mellanni #1 Set


Another set of bed sheets made of brushed microfiber, resistant to dust mites and other allergens, the Mellanni #1 Bed Sheet Set makes our list because it enjoys an overwhelming number of positive reviews from users. These sheets are soft, comfortable and they are a good deal for the price. Whether you want to use these linens, for your bedroom, your guest room, your RV or your kids’ room, you will find them to be the perfect choice.

One thing you will love about these sheets is that they are very easy to maintain. Wrinkle free, resistant to staining and easy to wash, the Mellanni #1 Bed Sheet Set is one of the best options on the market right now. If you are reading best bed sheets reviews from users, you will discover that many prefer these sheets among a large variety of products.

Mellanni enjoys a very good reputation among consumers and their care for making durable products is, indeed, outstanding. If you purchase this set of bed sheets, you will also receive lifetime guarantee for it; that being said, if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.

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Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count


If you want to enjoy the best comfort during a night’s sleep, you cannot go wrong with this set of bed sheets from Sweet Home Collection. The 1500 thread count ensures that the material is durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Made of brushed polyester fiber, these bed sheets do not require any ironing and they are a good option, if you do not want to spend money on cotton sheets.

A great trait of this set is that all the sheets come with deep pockets, so even if you have a thick mattress, you will not have to worry that they will not fit well. It is always advisable to read best bed sheets reviews, to make sure that you are making a good choice and that the sheets you are purchasing will fit on your bed or on your mattress without any mishaps.

The Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count 4pc Bed Sheet Set reviewed here has the same quality as Egyptian cotton of the same thread count and that makes many consumers very happy as they basically spend less on high quality sheets. Machine washable, these sheets are easy to maintain and they are more resistant to stains than cotton.

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Best Eljer Toilet Seat Reviews



Toilet seats seem so trivial that people don’t really stop to think about them until they need to get one. Indeed, having a good toilet seat is more important than it seems at first. This is even more obvious if you’ve been using one that’s far too uncomfortable. In such cases, even if you have one of the best toilets, it still won’t make a whole lot of difference.

Here’s the thing: there are a lot of models that are not great, but luckily, you can avoid getting one of those models by doing a bit of research. One of the brands that offers great toilet seats is Eljer, but even once you’ve established that, you still have to figure out which one is the best Eljer toilet seat for you.

What to Look for when Buying an Eljer Toilet Seat?


Shape of the Toilet

The first thing you have to think before you go to look for the best Eljer toilet seat for you is to see what shape your toilet is. This is a very easy step, but there are people that don’t realize its importance, and end up getting a seat that doesn’t fit their toilet. You might think to yourself that that’s impossible, but it’s not, especially when you’re shopping online, where you don’t get to see the product in real life. In such situation, if you misread the part mentioning the shape of the toilet seat, you’re in trouble.

If you’re about to move into a new place, make sure you take a good look at the shape of the toilet. Many people just suppose that the toilet is round, and order toilet seats in that shape. This is true most of the time, but not always, which is why you have to double check before ordering anything.

Another thing that could happen is that you don’t know what the particular name is for the shape of the toilet. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of seats. The first is the most typical, which is a round shape, while the second is seen less often, and it’s the elongated shape. The elongated toilet seat resembles the shape of an oval.


Installing Skills

The next thing you should consider before getting a new toilet seat is how good you are when it comes to installing things, and to taking them off. If you get a model that’s very hard for you to deal with, then you’re going to experience nothing but frustration the entire time you’re trying to set it up. Also, if you don’t do a good enough job at it, you might just end up falling when trying to use the toilet.

The 2 main types you have to choose from are the bolt and nut mount, which makes the seat easier to install, and easier to take off once you’re bored with it. The other type is the integral bolt and nut, which looks better, but it’s harder to set up and take off.



In order to make sure that you get the best one for you, you should decide on the material the seat is going to be made out of. Generally speaking, most toilet seats are made out of high impact plastic. This one’s great, though it can feel cold during the winter months. Also, they tend to split more often than the rest, and some even show marks from products used for cleaning. There are other ones that are made out of natural wood. These are warmer, but they tend to stain from the materials used to clean toilets.

Another thing you can do if you live in an area where it gets pretty cold is to get a heated toilet seat, as that will solve the problem in no time.



When dealing with a toilet seat, another thing that’s quite important is how comfortable it is. We talked about this before, but few people realize just how important the level of comfort is, until they get  a terribly uncomfortable toilet seat.

You can get padded seats, and these tend to be better from people recovering from  different types of surgeries. These ones are overall more comfortable, and they’re also warmer, which is why they’re generally preferred by children and even adults. However, they are also more difficult when it comes to getting a person moved from the toilet seat to a wheelchair. If this is the kind of situation you’ll be dealing with, then getting a hard seat might be a better idea.


 Top Rated Eljer Toilet Seats in 2021


Eljer 124-0200-00


If you’re looking for a classic toilet seat, then this one is the one you should get. Its white color is perfect for any kind of bathroom, no matter the kind of style it has. This is perfect also for those who are about to move in a new house, and have no idea yet how they’re going to decorate the bathroom.

Also, because it is plastic, it means that you’ll have an easy time washing it, as plastic tends to stain or show marks much harder than wood does. Some owners have talked about the fact that they were very happy with the fact that it is plastic, despite having been worried at first that it might not be all that great. However, after using it, they quickly realized that it’s sturdy, which is just what it’s needed from it.

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Eljer 124-0205-47


This model, much like the one we spoke of earlier, is also made out of plastic, which makes it more durable both in the face of stains, and when it comes to breaking. Also, the white color it has makes it perfect for absolutely any bathroom. This means that even if you have great decor ideas, this seat will blend in perfectly well, because it won’t attract attention to itself.

The difference between this and the previous model is the shape. While the first was round, this one’s elongated. As such, if that’s the kind of shape your toilet has, then it will work perfectly for it.

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Best Ceiling Fan with Chandelier Reviews



When you’re looking to buy the best ceiling fan with chandelier, you will want to make sure that you have enough information to enable you to buy a truly great product. With so many product offerings available on the market, there’s a lot of reading to do for sure. However, no matter how long you spend on reading, it will all be worth it to ensure that you can get great value for money. An extra minute spent on reading useful information could help you avoid buying a really lousy product.

What to look for when buying a ceiling fan with chandelier?


Ceiling Fan Style

The best ceiling fans of 2021 do not all carry the same design or style. When choosing a unit based on this aspect, you should determine how the completed space will look like once the new fixture is in place. This can help you find out which color, style and shape best suits the room where the unit is to be installed. You could even mix and match pulls, blades and lights to achieve the perfect look for the specific space.

Choose from modern and contemporary styles, exotic or tropical styles,and rustic designs. Traditional ceiling fan designs are simple yet elegant.


Chandelier Style

The chandelier component of the indoor ceiling fans on the market could be made of crystal, which is recognized for being in large and grand styles. The chandelier element should be eye-catching without being too heavy. A too large chandelier could make the room feel cramped, small and most likely too bright, as the crystals reflect the source of light. If it is too small, the chandelier could easily fade into the background and look awkwardly out of place.

Choose a ceiling fan with chandelier that complements the room decor.


Crystal Type

The crystal chandelier on the ceiling fan can feature higher quality crystals that make the entire unit look really high-end. Low-quality solid-white crystals are either solidly clear or less clear with no reflections, while quality crystals appear to be rainbow colored at some points.

You can choose from: the very expensive Czech crystals; fire-polished Italian crystals; majestic wood-polished, hand-finished crystals; uniquely-shaped, mouth-blown Murano crystals; optically pure, hand-polished Swarovski Spectra crystals; and anti-dust and anti-dirt coated Swarovski Strass crystals.


Top Rated Ceiling Fans with Chandelier in 2021


Crystal Bead Candelabra Antique


The Crystal Bead Candelabra Antique Ceiling Fan Light Kit is really close to being one of the best ceiling fans under $100 with its lovely price, so watch out till it sells for less than one benjamin! The extra dollars are worth it however, as this lovely ceiling fan light kit has an antique white finish that can easily make any room achieve more star power. The light kit has an elegant Victorian style that should make the unit a beautiful addition to any modern living space or room.

The crystal bead accents provide that element of glitter. The chandelier is designed for use with a wall-installed light switch or a remote control. It takes four 40-watt B-type candelabra bulbs, which are included in the package. The chandelier is 15 inches wide and 12 inches high, very attractive but not overpoweringly so. With this elegant fixture, you can get great wow factor that is desirable in any lighting fixture of this type.

The Crystal Bead Candelabra Antique Ceiling Fan Light Kit is beyond stunning. It is an elaborate piece that takes your breath away yet will not suffocate you with its uncomplicated elegance. The unit is easy to assemble and put up by people who have some knowledge of electronic installation.

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Universal Lighting and Decor 4-Light Chandelier


With its oil-rubbed bronze finish, the 4-Light Chandelier Bronze Ceiling Fan Light Kit can brighten up any room easily. It can add elegance to a ceiling fan with its uncluttered sophistication. The unit features a beautiful chandelier design with decorative crystal accents laid amongst an elegant leaf motif. The simple pull chain operation enables easy and convenient use. You won’t have to install complicated wiring just to put the unit up.

The 4-Light Chandelier Bronze Ceiling Fan Light Kit comes with four 40-watt candelabra bulbs so you can put it up as soon as the package arrives on your doorstep. The product is 16.5 inches high and 15.75 inches wide, which is sure to complement and not dwarf an already lovely ceiling fan installation. The classic design will make the homeowner proud, as the product is really attractive without being too elaborate or too out of place.

The unit is easy to install as well, and can make any room seem like a grand ballroom with lovely lighting to add more charm. This adorable ceiling fan light kit can be an instant attraction to any room, making the space look extra nice and elaborate without looking too dressed up.

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Pretty-in-Pink Pull-Chain


Fit for a little princess’ room, the Pretty-in-Pink Ceiling Fan Light Kit is designed to make a little girl’s room look stunning and elegant. The hand-rubbed antique white finish lends an air of uncluttered sophistication to this beautiful ceiling fan light kit. The pink shades look so softly feminine, but can be painted another color to fit a boy’s room or an adult’s living space.

The ceiling fan light kit utilizes three 25-watt candelabra bulbs, which are included in the package. It lights up via a pull chain, making it convenient and easy to use. The ceiling fan kit is also easy to install, with all the wires clearly laid out. The instructions for assembly are clearly perfect. The ceiling fan light kit is 17 inches high and 13.5 inches wide, easy to fit into an equally lovely ceiling fan.

The traditional hand-rubbed antique white finish makes any living space look elegant and amazing. The crystal accents catch the light and reflect it to give the room a lovely glow and a cultured, fashionable atmosphere. The Pretty-in-Pink Ceiling Fan Light Kit has a wonderfully chic look with its clear and light blue bead strands that add an element of glitter and sparkle.

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If you want something sparkly but not gaudy to brighten up any room, get either the Crystal Bead Candelabra Antique Ceiling Fan Light Kit or the 4-Light Chandelier Bronze Ceiling Fan Light Kit. The antique white finish of the former and the oil-rubbed finish of the latter will surely make any room achieve a modern, classy style.