Best Toilet Paper reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you still want to find the best toilet paper money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best toilet paper on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush is the best model for sale because each sheet has three layers for comfort, absorption and exceptional cleanliness. The soft sheets are also gentle enough to use on babies and adults with sensitive skin. You can safely flush the sheets down a toilet or into a septic system, and you don’t have to worry about messy clogs. Since each sheet is tripled layered and there are 176 per roll, this product is also a great value for you money. If the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush is not available, you could consider the Angel Soft 48 Double as it is the second best option.



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If you’re here, you are probably not very pleased with your current roll of toilet paper and you may have even been researching some of the best toilet paper reviews to see what brands people prefer. It’s understandable since the paper comes in contact with your most sensitive areas. You don’t want to use anything that feels like sand paper!

We have created this guide to help you decide if you should change to a toilet paper that is among the highest rated brands or if you want to downgrade to a cheap toilet paper, if money is a concern of yours.


Kindness to the environment

Did you know that the average person flushes approximately 50 rolls of toilet paper every year? With numbers this high, there are many concerns about the environmental impact the waste is causing our environment. If you were to look at the top ten best toilet papers of 2022, you may find a few brands that are eco-friendly and use recycled content. The recycled materials are soft and they disintegrate, which is ideal for large households or plumbing that experiences frequent clogging. Another way some of the best rated toilet papers are cutting back on their waste is by choosing to forego the cardboard roll.



If being eco-friendly isn’t your main concern when choosing one of the best toilet papers of 2022, you will want to look at other features that the most popular toilet paper companies are proud to declare. One of these is how soft their paper is. As we mentioned earlier, we don’t want to use a rough toilet paper on our sensitive areas. Some companies claim that their toilet paper feels like cotton or are soft like a cloud. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you which is the best because it does come down to personal preference. All we can suggest is that you feel the toilet paper for yourself if you like it or not. Just be aware that sometimes with softness comes a lack of strength.



When you read the best toilet paper reviews, the strength of the toilet paper is an important factor when it comes to choosing their ideal brand. When the paper is damp, it should not rip in your hand or while you are using it. With that said, the strength of the paper does not mean it should be difficult to rip off from the roll. The best toilet paper should be perforated in a way that is easy to rip, regardless if you fold the paper over or under.

We understand that toilet paper is one of the areas that people don’t really put much thought into—most people just go to the store and pick up a pack of whatever is on sale, while others insist on purchasing a particular brand because it is what they are familiar with. Regardless of why you purchase the brand you do, it is always a good idea to try new things from time to time—even toilet paper. Keep these things in mind on your next shopping trip, and you never know… You may find your new favorite brand of toilet paper!


Things to consider:

  • If you are trying to be eco-friendly, you can find several eco-friendly brands available on the market. Some brands do not use a cardboard roll while others use easy-disintegrating paper that is easy on your drains.
  • Choose a toilet paper that is soft so that it does not hurt your sensitive areas. Some cheaper toilet papers can leave your bum feeling raw and very uncomfortable.
  • Look for a toilet paper that boasts to be strong. You do not want a toilet paper that will fall apart the second it gets a drop of dampness on it.



Top rated toilet paper in 2022



Quilted Northern Ultra Plus


This package of toilet paper comes with 48 rolls of ultra soft three-ply toilet paper. The triple ply paper uses three layers of silky smooth paper that gives you a confident clean while not being rough on your sensitive areas. Each roll has 176 sheets per roll. The paper is flushable and safe for any septic system. The unscented paper is safe for those with scent allergies.



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Angel Soft 48 Double


1.Angel Soft 48

It is easy to feel confident and clean when you use Angel Soft toilet paper. The 2-ply squares are soft and absorbent, and since they are also unscented you don’t have to worry about the toilet paper irritating sensitive skin. The two-ply construction ensures that the sheets won’t easily tear during use, which is always appreciated. The toilet paper is also flushable and safe to use with most septic systems. With 264 sheets per roll this product is considered to be an excellent value, and since it comes with 48 you don’t have to worry about running out of toilet paper.



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Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care


The Cottonelle Ultra bath tissue is soft enough for your sensitive areas, but it is also strong enough to handle the toughest jobs. The double rolls can fit any regular sized toilet paper holder. Boasting to be the thickest toilet paper when compared to other double rolls, this brand uses a 2-ply system that is safe for sewer and septic systems.



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Charmin Ultra Strong


2.Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

Advertized as being 4 times stronger than other brands, even when wet, you can leave the bathroom confident that you are clean. Since it is stronger than most bargain brands most consumers find that they are using less, and this makes it a great value for your money. The 2-ply sheets are rippled to provide you with an exceptional clean, and the squares won’t easily rip when they are being used. You can safely flush the toilet paper without worrying about messy clogs, even if you have a septic system.



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Angel Soft Double Rolls


These packages of toilet paper feature double rolls, so when you order a pack of 48 rolls, it is like you are getting 96 regular rolls. The dual layered rolls use patented SoftShield Layers, giving you incredible softness that are ideal for the areas that require a gentler touch. Each roll has 264 sheets per roll. The paper is flushable and safe for any septic system. The unscented paper is safe for those with scent allergies and it does not include any additives.



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Scott 1000 Tissue


Scott 1000 Bath tissue is a long lasting toilet paper that uses a single-ply design but it gives you 1000 sheets per roll. The septic-safe toilet paper is proud to say that they have giving consumers consistent quality and quantity for over 100 years. If value is important to you without sacrificing quality, then Scott is the ideal brand.



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Charmin Ultra Strong


Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper boasts to be 4 times stronger than the leading brand when it is wet. With Charmin, you can use four times less paper than the leading brand because it is durable and can clean much more effectively thanks to the DuraClean texture. The paper disintegrates easily which reduces the clogging in the pipes, plus it is safe for any septic system.



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Best garage door opener reviews



In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best garage door opener? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered plenty of information about various products for sale on the market by consulting different expert and DIY review sites and looking at the reviews and ratings there with what actual owner feedback says. Thankfully, out of all the products we have looked at, we have been able to find what we believe is the best one in this category, the Chamberlain WD962KEV. Engineered to still work even when the power is out, this garage door opener boasts the revolutionary Whisper Drive with MyQ Technology and Battery Backup so your garage will still be usable during power outages. It comes equipped with security and safety features to protect you and your family. The timer-to-close function ensures that your garage door automatically closes even when you forget to do it yourself. The innovative MyQ technology enables the unit to control interior as well as exterior lights with separate purchase of MyQ accessories, so you’ll never have to face a dark house upon reaching home. Should the Chamberlain WD962KEV run out of stock, we recommend the second best option, the SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001.



Comparison Table



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Buying Guide


There are many homeowners that care about the security of their garages. This is an important storage space where people place their cars and other items. Finding the best rated garage door opener starts with information. Once people know what makes a product great, the right garage opener will be found.



Horse power

As the current ratings best to worst on garage door opener pointed out, horse power is essential for optimal performance. The garage door needs to incorporate enough horse power to quickly close and open any door. There are three major types of models: 1/2 horse power, 3/4 horse power and 1 horse power. Choosing a good model should also take into account the door’s size and construction. With this particular equation in mind, people will find exactly the right garage door opener, needed to offer proper access with minimal effort. Each type of HP machine will match the needs of various garages.



As it goes with most electric devices, garage doors require proper power to operate. Still, safe operation is what sets a good product apart from the ones that need to be cast aside. Which product is the best? Well, we recommend garage door openers with reversing mechanism. This particular component ensures that the door is properly closed only after people drive their cars inside or outside. It uses and advanced beam of light to a specific opening point which prevents the door from slamming on the car. The most popular garage door opener models out there come equipped with advanced safety mechanisms.



When it comes to the security of garages, people need to invest in professional garage door openers. This is probably not always the case with cheap products. There are many openers that incorporate advanced lighting systems. Such lights permit people to see where they park and even manage easier different tasks. This commodity makes life easier in the garage and permits people to handle smaller operations faster. Most garage door openers come with standard 60 watt bulbs or 100 watt bulbs. Accurately deciding on which light works best is linked to people’s frequency of use on a daily basis.


In conclusion

Searching for a reliable answer to the question “what is the best product” becomes easier with the features we underlined above. Completed by battery backups and other smaller security features, the right garage door opener will be stand out. The trick is to pay attention to essential functions that make a difference.



Products for specific needs


Best garage door opener for heavy wood doors


Chamberlain PD752D


As the best garage door opener for heavy wood doors, the PD752D model from Chamberlain is fairly easy to operate and doesn’t disappoint. This garage door opener incorporates a solid 3/4 HP chain drive which easily opens and closes heavy doors. Equipped with a useful remote control system this device makes life easier for people going or returning to work. This garage door opener is fitted with a reliable Motor Vibration Isolation System which ensures quiet operations with no crunching, clanking or squeaking! Furthermore the unit incorporates PosiLock theft protection system for enhanced security levels every time the door is closed.


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Best garage door opener for single door


Chamberlain PD210D Power Drive Security-Plus


There are many people searching right now for the best garage door opener for single door. For positive results we recommend the PD210D Power Drive from Chamberlain, a model that won the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval! This garage door opener is powered by a 1/2 HP motor which ensures enough power to lift the door. The unit features quick-rail system that allows people to easily install the garage door with minimal effort. Furthermore the model comes with a user-friendly remote control that makes controlling various access functions simple. It also features special lights which turn on when something goes wrong with the infrared beam.


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Best garage door opener for the money


Decko 24300 Power Heavy Duty


Finding the best garage door opener for money is an important task for people that own houses. For trustworthy results we recommend the 24300 model from Decko which is known to securely open and close different types of doors. This device incorporates a 3/4 horsepower chain drive which provides enough power for daily operations. It comes with a simple two 3 button remotes which can be used to access key features of the garage door opener: lock, open/close and light. This unit is also fitted with a powerful 200 watt lighting system, which renders enough light for night activities.


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Top rated garage door openers in 2022


Almost every family have at least one garage where they put their important belonging such as bikes and cars. We also have a garage at home where we used to place our different tools for home usage. For these reasons, we really need to have a garage door that could give it security. The ease in opening a garage door should be taken in consideration. Best garage door opener reviews would help you choose from the best garage doors. It is complete with the information about all the garage doors listed.




Chamberlain WD962KEV


According to best garage door opener reviews, it is one of the most popular garage doors in 2022. This product is known for its fluid functionality and uniqueness. It durability impresses a lot of users. This model comes equipped with a ¾ HPS belt drive-strong as a drive train timing belt. This device makes no noise when used. This garage door also includes the MyQ home activation technology which is a patented communications platform. This model also comes with a precise timer which automatically closes the door when you forget.




 Powered by a advanced built-in battery system for smooth functionality

 Lifetime warranty on the motor and 5 year on parts

 Powered by 3/4 HP motor that permits users to use the garage door even when the power is out

 Advanced Security+ 2.0 anti-theft technology which keeps away thieves from breaking in

 Features MyQ technology which controls interior and exterior lighting


The remote controls need batteries (this is an accessory usually sold separately)

The instruction manual does not come with pictures (more can be found on the internet)


I am amazed with how well the Chamberlain WD962KEV performs and I am very pleased that i chose it. It works like a charm and I like the fact that it is not loud at all. The light it is fitted with is definitely a nice touch as well.” George Snyder


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Sommer 1042V001


This Direct Drive Garage Door opener was designed to provide the user with greater control over the garage. This was designed in Germany which made by reuniting vast technical expertise. This model has an extraordinary way to keep the garage doors closed or to open it without any problems. This model is also very quiet when used. These are the reasons why people who use this direct drive garage doors give a high mark to the product. Using this product would really give you an awesome experience of a high quality product.



Manufactured in Germany by experienced engineers and technicians

 Features 2 x 2-button transmitters and highly resistant wall station, which transmits very well commands from the remote control

Uses Safe rolling code technology that prevents thieves from accessing the garage content

 The garage door opener benefits from an exclusive lifetime warranty

 Quiet functionality during each operation without any vibrations whatsoever

Incorporates a unique safety beam sensor for proper garage door functions



 Does not include detailed instruction manual (for more information please visit the Direct Drive official website)


A smooth and quiet operation was what I was aiming for my garage door opener. This model didn’t disappoint from the first moment I bought it and I am glad I chose it out of the top 10 garage door openers. German engineering is always trustworthy and this was also a reason why I bought it, plus the fact that it had a very advantageous Black Friday deal on Amazon.” Scott Norton


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Chamberlain PD752D


The solid structure of the Chamberlain PD752D makes a lot people want to buy and use it. In fact, it is one of the top garage door openers ever invented. The chain is very strong that it could lift the heaviest garage door. This product is known for its efficiency and high functionality. It also has quick connect terminals that allows the user to easily install protector system and door control wires. This Chamberlain PD752D is perfect for your needs at home.




 Powered by 3/4-HP chain drive for smooth functionality and response to commands

Features Security+ rolling code system

 Very easy to install and manage, fully compatible with HomeLink

 Advanced PosiLock burglar protection which safely prevents thieves from getting in

 First choice to the question what is the quietest garage door opener

Features Motor Vibration Isolation System that keeps the whole operation noise free




 The remote control requires battery (this power source is sold separately)

 Lack of multi-languages instruction manual (English, Spanish and Chinese primary languages)


The affordable Chamberlain PD752D 3/ has proven to be the best choice for the money I paid for it. The motor doesn’t seem to have any trouble closing and opening my garage door. Overall, I believe I bought the right garage door opener under $200 and I recommend it for households too. ”  Frank Nelson


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Genie 3022-TKC ChainMax


For a chain garage door opener not many come better than the Genie 3022-TKC, which has a very powerful ¾ Hp motor that will open and close almost any door. While most door openers make a lot of noise when they function this is not the case with this model, having a very quiet operation. Because it is so well balanced some even think of it as one of the best garage door openers in 2022.



 It uses intelligent system which maintains a quiet performance

 Incorporates Auto Seek Dual Frequency and Sense Monitoring and Diagnostic system for managing better functions

 Features Safe-T-Beam security system and Intellicode 2 technology for advanced garage protection

 Benefits from an exclusive lifetime motor warranty

 Very easy to use

 It uses GenieSense system for limited noise, squeaks and cracks


Some assembly might be required (usually takes from 15 to 30 minutes)

The remote control requires batteries in order to run (this is an power accessory sold separately)


 “I installed it quickly over my garage door and so far it has been working very smoothly, not causing me any difficulties. The light bulb is also a nice touch to it, making it the perfect Xmas present for me. The enigma of who makes the best garage door opener, is solved from my point of view. It must be Genie.” ­- Sam Powell


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Chamberlain WD832KEV


1.Chamberlain WD832KEV

Adjusting a garage door opener is sometimes a pain, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re prospecting the market and considering getting a new one. The Chamberlain WD832KEV allows for super-quiet operation and even its motor has been specially designed with an included isolation system. What’s more, the Chamberlain WD832KEV takes the cake when it comes to versatility and convenience, as it can be controlled via a smartphone gateway. The model is perfectly safe to use and does what it’s supposed to do, no muss, no fuss.



The Chamberlain WD832KEV is among the most quiet garage door openers we’ve come across during our entire research. This one will definitely not wake people up just because it’s doing its job.

The model has a timer-to-close that makes it possible for the door to be automatically closed after one, five, or ten minutes.

The door comes with a set of safety sensors that make it automatically detect when a person or an object has made contact. If this occurs, it will stop from closing.

Some of the people who have reviewed this model claim it’s very easy to install even with little to no experience.



Several buyers have reported that they’ve had trouble deciphering the user manual.

Doesn’t work with older Chamberlain remotes.


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Chamberlain CG40D


This Chamberlain CG40D was considered as one of the best garage door openers in 2022 because of it delivers precision and professionalism. This device can quickly be installed in around 60 seconds. This feature gives the user some sort of convenience. This model also come equipped with the protector system safety sensors with rapid snap brackets that keep the doors closed and free from being robbed. It also has a Posilock Theft Protection that keeps the door closed and steady no matter what happens.



Powered by 1/2-HP motor for daily smooth performance

 Includes carefully designed force-sensing system for better access management

 Features advanced installation system with 60 seconds time frame

 User-friendly remote control with accessible buttons

 Uses powerful security sensors for amazing protection

 Illumination source on the door for night time garage access


Installation manual lacks detailed images (more instruction details can be found on Chamberlain official website)

The recurrent codes become pretty frustrating after a while (in a short period of time users get used to the code changes)


In the time I have had the Chamberlain CG40D above my garage door I have come to realize how good it actually is. Not even the installation process was a bother for me. I am very pleased with the way it functions and recommend it as well.”  Patrick Drury


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Chamberlain WD822KD


Best garage door opener reviews Most of the garage door reviews I’ve seen on the internet have highlighted the precision and accuracy of Chamberlain WD822KD. Best garage door opener reviews also underlines the uniqueness of this product. This features a ½ horsepower that is not too much for a device. It also has a 200-watt security light and two light sockets to make the user manipulate the garage door easily. This model also has an anti-vibrating system and a belt drive that make sure that the product will not make any noise when used.


 Solid and rugged steel construction, resistant even after prolonged use

 Features a powerful 1/2-HP garage door opener for smooth functionality

 Benefits from 10 year exclusive warranty on belt

 First option to the question “what is the quietest garage door opener?”  Includes anti-vibration system for quick and silent operation

  Incorporates unique PosiLock theft protection system for enhanced security  Powered by 1/2 Horsepower motor


Some assembly is required (takes from 10 to 30 minutes to install)

Does not include a multi-language manual (instruction presented in English, Spanish and French)


Chamberlain WD822KD has worked extremely well for me so far. I can’t complain about the noise level either. I recommend the garage door opener for other people interested in purchasing it.” Stephen Miller


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Garage door openers – What to look for:


These days, every modern house in the US has a reasonable sized garage, where the average American normally parks his car and stores different items. But the garage must be fitted with a reliable door, that can be opened and closed quickly. Protection is another key feature, keeping your stored items safe. For the door to work smoothly, you need to have a reliable garage door opener. It should be simple to mount and should work for a long period of time. Everyone wants to get a model that is considered one of the best garage door openers in 2022. For one such device, you need to pay attention to the following helpful pieces of info. With them in mind, choosing a reliable garage door opener won’t be difficult.

Safety should always be the biggest issue when buying a garage door opener. Most of today’s models are safe, because regulations impose it. They are fitted with a beam, which triggers a reversal mechanism, if a person, pet or object is directly underneath the door while it closes. The openers and their remotes are fitted with rolling codes, that prevent your neighbors for opening your garage door, with their own remote control. Power outages are also dealt with, thanks to the manual release system. It will let you open and close the garage door even if the power it out. These features should be included in all of today’s models. If this is not the case, then don’t bother to even consider buying it. The features we believe should be present in a top garage door opener are presented in this buying guide. We have used the most reputable websites reviews to identify them.


There are 4 different operating systems, all with their pros and cons. The most modern garage door openers are the ones which use the computer controlled drive operating system. Their body units are situated directly above the door and they don’t use chains or screws. Garages with smaller heights are the perfect places to set up such a model. Then there is the belt-drive system, which won’t produce loud noises when functioning. If you are easily disturbed by loud sounds, then this is the operating system for you. The screw-drive system is very easy to maintain because not many moving parts are in its construction. Regular check ups can be done at longer intervals, thus saving you time and effort. And last but not least, you have the chain-drive system. It proves to be the most affordable model, with the biggest popularity. This system’s main drawback is its loud operation, louder than any of the other systems presented above.


You should watch out for the power of the motor as well. For instance, if you have a double garage door, then you will need to invest in a model that has a motor with at least ½ HP worth of power. Taking this short feature list into account will decrease the chances of you getting an inferior door opener. So, you will end up with a prime candidate for the best garage door opener in 2022. Hopefully it will open and close smoothly, without creating any complications.



Things to consider:

One of the best ways to learn about different models is to read customer reports and reviews. 

–          Choose from the 4 operating systems: the computer controlled drive system, the belt-drive system, the screw-drive system and the chain-drive system;
–          Security features: the safety beam, rolling codes for the remotes and a manual release system for power outages;
–          The power level created by the motor;
–          The noise level;
–          A simple installation process.


Best odor eliminator reviews



In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best odor eliminators? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. There’s nothing we like more than giving out a helping hand to prospective buyers, which is why we’ve gone through a lot of info on the topic and doing so, we’ve looked at the owner feedback, the value to price ratio, as well as the sales figures of thousands of units. We made sure not to leave out the overall brand quality nor what several expert review sites were saying about them. Out of all the products we’ve considered, the Zero Odor ZOP 2022 is the best one in the line. It’s so good at what it’s supposed to do that it has the ability to search for the odor molecules in the air so that it later on locks into them and makes them lose their smell. This is a unique formula that contains no allergens or substances that might pose a threat to the health of human and animal house inhabitants. Since it doesn’t stain, it works with all surfaces. If the ZOP 2022 is unavailable, be sure to check out the second best product, the Hamilton Beach 04532GM.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


The market’s overflowing with countless types of odor eliminators, so which one should you choose? If you’re having a little trouble deciding on a new product you want to try, we made sure to eliminate some of your second thoughts by putting together a guide you may read below. Just make sure to read as much info as possible before deciding on a certain unit, and never underestimate your own needs and preferences. Furthermore, always consider your purpose, as there are many kinds of scent eliminators fit for various goals.1. Zero Odor ZOP 2022 Odor Eliminator


What kind of scent do you want to eliminate?

The general theory is that most human smells are easier to remove compared to animal odors. This mostly occurs because animals have a much wider range of scents that they produce on account of their physiology and behavior. Cat owners probably know that, when their pets are in heat, they have the tendency of marking their territory by spraying several areas around the house. Dogs do the same thing, but tend to do it even more often than any feline friends, as they mark their territory in order for intruders to know it belongs to a canine individual. When choosing a pet odor eliminator, be sure it isn’t toxic or contains any kind of harmful substances.

Most odor eliminators can be used for getting rid of smells that aren’t on the surface of one’s body. The bathroom, your clothing, or your hunting gear might have certain odors depending on how often you use them and whether or not you do a lot of sports. Proper hygiene can help you get rid of the smell you might notice on clothes. However, when people are coming to visit you want to keep your bathroom feeling and smelling fresh, you might be interested in using an odor eliminator that can be plugged in. Thus, you won’t have to spray it by yourself as many models we’ve seen either do their job automatically or periodically spray the eliminator into the air.


Automatic versus manual

As previously mentioned, the convenience of a unit that can be plugged in and forgotten about is far superior when compared to a manual alternative. Some people prefer getting rid of smells themselves, whereas other users might find it way more comfortable to sit back and relax while the product is doing its job. There might be a price difference between these two types, as we’ve seen that many automatic alternatives tend to be just a tad less affordable than their spraying counterparts.



The safest way of getting a product you’ll be satisfied with is to choose a non-smelling, non-toxic, and non-allergen alternative. You’ll probably be able to use it on virtually any surface and, considering that it will contain no dangerous components, it will perfectly safe to use even when you have pets sniffing on your carpets all day long.


Energy use

Very few of the electric options can consume a lot of juice, and that’s mostly because they’re far from being serious appliances. However, if you’re interested in buying one of these products and can’t make up your mind because of the energy consumption, we suggest you browse through several user reviews, some of which can put your mind at ease or confirm your suspicions if you’re guessing it will be too heavy on your bills.2.Hamilton Beach 04532GM TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator

Brand and recommendations

If you’re going to purchase a ten-dollar odor eliminator, you’re probably not looking for information regarding warranty or return policies. Sometimes it’s even easier to continue using a product you’re not exactly satisfied with instead of returning it. Even so, since the customer is always right, we recommend you to pay as much attention as possible on the overall brand awareness and reputation. Some of the manufacturers in the industry have excellent customer service and can give you a helping hand when it comes to returning a product and then receiving a replacement or a refund. This is very helpful if you plan to buy a bundle composed of an air purifier and odor eliminator, as these two can cost a few pennies.

As previously mentioned, it wouldn’t hurt if you devoted some time to reading several Amazon customer reviews, as many of the people who have purchased the product you’re eyeing may have gone through either positive or negative experiences. Additionally, people who’ve encountered any kind of issue are likely to report it in their reviews, which is exactly how you can make the best choice.



Top Rated Odor Elimintors in 2022



Zero Odor ZOP 2022


There are thousands of American families that own pets and love them unconditionally. Still, there is a big disadvantage: pet smell from dander and hair. This is why so many pet owners are searching for the best odor eliminator in 2022. Now, you could invest with confidence in the Zero Odor 16-ounce pet odor Eliminator. With this powerful odor eliminator you won’t have to worry about dealing with nasty smells. This odor eliminator was specifically designed for pet smells control, eliminating on a molecular level. The odor eliminator spray is biodegradable, non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritating and fragrance free. You will live in a safe and clean environment with fresh smells and still love your pet!



Perfect as the best odor eliminator for cars thanks to ability to seek out odor molecules and bond with them, turning them into permanent no-odor molecules unlike commercial car fresheners, which just mask the odor that comes back after a few days

Biodegradable non-odor molecules are eliminated while being gentle to the environment, in contrast to commercial air sprays that create damage to the ozone layer

Formula is non-toxic, non-scented, non-irritating and non-allergenic, so asthma and allergy sufferers and those with breathing problems can  safely get into the car after it is treated with the odor eliminator

Can be sprayed on all types of surfaces, even on car upholstery, the dashboard and anywhere inside the vehicle or on a pet’s bed or litter box



Can leave a characteristic antiseptic smell that takes the bad odor with it


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Hamilton Beach 04532GM TrueAir


Best odor eliminator reviewsWhen it comes to professional devices designed to take care of every room of your home, Hamilton Beach is the brand to trust. On this note, you can invest in the best odor eliminator in 2022 released by the company, the TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator. This powerful odor eliminator can keep medium and large rooms odor-free and fresh. People love to live in environments with fresh smells and no nasty odors. The device uses 3 advanced carbon filters which manage to trap and safely neutralize odors thus improving the quality of the air you breathe. Now, the eliminator can keep a 10” x 10” room smelling fresh for more than 3 months!



Built with three carbon filters that trap and neutralize odors effectively, making this the best odor eliminator for smoke

Keeps the entire room smelling fresh for up to three months, perfect for a room measuring 10 feet x 10 feet and good enough for most areas of the home

Ideal for small waiting rooms in professional offices or smoking areas in business establishments, restaurants and many others

Employs less energy than a 15-watt light bulb, with two-speed switch to power the fan that pulls odors through the filters and circulates fresh air back into the room



Filters are not available at local stores and can be purchased from manufacturer


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Hamilton Beach 04530F


Every home that prides itself on quality living should come equipped with a professional odor eliminator. Finding a top rated odor eliminator in 2022 represents a significant investment in the home’s indoor air quality. If you want to enjoy fresh smells every moment of the day and night, consider investing in the Hamilton Beach Febreze True Air odor eliminator. This high quality odor eliminator has a compact design and delivers enhanced performance in removing funny smells from different rooms of your home. Plug it in any 120v outlet and let it take care of pet odors, cigarette smokes or smells coming from kitchens, bathrooms or even closets.



Offers quiet and discrete odor elimination by drawing air through front-located vertical vents via the one-speed fan that is built behind the carbon filter

Employs no perfumes and is an unscented product, being a plug-mounted air freshener that uses activated carbon to do its job

Works on odors and allows fresh air to flow back into the area by way of an exhaust port found on the left side of the unit

Unit utilizes low-cost carbon filter that lasts up to 120 days, leaving no chemical smell in the area



Not designed to be a room air purifier and works on eliminating odors within a limited radius of six feet

Supplemental odor reducer for closets, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms


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Zero Odor ZOG 1013


It is important to have in your home a powerful odor eliminator that can keep the quality of the air you breathe at high levels. This is why you should consider learning more about the Zero Odor 16 ounce Household odor Eliminator. With a reliable odor eliminator in your home, every time you breathe becomes a reason to smile. This heavy-duty odor removal can safely remove odors at a molecular level, placing instead a fresh scent that persists for weeks on end. It is safe to apply on different types of surfaces and improves the general ambiance of your home. You will no longer worry about funny smells!



Formulated for heavy-duty odor removal, with ability to eliminate odor at the molecular level by breaking down odor-carrying molecules and bonding with them for express neutralization

Can be used on virtually anything and for virtually any surface including a litter box, a room, the family car, the bathroom, and many others

Works well while leaving no scent, a true technological breakthrough in odor eradication thanks to its ability to bond with odor molecules and render them inactive

Odor control uses extraordinary molecular chemistry patented in the US, ensuring peerless and proven powerful odor elimination capabilities



Leaves a certain “tracer” odor that is similar to a bleach-y smell that comes from the patented chemical formulation at work


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Febreze Hamilton Beach 04531GM True Air


You should invest in a high quality odor eliminator that can keep rooms filled with fresh air. According to the present best odor eliminator reviews it seems that you can opt with confidence for the Febreze Hamilton Beach True Air. This powerful air purifier and odor eliminator can eliminate the root causes of nasty odors. The device uses its scented cartridge in order to maintain any rooms smell fresh. It comes equipped with a special carbon filter that can trap and safely neutralize odors in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Turn this odor eliminator on and you won’t have to worry about tobacco or pet dander smells ever again!



Perfect as the best odor eliminator for bathroom thanks to its ability to eliminate odors and not just  mask them

Has a scented cartridge that works to freshen the air, and carbon filter that traps and neutralizes odors in the kitchen, in pet areas and in the bathroom

Also handles unpleasant smoking/tobacco odors by pulling in unwanted odors through the quiet fan, which circulates fresh air back into the area

With filter replacement indicator to alert user to get a new filter, plus on/off switch, a built in night light and a green meadow-scented cartridge to improve quality of odor in the room



Should be plugged directly into an AC outlet

Independent control of the night light from the fan not doable


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Best ceiling fan reviews



If you’re here just to find the best ceiling fan and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected plenty of information on the best products for sale in this category by looking at expert review sites for home equipment and checking out the reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback. Thankfully, this exhaustive product research and comparison have led us to what we believe is truly the best one on the market, the Hunter 54098 Bayview. This exceptional product comes with 54-inch blades to cover a large area through its reversible antique dark wicker and antique dark palm leaf plastic blades so you feel nice and comfortable no matter the season. It circulates air well to ensure cost-effective use of your cooling and heating systems. The Whisper Wind mode ensures noise-free operation so you can rest well or enjoy music and TV undisturbed by unwanted noise. The three-position mounting system ensures hassle-free mounting along with the low-profile design that enables trouble-free setup in low-ceilinged rooms. If the Hunter 54098 Bayview is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe.



Comparison Table



The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


If you’ve long wondered how to make a room in your house feel around 8 degrees cooler in the summer without turning your air conditioner to full blast, perhaps it’s time to get to know who makes the best ceiling fan. Homeowners who’ve always known which ceiling fan is the best have most likely even had their units on in winter, putting it on low or reverse speed  so they can have their thermostat on lower settings.



Appropriate Size

Even if you own the best ceiling fan for the money, if it’s not the right size, then you’ve just wasted good money on your purchase. That’s not counting the installation costs as well. Fortunately, room size no longer has to be a restriction in your choice of such a home fixture. Smaller spaces can now accommodate even traditional-size units. Mini-fan units, or those built with a single blade and a small motor, can now be installed in areas with closet dimensions. Thanks to the advanced technology that is built into today’s models of highest rated ceiling fans, homeowners have more choices. However, it is still sensible to remember that room size should be proportionate to fan size. Big rooms need big fans. 30- to 48-inch-diamater fans are ideal for small rooms. As the size of the room increases, so should the fan’s diameter.


Blade Angle/Motor

For a product to be truly the highest rated ceiling fan, its blade should have optimum angle. Better air circulation comes from having a unit with great angle of the blades. The brackets for the fan blade should hold the blade at an angle of 12 to 15 degrees. The blade should also be the right weight to provide premium balance and avoid fan wobble. When the angle is optimum, the blade is able to offer good air circulation in the room. The motor, which drives the blade and provides the power for the unit, should be of high quality. The windings should be heavy-duty grade and the sealed bearings constantly lubricated.


Installation and Control

Ideally, installing your best rated ceiling fan should require no professional service. People with a few basic skills can easily install a unit without the assistance of a professional electrician. Manufacturers provide step by step instructions for installing a new ceiling fan. Some models even come with support systems that free your hands and assist you in making wiring interface for your fan. The owner should decide how they want the product to be controlled. A ceiling fan can be controlled via a wall switch, a pull-chain or with a remote control unit. The convenience of a remote lets you change fan speed or use a ceiling fan-light when you want to.


You can enjoy the benefits of having a ceiling fan even when you’re working under a budget. The essential thing is to know what you want in such a fixture and then to find out if what you have in mind is obtainable through the budget you have set aside for the purchase.


Products for specific needs:


Best ceiling fan for bedroom


Hunter 22710 Cortland


Combining modern functionality with elegance and style, the Hunter 22710 Cortland 54-Inch Ceiling Fan lends a sense of class to your living room, den, and other large rooms. With its whisper-quiet operation, you can install this unit in your master bedroom, which makes it the best ceiling fan for a bedroom. You have the option to hang this in angled, standard or flush positions thanks to the AVT hanging system of the fan. It offers three speed settings so you can enjoy optimum air circulation at all times. The manufacturer has perfected work on a blade coating that’s been used in the fan, which helps repel dust accumulation using state-of-the-art nanotechnology. You will not have to worry about having to clean off dust from the fan blades often.


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Best ceiling fan for low ceiling


Hunter 51061 Low-Profile-III


With its low profile design  engineered for flush-mount installation, the Hunter 51061 Low-Profile-III 42-Inch Ceiling Fan offers the ideal choice for people who want the best ceiling fan for a low ceiling. Hunter offers this product, a result of the company’s unmatched 19th century craftsmanship blended with modern design, to people who want premium fixtures for their living spaces. Tough on the inside and exquisite on the outside, the Hunter 51061offers whisper-quiet performance while cutting down on energy costs by up to 47%, so you shouldn’t have to set your heavyweight air conditioner to full during the summer. Moving air powerfully yet quietly is the WhisperWind Motor, giving you precise cooling power minus the noise.


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Best ceiling fan for kitchen


Hunter 59073 Sonic


With blades that are specially coated using patented Dust Armor technology from Hunter, the Hunter 59073 Sonic 52-Inch Ceiling Fan makes a great addition to any modern kitchen. Its white finish and four white blades ensure a clean  look, which is essential for the most important room of the house: the kitchen. This is the best ceiling fan for kitchens because it can create a cooling breeze with its neat-looking blades, so you do not have to bear the heat in a sweltering kitchen, where fumes from cooking food, the stove and oven can make the room unbearably hot, especially in the summer. Get reliable operation with cost savings on your utility bills throughout the year. The remote control lets you change fan speeds to suit the room’s ambient temperature.


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Top rated ceiling fans in 2022


In hot weather, fans help to cool down the room. Ceiling fans are preferred over bracket fans or window fans because they provide cool air constantly in a room. There are many different types of ceiling fans available that have different shape and style. It is wise to select the ceiling fan that increases the beauty of the room.




Hunter 54098 Bayview


If you are looking for a modern design to your ceiling fan, then look no further than the Hunter 54098 Bayview Provencal Gold. The design is not its only strong point, being energy efficient as well and consuming much less electricity than an air conditioning system. Large rooms up to 485 sq. ft. can be cooled down properly, making it a very popular model in the best ceiling fans reviews.




Classic Provencal gold shade complemented by five plastic blades of antique dark wicker/rustic dark palm leaf design;

Engineered to provide year round cooling for large rooms measuring 485 square feet and less or for use in patios, covered porches and sunrooms;

Variety of mounting options from standard, angle or flush mounting;

Certified for Energy Star superior energy efficiency for outstanding performance , certainly the best ceiling fan with remote.



Optional light kit in the package will not provide adequate illumination;

Installation not tool-free.

 “This ceiling fan has proven to be better than expected, so I must recommend it for other people who are looking to invest in one. It looks and operates just great.” – Melissa Jones


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Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe


2-hunter-53091-builder-deluxeCombining 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century design and technology, the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe offers unparalleled style and quality with its whisper-quiet performance. This ceiling fan ensures year-round comfort for your living space so you can save energy on your utility bills.




Made using the finest materials, this ceiling fan will surely blend in with the rest of your room decor. Saving you up to 47 percent on cooling costs, this model helps you cut down on your utility bills as it effectively circulates the air in the room.

Providing 5,110 cubic feet of air movement at high speed, this ceiling fan is outfitted with a powerful yet whisper-quiet motor that runs efficiently without generating too much noise. The reversible Brazilian cherry/stained oak blades provide a fantastic finish to complement your existing modern decor easily.

Equipped with a classy frosted encased glass bowl light, this model provides multiple functionality for genuine value for money. Perfect for large rooms up to 400 square feet, this ceiling fan also comes with two 60-watt candelabra incandescent bulbs for decorative lighting purposes.

The three-speed motor lets you customize your cooling experience to your most comfortable level. Get the precise cooling power you need every time.

The three-position mounting system simplifies installation. You can set up this unit flush, on an angled ceiling or a standard straight down rod.



This fan tends to wobble on high but fortunately it ships with a balancing kit to handle the issue. Just use the balancing kit to ensure wobble-free performance at high speeds.


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Westinghouse Lighting 7214100


Fans cool the air in hot season and provide cooling effect to the room, but this fan is also capable of providing warmth in winter. It is designed beautifully and covers the room of 144 square feet. I can set its limit according to my room environment, it has three fan speeds: low, medium and high. It also has two light bulbs. Its energy requirement is 53 watts that keeps my bill low. Its motor has three capacitors with air flow efficiency of 92 cfm per watt.



Cited in dozens of best ceiling fan with remote reviews thanks to easy connectivity with a compatible remote;

Well-built ceiling fan of brushed nickel with opal frosted glass light fixture and silicon steel motor fitted with triple capacitor;

Reversible switch plus three fan speeds maintain cool room ambience and comfort the whole year;

Quiet air circulation with whisper-working motor.



Designed for indoor use;

Light fixture not meant for total room illumination.

I am really happy to have the Westinghouse Lighting 7214100. This was a gift for me from my mom and compared to other ceiling fans that can just cool up the room, this one can warm my room when the cold season comes too. Also, I bought it because it’s one of the most popular ceiling fans in the US.” Betty Sharrow


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Hunter 28700


Best ceiling fan reviews

A ceiling fan that doesn’t produce much sound and can cool up a whole room easily is a good fan. This product has gain its place in best ceiling fan reviews due to many features. It has five reversible blades that can cool up to 400 square feet area. It is provided with anti vibration technology quiet motor that doesn’t produce much sound. The dust armor feature can reduce dust by up to 50%. Its low profile design fits low ceiling rooms easily. It is also provided with 120-Watt amber glass bowl light.



52-inch ceiling fan in special transitional bronze finish and with five reversible airflow blades;

Dark maple/walnut  blades go well with amber glass bowl light for a classy and sophisticated look;

Built with proprietary anti-vibration technology and am excellent whisper wind quiet motor;

Anti-vibration technology supplemented by Dust Armor that reduces dusting.



Does not come with remote control, only designed with wall switch;

Designed as an indoor fan.

I have the Hunter 28700 Ceiling fan in my room. With this, I can sleep silently because it doesn’t produce any noise. The product can really cool my room down, especially when the hot weather comes. The product is affordable and can be set up with ease” Ralph Lyons


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Hunter 20803 Low Profile III


The best ceiling fan reviews hold the Hunter 20803 in high regards because it manages to combine a great and stylish design with top performances. The 5 white blades are rotated by a powerful and reliable motor which has the Whisperwind system, letting it operate quietly, not disturbing anyone. Also the motor is so durable that it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. While the motor is powerful it still manages to be energy efficient , adding almost nothing to your yearly electricity bill. This fan is perfect for middle sized rooms in your home.



Exceptional blend of traditional craftsmanship and revolutionary fan technology that effectively circulates air so room is cooler in the summer and warmer in the colder months

Sturdy flush-mountable motor housing and strong  blades work together exceptionally well

Blades are interchangeable with Sawyer Art mix-and-match blades sold separately

Simple and easy installation and stylish, versatile design



Low profile fan meant for low-ceilinged rooms

Not meant for installation outside the house

“I bough this ceiling fan for a Xmas discount which made it quite cheap. The installation process was a breeze and it works flawlessly. Hunter made a high-quality model which looks great on my patio’s ceiling.” – Mary A. Sanders


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Hunter 22720 Cortland Basque


1Very few ceiling fan models can be as stylish as this one from Hunter which comes with four 40 W candelabra bulbs that can create a fantastic atmosphere in the room you set it in. The motor will operate quietly and will spin the 12 degree pitched blades in order to cool your room off in those warm summer days. Some even see it as one of the best ceiling fans in 2022.




54-inch elegant ceiling fan with brushed gold accents, light kit and five aged ebony blades in special Basque black;

Covers large spaces measuring up to 485 square feet, and comes with Installer’s Choice 3 position mounting system that enables flush, standard or angled mounting;

160-watt Four-light fixture with 440-watt candelabra bulbs included in kit;

Fan has three speeds from low, medium to high plus reversible airflow functionality for customized, year-round cooling.



Comes with small parts not meant for children;

Muted light not meant for complete room illumination.

 “The way Hunter 22720 ceiling fan looks in my living room is simply brilliant, adding the sophistication I was aiming for. It functions like a charm, making me believe it’s one of the best ceiling fans for the money I paid for it. And I didn’t pay much because I got it for sale on Black Friday.” – Anne Jackson


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Westinghouse 7861500


This ceiling fan is designed for low ceiling rooms and enhances the room’s beauty to many folds. It is 42 inches in length. It is equipped with five blades that cool the air and has three lights to illuminate the room. It has three speed levels that can be adjusted by the requirement: low, medium and high. I like its feature of reversing blades that makes it more elegant in style and functioning. With all these stylish features, this fan can be found in many best ceiling fan reviews.



Soft ambient illumination provided by lighting fixture with trio of frosted glass shades;

With three fan speeds of high, medium and low plus reversible switch to enable customized cooling at various periods of the year;

Makes rooms look classy without being too flashy;

Easy installation and quiet operation.



Geared with close-to-ceiling design meant for low-ceilinged rooms;

Torpedo or G16 ½ bulbs for light fixture not included.

“If I have to answer who makes the best ceiling fans in 2022, my answer would definitely be Westinghouse. I have in my patio the 7861500 model and I’m pleased with the overall design and the way it functions.” – Michelle Crum


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Westinghouse 7861400


Simplicity has its own beauty and when it is providing the best results it has no match with others. This ceiling fan has the beauty that works best. It is that much powerful that it can cool the area of about 360 square feet. It is a 56 inches fan with three blades that have airflow power of 6,254 cubic feet per minute. It has a single capacitor and 153-MM by 17-mm cold-rolled steel motor. I find it best because of its efficiency. No matter how hot the day, this fan cool down the room easily.



Blades turn quietly thanks to three-speed motor that offers efficient air circulation;

Ideal for commercial or industrial applications including warehouses or rooms measuring a maximum of 360 square feet;

Cold-rolled steel motor with single capacitor to turn blades continuously at high speed;

Package comes with ball hanger installation system, downrod, lead wire and 5-speed wall control.



Design not intended for decorative purposes;

Metal industrial fan with industrial-type blades.

“So far so good, this ceiling fan does’t it’s job properly and cools me off when the temperatures get unbearable. While not the best model on the market it’s surely in the top ten ceiling fan list.” – Terry A. Baker


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Westinghouse 78108


It is 30 inches wide and 12 inches high, 6 blades ceiling fan for the small rooms. It can cover about 80 square feet area. I can sleep in piece because it doesn’t make any sound. It is also good on pocket because it don’t consume energy more than a hundred watts bulb. It has a single light fixture. It has reversible switch and three speed levels that can be adjusted according to the need. It has pure white color that adds decency to the room.

“My conclusion about the Westinghouse 78108 is positive one. It’s a cheap ceiling fan with an stylish design and a very quiet operation. I certainly like the light too, which provides a very romantic atmosphere. I recommend this model to other households.” – Sandy Green


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Minka-Aire F518-BN Concept II


For cooling off a room in your home a great solution is getting a ceiling fan, which with a minimum investment will make you get through those hot summer days. One of the best fans is the Minka-Aire F518 –BN Concept II, which is a 3 blade low profile one, with a very stylish design and  a halogen light for creating a nice atmosphere in your room. Also you will have the advantage of controlling it via a remote control from the comfort of your sofa. The installation process is extremely simple as well, being done in almost no time. Many consider it the best ceiling fan for high ceilings.


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Ceiling fans – What to look for:


Thousands of American homes need a high quality ceiling fan. There are many products available on the market today which can guarantee proper room temperature and also act as a source of light. How can you find that special fan which deserves to improve air temperature in your home? Once you read the best ceiling fan reviews, written by satisfied users and technicians in the field, you will be able to identify the product best suited to your needs. Why should you invest in an air conditioner when you can opt for a more elegant solution: ceiling fans, which are designed to brighten up your home. There is a product for every room of the house, but you have start looking now!

The soothing breeze of a ceiling fan can cool down any warm environment by 2 to 8 degrees. Under such pleasurable circumstances, you will be able to sleep and laugh in peace, without having to deal with increased temperatures. With the best ceiling fan in 2022, you will ensure the right living conditions anywhere you desire. You should know that ceiling fans are far superior to air conditioners in regards to energy consumption, operating at lower cost standards, thus keeping the energy bills low at the end of the month.

As you probably already know, a ceiling fan can replace with ease a central lighting system, because they come with built in lighting or optional lighting kits. Furthermore, many fans include a wide range of fan accessories such as: remote control, automatic controls and dimmer switch.

How to locate the best ceiling fan in 2022? Well, with more information on top ceiling fans, you will upgrade the quality of indoor air temperature. If the device you want doesn’t have a remote control, you can purchase one. There are many fans with different styles, which can match your room. The first thing you want to decide upon is the place where you will install it.

If you decide to place the fan in the center of the room, you will enjoy optimal air flow, for all to enjoy without restrictions. Try not to install the ceiling fan over your bedroom’s bed.

Furthermore, take into account the room’s dimensions in order to properly install a great ceiling fan. Usually, you need a 30” ceiling fan for rooms of 8’ x 10’, a 42” ceiling fan for 12’ x 12’ and 52’ ceiling fan for 18’ x 20’ which includes large bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms and great rooms. You also need to take into account ceiling height: low ceiling, standard 8’ ceiling, 9’ or higher ceiling and sloped ceiling, for better air management. It is important to ensure the ideal air circulation, for everyone to enjoy. Your home can become a safe and comfortable environment, ideal for day to day activities. So, a ceiling fan can become your source of light and cold air, whenever you desire, night or day.



Things to consider:

–   Ceiling fans offer a safe and low cost alternative to air conditioners.

–  These devices represent a great source of light and cold air, ideal to access whenever you want.

–  Search for ceiling fans which have Energy Star certification.

–  Ceiling fans offer superior air circulation around every inch of the house.



Best Beach Chair Reviews



In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best beach chair? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. After collecting plenty of information about the best beach chair on the market, we have made use of what we have learned from various expert review sites and owner feedbacks to help consumers make more educated purchases for this kind of product. We have proven the Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler to be matchless in this category thanks to its ability to deliver comfort and versatility to those who want more than just a place to park their bottoms while enjoying the beach. This beach chair is made of polyester fabric, which boasts resistance against the damaging effects of the sun. The polyester material is also resistant to stretching, shrinking, creasing and mildew while being strong and lightweight, so your beach chair looks as good the first time as it is every time you have a beach adventure. The five different chair positions allow you to relax the best way every time. If the Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler is unavailable, we recommend getting the second best option, the Coleman Oversized.



Comparison Table


The Good
The Bad



Buying Guide


When it comes to sitting by the ocean, we understand how important it is to be comfortable. The most popular beach chairs provide users with comfort, relaxation, and they look good too. We have created this list to help you decide which is the best beach chair for your needs.

beach chair


Types of beach chairs

There are several different types of beach chairs available, and they all provide you with something that the others do not. For example, loungers are among the top ten because you can nap, sun bathe, and just relax. Many loungers come with cup holders, headrests, and even cut out spots for your face to poke through for sunbathing.

A backpack beach chair is designed for convenience, as it can be own as a backpack until you find that ideal spot on the beach. These are ideal for those who have a lot of things to carry, and by wearing the backpack chair, it frees up your hands.

Travel benches are good for families who spend a lot of time in the water but do not want to lay on a towel and get sandy. The travel bench does not take up a lot of space and it can be folded up for easy transportation.

You can never go wrong with a classic cheap beach chair. This chair sits about a foot off the ground and gives you the ability to stretch your feet out in a near laying position without having to lay on the sand.



You can find these chairs made primarily of three types of material: aluminium, wood, and steel.

Aluminium is lightweight but it is not very durable. If you are not careful, the chair could get bent out of shape if it is handled roughly. In addition, aluminium has a tendency to soak up some of the heat, so the metal part can get hot when exposed to the sunlight for too long.

Wooden chairs are a great choice for a new chair because it is both durable and it also does not soak up the heat as much as its counterparts.

Steel chairs are among the heaviest chairs, but they are the most durable. These beach chairs are best suited for poolside use where they will not be moved frequently.

Other than the type of chair and the material, you may want to consider other features when making a choice. Some of these extras include cup holders, footrest, headrest, padded armrest, pockets for storage, if it can recline to multiple positions, and if it has a canopy for built in shade.

We hope that you think of this guide when you are preparing your gear for your next outing to the beach. Ask yourself these questions when you are trying to choose what is the best chair for your beach going needs.


Things to consider:

  • What kind of chair are you looking for? Do you want to lay down and sunbathe? Maybe you would rather recline and read a book? On the other hand, do you want to sit and let the water lap at your feet?
  • What kind of material do you want the chair to be? Aluminium is lightweight, but not the most durable. Wood is strong and a classic look, but heavier. Steel can get hot and is best suited for home use.
  • What kind of extra features do you want? Do you want the convenience of cup holders? Maybe you prefer cushioning for your head and feet. What about shade?



Top rated beach chairs in 2022


After a very stressful week at work, my officemates and I are planning to go on a quick beach trip for the weekend. I took my old beach chair out from the garage to bring along but most of its frame has already corroded. Now I am planning to buy a new beach chair and since I don’t have a lot of time to shop I just checked some items online. I read the best beach chair reviews from the feedback given by customers on the internet and I found the perfect beach chair for me.



Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler


You don’t have to travel out of the country or go to an expensive resort over the weekend just to get the quick vacation you deserve. Whether you want to go sunbathing in the beach or go fishing in your lake house, you can always bring the Tommy Bahama backpack cooler chair along with you. It is very comfortable to sit on and the chair’s construction is sturdy and stable. There are 5 chair positions that you can choose from according to the most comfortable position for you. It is indeed the best beach chair in 2022.



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Coleman Oversized 


If you want a product that is versatile, this device might be the one for you. The model was designed as a camping chair, but it can also be used at the beach. Among the features that make it worth your while are its built-in cooler and the mesh cup holder that it incorporates.

This choice has a fully cushioned seat that is very comfy and a back that can offer support.  As expected, this option is fully collapsible and, as a result, it can be easily stored and transported. This model is a best-seller that has received positive reviews so far.



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Coleman Utopia 


If you dream about getting a classic-looking beach chair, the Coleman Utopia should suit your needs. This choice has a beautiful design, and it includes a relaxed back and a low seat that allows its user to spread his/her legs in the sand for extra comfort.

The model was made from materials that are sturdy. In fact, its frame was developed from powder-coated steel, and it can support up to 250 pounds. This alternative also features a seatback pocket where you can store your beach book and sunglasses and a cup holder for your drink. The manufacturer also supplies the users with a carrying bag for storage and transportation.



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ALPS Mountaineering Rendezvous 


This alternative has been built to deliver stability and comfort to its users. The item was designed to be used for a variety of activities, including beach trips and campfire gatherings. Overall, it measures 22 inches in width, 14 inches in depth, and 24 inches in height.

What is more, this choice has a total weight of 6.8 lbs. and it can hold up to 300 lbs. at a time. Because it was made from TechMesh Fabric, this chair is very breathable when compared to other counterparts. The frame of this product has been made from materials that are very durable.



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Tommy Bahama Mesh 


This choice might also interest you, as it comes outfitted with a mesh trim and a cooler. This option has an attractive design that makes it effortless to transport. In fact, when folded, this chair looks like a backpack that has padded straps.

To better cater to its users’ needs, this alternative can be adjusted into four distinct positions, in accordance with your preferences. Still, it cannot be fully reclined. Additionally, it has a weight capacity of 250 pounds, and it features molded arms that incorporate a drink holder. According to reviews, this option is a good purchase for tall people.



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Crazy Creek Beach & Festival 


This low-seat chair is another option that you should have in mind before placing an order. This heavy-duty device has a sturdy design and the perfect height to be used for concerts and festivals on the beach.

To be easy to move around, the choice can be folded entirely and placed in the included carrying bag. Moreover, when assembled, its seat sits at 6 inches off the ground. This is a comfy purchase as it features a relaxing mesh back. Most of its users spoke highly of it, and they warmly recommended it.



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CORE Equipment Folding 


If you are set on acquiring a beach seat that is comfortable, check out this option. The quilted seat of this product was developed from polyester, a sturdy material that can pass the test of time. On top of that, this well-built alternative features padded arms that can provide the user with extra support.

The built-in oversized cup holder that it includes is a practical addition that only adds to the overall comfort of this option. As a plus, the product comes supplied with a sizeable bag that has a special strap that you can use to transport it.


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Best Bidet toilet seats reviews



Top rated bidet toilet seats in 2022


Every room of the house is important in its own way. One of the most used rooms of the house is the bathroom. Creating a multi-functional bathroom is essential if you want to undergo certain activities in privacy and comfort. More and more people from the US are investing in high quality bidet toilet seats. How can you find the ideal product, suited to become a great addition to your bathroom? Well, you should consult with attention the present best bidet toilet seats reviews and determine which model deserves to be installed in your bathroom.


How to choose a good bidet toilet seat


One of the most important places of the house is the bathroom. In this room men and women go about their business without anyone else bothering them. As a result, comfort is essential for people to enjoy their moments alone. This is why the growing demand for sturdy yet comfortable bidet toilet seats comes as no surprise. Which bidet toilet seat is the best? Well, this question puzzles thousands of Americans that want to replace their old toilet seat. With access to professional information you will be able to easily determine which product is best suited for your home. There are many things to take into consideration while browsing for a new product. This is why you have to be patient and not jump to the first product you see.

We decided to read professional reviews on the best rated products and see what makes them tick. The data we collected was summarized in this buying guide, which you can use during the selection process. Today there are toilet seats with heater and built-in water tanks. These particularities are not innovations per se but they do help out a lot. Still, you should know that for the models with heater option your bathroom needs to be equipped with an electrical outlet. The flushing system is an important aspect to take into account. We recommend models that flush quickly and don’t scatter water. There are models with unique water saving technology which ensure proper flushing but also saves water. Recent online surveys showed that more and more people want products with heated seats. This is an amazing feature for people that live in cold climate areas.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Color Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Brondell S1000-EW Swash

Elongated $$$$ White Included A+ AMAZON

Coco Bidet 9500R

Elongated $$$ White Included B+ AMAZON

Bidet4me E-200a

Elongated $$$ White No B+ AMAZON

Clean Sense dib-1500R

Elongated $$$ White Included B+ AMAZON

Brondell Swash S100-EW

Elongated $$ White Included B AMAZON


Who makes the best products? According to our data it seems that Bio Bidet, Coco, Brondell and Spaloo are the top brands on the market. These companies have earned people’s trust with the high quality toilet seats they released along the years. They often release products for Christmas with newly development technologies just to catch people’s attention. For instance there are luxury models that have remote controls. This feature permits anyone to easily access the bidet toilet. Furthermore remote controls work great with people that suffered accidents or have a physical impairment. Still, having such a comfort at your fingertips reflects in the money spent to purchase the toilet.

There are Black Friday deals on bidet toilet seats with more advanced features. This is probably the best day to save money and also upgrade your bathroom’s utility. You should also decide whether or not you need a round or elongated seat. An elongated bidet toilet seat is 2 inches longer than standard models. The round toilet seats is 11 inches in circumference and very popular among American housewives. In Europe the elongated bidet toilet seats are present in most homes and public institutions.


Things to consider:

–         A quick and powerful flushing system, so you can get rid of waste in seconds

–         A comfortable seat which feels good at touch

–         Heated seat, so you won’t freeze whenever you have to use the toilet in cold winter mornings

–         Elongated design, which is more suited to provide stability during each use


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Brondell S1000-EW Swash bidet toilet seat


Best Bidet toilet seats reviewsAs you probably already saw, there are many bidet toilet seat models available on the market. Out of them, we recommend you use one the best bidet toilet seats in 2022 from Brondell: S1000-EW Swash model. It has a posterior and feminine endless warm water washes which keeps you clean in style. The toilet seat has dual stainless steel position able nozzles and also wide spray for extra washing precision. In addition, the model features a wireless remote control, accompanied by warm air dryer and precise deodorizer settings.



Made from hygienic and durable plastic, with an elongated design that offers utmost comfort plus heated water and seat to provide relaxation and warmth even when the weather is cold

Wireless remote control offers various deodorizer settings plus a warm air dryer, with wide spray from dual stainless steel adjustable nozzles

Offers both posterior and feminine warm water washes and drying system, working with a deodorizing system and self-cleaning nozzles

Considered by many to be the best bidet toilet seat from Brondell due to the versatility of its cleaning functions varying between wide spray mode for highly powerful effective washing and oscillating mode for extra-gentle washing



Although it’s all just a matter of preference, the washing function is satisfactory for many yet may not be as powerful for some people

Installation needs some degree of experience and skill with such products, but long term use is more than worth it


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Coco Bidet 9500R toilet seat


How can you find a great toilet seat that can keep you comfortable whenever you have to go to the bathroom? Well, you can use one of the best toilet seats available to the general public today: Coco Bidet 9500R. This ultra deluxe  toilet seat features 2 Coco bidet filters that purify water before it touches your body. Elegant, easy to use and pretty affordable, this model can fit with ease most of the present elongated toilets. Furthermore it incorporates patented Intensive Impulse pulsation system that can help people struggling with constipation. In addition to the modern design, the seat comes with Intelligent power saving functions.



Heated seat ensures that the bidet user feels relaxed and comfortable while doing their business, with user preset function that saves the preferred settings of four different users including child-friendly gentle cleaning settings

Massage washing and pulse modes both offer effective and pleasant cleaning experience, with massage mode moving the nozzle back and forth in massage-like effect and pulse mode using a repeated washing cycle using weak or strong stream of water

Water used for washing goes through two purifying filters, is heated using energy-saving heating element and a low noise motor pump to create stable pressure for water stream

Infrared drying feature provides effective drying to washed surface, plus deodorizing feature efficiently refreshes air in the toilet using a small fan circulating through a carbon filter



Switching between washing modes takes a bit of time but wash modes are truly effective

Water for washing comes out cold at first then warms up eventually, not a huge issue to get optimum washing


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Bidet4me electric bidet seat E-200a


Are you ready to install in your bathroom a high quality bidet toilet seat? Well, according to the present best bidet toilet seats reviews it seems that more and more people use with confidence Bidet4me electric bidet seat E-200a, a model that improves your comfort level wile you are using the toilet. It comes with a massage feature enhancing the comfort rating. E-200a from Bidet4me features precise buttons to control water temperature and pressure. The seat incorporates a strong heated system that keeps your posterior warm. Your bathroom will be complete once the seat is installed.



Provides full service for anything needed in the use of a full toilet, with front and rear warm water washing, a heated seat and auto, kid and female wash feature, so everyone gets their own level of customized cleaning

Water and seat are heated at three levels, low, high and mid, with water pressure and water massage features to ensure comfortable washing

Button-press, hands-free cleansing followed by mild warm air dry to ensure thorough hygienic washing, from a heated soft closed seat with smart temperature controls for utmost relaxation and comfort

Uses bamboo charcoal deodorization for all-natural, non-chemical maintenance that won’t accumulate potentially harmful fumes and by-products while keeping the toilet clean and mess-free



May not come with remote but controls are conveniently located right beside the seat

Comes smaller than other models that works best for children


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Clean Sense dib-1500R bidet seat


Every bathroom needs to come equipped with different commodities that can improve the way people handle their business. Consulting the present top rated bidet toilet seats reviews will help you understand why so many people use with confidence Clean Sense dib-1500R bidet toilet seat. As one of the best models available on the market, this model features 4 adjustable user presets, while the wireless remote control lets you use its every feature easily. With a sleek design, the model uses a tankless and instant water heater. In addition to the smooth functionality, this bidet seat features Clean Sense technology.



Offers the same features as other high-end units, with four customizable user presets and a handheld remote control that can also be mounted for easy and convenient use in the modern toilet

Settings can be made using the remote to determine water pressure, seat and water temperature that suits every user’s personal preference

True hygienic cleansing via oscillating or massaging function available with the simple touch of a button, with germ-resistant seat that has quick-release system to offer extremely easy cleaning and removal

Gentle and soft-closing function available for both the lid and the seat, built with durability, comfort and relaxation to the user in mind



Use of the rectangular remote control can be mastered with some practice

Uses a fair amount of electricity to operate


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Brondell Toilet Seats Swash S100-EW


There are many toilet seat models which you can use without any drawbacks. Yet, some of them deliver heightened care for your needs, making every action a lot more comfortable. Today, you can use with confidence Swash S100-EW from Brodell Toilet Seats, a model that uses the cleaning power of warm water for different sanitizing purposes. The seat has a sleek and modern design which was conceived with only one aspect in mind, comfort. This model has a reliable remote control that, so at the push of a simple button, it gives you and instant cleansing force. Due to the elongated format, the seat can fit over 98% of toilets. This is why this model fits the best with a good toilet for a small bathroom.



Fully adjustable heated seat not only offers luxury in the contemporary toilet but also helps stimulate bowel movement by easing the bowels to do their business in the normal way

Wireless remote offers convenient, stress-free use by controlling the pressure of the wash, the seat and wash temperature,  according to the user’s preferences

Nozzles are covered in anti-microbial film and offer self-cleaning feature to ensure a sanitary or hygienic bidet seat that everybody can use safely

Aerated steam feature infuses bubbles into the stream of water to soften the wash and make it more efficient



Would easily be the best bidet toilet seat from Brondell if fitted with a deodorizer and warm air drying feature

No enema or massage feature but serves well for the basic functions of standard bidet seats


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Best portable charger reviews



In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best portable chargers? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best portable chargers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures and overall value for the money. Out of the products we have looked at, the Anker® Astro E5 proved to be the absolute best. Its amazing capacity of 15000mAh makes this model a great choice for cell phones and tablets, and you will feel hard pressed to find a mobile device this charger cannot handle with ease. Simultaneous charging is its second great advantage, so, if you are away on a trip and you need to keep all your devices charged, you will find it really easy with this handy external battery pack. Last, but not least, this model is compact and great looking for a charger this powerful, which is why it came on top of any other similar models. In case you cannot find the Anker® Astro E5 because it is out of stock, you can opt for the Jackery Bar, a solid second choice.



Comparison Table


Product Compatibility Price Capacity Single/Dual USB Customer Rating Where to buy

Anker Astro E5

iPad Air, iPhone, Samsung and more $$$ 15000mAh Dual A++ AMAZON

Jackery Bar Premium

Samsung Galaxy, iPhone and more $$$ 5600mAh Single A AMAZON

Anker Astro Mini

HTC, iPhone, Nokia and more $$ 3000mAh Single B+ AMAZON

EasyAcc Brilliant

Samsung, Motorola, Tablets and more $$ 5000mAh Single B+ AMAZON

Poweradd Pilot X1

Video Consoles, iPod and more $$ 5200mAh Single B+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Everyone hates when the smartphone or tablet battery runs out of power. Such situations are frustrating and can bother people that need to place calls or access the internet. Fortunately the market offers quick and efficient solutions: portable chargers. If you are currently looking for a reliable portable charger, this is the right time to find one. These devices are highly appreciated by people who travel a lot. Most of the current portable charger models represent essential accessories worth having around during trips. The wide array of products available for purchase makes it pretty frustrating for some people to discover the right model. As a result, you have to access professional information on the subject. Once you know what to look for in a portable charger, you will be able to invest in a reliable model.


We took the liberty of reading the best portable charger reviews and user testimonials in order to discover what makes them great. In our research on the most popular portable charger models we managed to see exactly what makes them work. Today’s portable chargers come in different shapes and sizes, reflecting in the price range. When it comes to commodity and utility, you need a lightweight charger, easy to carry around. A rechargeable battery is measured in mAh, which you have to take into account while browsing for a new model. For example, an iPhone 5 is powered by a 1.440 mAh cell. On this logic alone, you need a portable charger with at least the same capacity of the smartphone or tablet. According to recent statistics it seems you ought to consider a powerful charger with an 8000 mAh capacity. This is more than enough to power up the required mobile devices.


Finding the best portable charger for the money can be pretty tricky, given the multitude of products out there. If the portable charger has a high capacity, you will be able to safely power up tablets and smartphones. Still, you need to take into account that heavier battery chargers cost more. As it goes with most electrical purchases, price is a serious factor to take into account. You can go around high prices simply by waiting for Black Friday deals on top products. In this day, you will be able to invest in powerful chargers without spending too much money. Who makes the best product?  There are many answers to this question, given peoples past experiences with different models. This is where user testimonials come in handy, offering you the chance to see exactly what each product has to offer.

Choosing a portable charger for Christmas is without a doubt great gift for business individuals. Still, a good portable charger will definitely give people the chance to always have their smartphones and tablets with full power. If you are connected with mobile entertainment then opting for portable charger seems like the right move to make.


Things to consider:

–         Powerful battery charging capabilities, so you can keep your portable devices fully charged

–         Exclusive manufacturer warranty which comes in handy in the event of technical malfunctions

–         8.000 mAh battery capacity that matches the needs of standard mobile devices

–         User-friendly interfaces, which permit you to safely connect and charge smartphones and tablets without problems



Top rated portable chargers in 2022


Today’s digital world covers every aspect of people’s lives. Always connected to the internet via smartphones, notebooks or tablets, men and women are properly informed on their favourite things. Yet, having an active connection to the internet takes a lot of power out of mobile devices which usually makes people search for a reliable portable charger. These devices are in high demand right now because they are light and trustworthy. For those that want to distinguish good models from the dull ones, we drafted the best portable charger reviews on five high-end products. These portable chargers responded very well to our quality tests and can help anyone power up different types of mobile devices.



Anker Astro E5


One of the most respected brands in the charging segment of electronics is Anker. From this brand people can choose without reservations the Astro E5 charger, designed to power up any type of tablet, smartphone or notebook. Regarded by thousands of satisfied customers as the best portable charger in 2022, this model has smooth ebony finish which gives people the opportunity of keeping their devices charged in style. It has 4 status LEDs which display the charger’s remaining capacity. In addition, this powerful charger uses one of the world’s most compact external battery capacity: 15000mAh. It includes dual USB ports which permits simultaneous charging operations.



What is the best portable charger? Most of the current reviews that we consulted underline the efficiency of the Astro E5 from Anker, a device with an impressive capacity of 15000 mAh

This unit can be used to safely charge an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPad 3 and 4 within a short period of time, irrespective of people’s location

The portable charger comes with a super-fast charge output with 2 dual USB ports, capable of helping people simultaneously charge different devices

Due to the high density battery cells and capacity of 15000 mAh capacity, this unit is one of the most powerful chargers out there



Does not come with Apple or Samsung pin adapters (sold separately)

Requires an initial full charge for proper results


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Jackery Bar Premium


There are some portable chargers that impress with every charging operation. One of the best portable charger in 2022 is Jackery Bar Premium, a product used by thousands of Americans to charge their smartphones and tablets. As one of the world’s smallest portable charger, this model is compact and can fit easily in any pocket. It is the ideal companion during long trips which require frequent charging of mobile devices. The charger comes with an impressive power capacity of 5600mAh. For example: people can use it in order to power up Samsung Galaxy S4 with two full charges of iPhone 5S with 4!



Regarded by many as the best portable charger under $200, the Bar Premium from Jackery is a high capacity battery pack which makes it great for powering up smartphones, tablets and even notebooks

Packing an impressive capacity of 6000 mAh this rechargeable battery is fitted with a 2.1A output, ideal to connect with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models or iPads

This thin external battery charger can easily fit in people’s pockets or small bags, providing instant power access when needed

It features a high end Samsung A Li-ion polymer cell which securely use 4 layers of protected circuit to render power to other devices



Does not come with AC adapter (sold separately)

The basic package doesn’t include an USB adapter (this is an accessory sold separately)


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EasyAcc Classic


1.EasyAcc Classic

If you are looking for a great charger for iPhone, you cannot go wrong with the EasyAcc Classic. Portable and easy to carry around due to its compact design, this charger is a recommended choice.





The large capacity of this charger stands at 15000mAh, which is enough for recharging your iPhone 5 up to 9 times, or for recharging your iPad mini 2 twice.

Because it comes with two USB ports, it allows you to charge two smartphones at the same time, which can really come in handy, when you are traveling with friends.

Its compact size makes it extremely portable, and because it can easily fit in a pocket or a bag, you will not feel like it takes too much space among your other belongings.

The model is compatible with any device with 5V input, which means you can use it for smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth devices and Google Glass.



One of the drawbacks of this otherwise reliable portable charger is that it takes quite a while to charge itself, so make sure it is charged well in advance of any trip you might have planned.

Also, the USB cable that comes with it is not of the best quality.


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Anker Astro Mini


Most of the current best portable charger reviews underline the efficiency of Anker Astro Mini. Very popular in the U.S. and Canada, this charger has a compact design and easily fits in bags or pockets. It can be used to add a full charge to an iPhone 5/4/4S/3G or 3GS. The charger works very well with other types of smartphones but provides a fairly limited amount of power. The Astro Mini has a flashlight shape which delivers power any time without attracting attention. It was designed with Samsung grade A cells and advanced microchips which ensure high quality charges.



For people trying to find a trustworthy answer to the question “which product is the best” we recommend the Astro Mini from Anker, an ultra-compact portable charger that can be used to easily charge smartphones and tablets

This portable charger is equipped with PowerlQ technology which significantly optimizes compatibility with Apple and Android operated devices

Due to its 3200 mAh capacity the unit can be used to add 7 hours of extra talk time to a standard iPhone 5s

It comes with a sleek aluminum profile and weighs only 2.7 oz, which makes this charger ideal to carry around



Does not come with Apple adapter (this is an accessory sold separately)


Buy from for: See The Price!




EasyAcc Brilliant


Who doesn’t want to have around a powerful charger during long business trips? Well, most of the latest top portable charger reviews emphasize on the smooth functionality of EasyAcc Brilliant Power Bank. This device was a unique and elegant design which stands out in any crowd. Subtle and with slim contour, this portable charger can be stored in pockets or bags with no problems. It has an impressive 5000mAh power capacity which is more than enough to power up different types of smartphones from iPhones to Samsung models. Due to the 5V 1.5A output this device will deliver fast charging to any mobile device!



Present among the top ten portable charger models available for purchase today, the Ultra slim Power Bank from EasyAcc represents a great addition to people that are always on the move

Even though a relatively cheap product, this rechargeable battery comes with an impressive capacity of 5000 mAh, more than enough to charge iPhone 5/4/4S or Samsung S4 or S3

It is fitted with a standard DC 5V 1.5A power output which efficiently directs the charging process at high speeds

The portable charger features and exclusive power lock technology which makes it able to remain in standby mode for up to 6 months



Does not come with AC charger (this unit is sold separately)

The basic package includes only 1 20 cm USB charging cable (spare one sold separately)


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Poweradd Pilot X1


There are many portable chargers available on the market but few can rival Poweradd Pilot X1. This stunning device has a compact and slim design. It impresses through its elegant lines and lightweight format of only 5oz. People can store this powerful charger in pockets or bags! The portable charger was designed using Samsung Grade A cells and also high quality microchips which maintain extra safety during each charge. It has an impressive battery capacity of 5200mAh with a fast charging speed. This portable external battery can perform more than 500 recharging operations on different types of mobile devices.



The highest rated portable charger from Poweradd, the Pilot X1 model could be used to safely charge mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 or S2 and Apple iPhone or iPad versions

Due to its lightweight and compact design this unit can easily fit in people’s pockets and backs

This new product is fitted with a power capacity of 5200 mAh, more than enough to swiftly charge other devices without any problems whatsoever

It features a useful LED display which people can use in order to determine just how much charging power is available for use



Requires an initial full charge to operate


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Best DVR Security Systems Reviews



If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best DVR security system money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gathered a lot of info regarding the best DVR security systems, be they with cameras, with audio, or with hard drive. We’ve looked at the owner feedback, the value offered for the money, as well as what various expert review sites had to say about these units. Out of all the products we’ve gone through, the Amcrest 960H is the best because it comes with four heavy-duty weatherproof cameras that can take your recordings to a whole new level. Besides, the model has 24 IR LEDs that can be activated automatically when the lighting condition is low. Since a complementary app is offered by the manufacturing brand, owners have the freedom to view what’s being recorded with remote viewing by using any mobile device of their choice. If the Amcrest 960H is unavailable, you could also consider the ELEC CVK-SR04C11, as it appears to be the second best choice available these days.



Comparison Table


Product Memory Price Channels Cameras Our Rating Where to buy

Q-See QT228-8B5-5

500GB $$$$ 8 8 A+ AMAZON

Night Owl Security STA-44

500GB $$$ 4 4 B+ AMAZON
Zmodo ZMD-DD-SAN8-1TB 1 TB $$ 8 No B+ AMAZON

Defender PX301-011

2 GB $$$ No 2 B AMAZON

Samsung SDE-3004N

500 GB $$ 4 4 C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide:


Millions of Americans want to keep their valuables safe, secure and far from unwanted parties. This is why so many of them invest professional DVR security systems, capable of providing daily accurate monitoring. Responsible homeowner should invest in heightened security levels in order to keep important things safe. A professional DVR security system can protect any home or store by offering accurate images right from your computer. Furthermore such systems give you the possibility to save different quality videos straight on DVDs or computer formats. Now, picking the right system can take some time given the multitude of options. Each of them offers a close and accurate visual connection to any room simply by accessing the computer.



There are a couple of things to take into account while browsing for a great DVR security system. In order to make your job easier, we analysed the market in order to determine what makes a product great. After analysing over 35 top rated products for one straight week we managed to write the best dvr security system reviews. Once you consult this professional source of information, you will know exactly what makes a product great for any home. The first thing that you have to do is decide whether you need a PC-unit based and standalone unit. What’s the difference between them?

A standalone device has a console which you can use to load DVDs. Now, the system manages to record everything you need on monitors while also storing them on DVDs for proper footage. The PC-unit works through a desktop computer and software which makes monitoring easy. Even though standalone units offer heightened stability the PC-used are very easy to use.

Today a growing number of people use PC-units in order monitor their home. Some of the best dvr security system in 2022 is PC-based. Now, you should also compare the camera’s quality by finding its resolution. The current camera resolutions are noted in TVL (television lines), and you should look for cameras with 420 TVL to 570 TVL. You need to see the product’s features. For example there are DVR security systems that include night-time vision, movement detection, impressive storage capacity and wide field of vision.

Some additional features can include zoom, easy installation, pan and tilt or even 360 degree swivel option. These particularities are great for adjusting the system’s functionality. Make sure that the system comes with swivel option because it will give you the opportunity to point the camera whenever you want.

As the latest statistics pointed out the best dvr security system in 2022 is, in most cases, equipped with wireless technology. Most of the current wireless security systems are very easy to install and won’t take too much of your time. Furthermore such systems give you the possibility to install the cameras wherever you want, especially in those places where wires can’t reach. There are also some special features like light sensitivity which improve the camera’s ability to record in low-light conditions. As a result, such cameras are perfect to monitor around the house at night.



Top rated DVR security systems in 2022


When looking for a new DVR system, it is apparent that you will be confronted with limitless possibilities. In this case, it will help if you can first read the best DVR security systems. Some of the products that have been revealed in these reviews will be noted below, as well as some of their most defining features.


Amcrest 960H


1.Amcrest 960H

The Amcrest 960H is one of the top rated surveillance systems that are being sold online nowadays. Why’s that?, you may ask. The fact of the matter is that no other system beats this one when it comes to dependability and durability, considering that the cameras are virtually weatherproof and can withstand a myriad of outdoor conditions that could affect the operation of other models. The product comes in various versions, ranging from the one composed of four cameras to the one composed of eight cameras. If you’d like to buy a single cam, that option is also available.



This simple recording system advances no technical difficulties to users who’d like to install it all by themselves.

The Armcrest 960H comes with a set of 4 high-res cameras and a pre-installed 500GB drive that can store data for up to six days in a row.

If the owner decides to increase the data storage, all he or she has to do is make use of the motion detection or low-res settings in the system.

Each package comes with a set of cameras, a drive, and a channel DVR, but what you’ll be receiving depends on the type of DVR security system you want to order. The cables and the power supply are provided in the box.



The system does not have sound.

The manual could have been more straightforward regarding the installation process.


Buy from for: See The Price!






2.ELEC 4 Channel 960H

As is the case with several other products in the line, the ELEC system is composed of four bullet cameras as well as a 4-channel DVR. While it does not support wireless, the model can be installed with ease, regardless of whether you plan on using the 1TB drive offered in the box or a drive that you might already be the owner of. Unlike obsolete surveillance systems, this one allows owners to view the data the cameras might be recording using their mobile device. Compatibility isn’t an issue as the connection supports devices ranging from Android to iOS and even Windows Mobile.



This is among the most affordable units in the line, considering that many online retailers sell the 4-camera version for less than two hundred dollars and you might get it for less if you buy it when it’s for sale.

The cameras come with 24 LEDs that make it very easy for the system to make good-quality recordings even at night.

The cams are water and weatherproof, and many buyers have reported that they’ve used the system while it was snowing outside.

Low power consumption is a feature of this alternative that makes it possible for owners to extend the life of the system.



Remote viewing might be a little complicated to set up as the instructions aren’t particularly helpful in this sense.


Buy from for: See The Price!







Much like the other ELEC product we’ve showcased in this list, this surveillance system comes with four individual bullet night vision cameras that can be used to record data in the area you may want to have an eye on. The image captured by the cameras can be viewed either via a 3G connection or an internet connection, depending on what you have available at the moment. It seems that remote viewing is a popular feature nowadays, as this system also lets owners view the recordings using their mobile phones or tablets.



The cameras are water and weatherproof, which means that you’ll be able to use them both in the cold and in the hot season.

The system can be connected to a TV monitor for a better grasp of what’s going on outside of your house or office. Each time any kind of motion is detected, the system e-mails the owner and thus alerts him.

The night vision of this unit is up to 65 to 80 feet.

A 1TB hard drive comes with the DVR, which should normally mean that the cams can record for as many as ten or twelve days or more.



Some users have run into several issues regarding the setup process.


Buy from for: See The Price!






Best DVR Security Systems ReviewsIn the top rated DVR security systems reviews, many people were happy with the H.264 Compression in this model, which is good in terms of being able to minimize the size of the file so that you can make the most out of its storage capability. Even if you are away, such as when you are in a vacation, you can still view what is happening in your place as it offers remote access. This will allow you to view the recorded footages from compatible devices. This product is also commonly commended for the motion detection recording feature, which is one way by which it is efficient.



As one of the Black Friday deals on top products, the Zmodo Security DVR system makes home monitoring a professional and yet easy job for basically every family member

Incorporated an advanced and user-friendly software which permits users to see live and recorded videos directly on the PC or tablet

Uses H.264 video compression which ensures longer recording time and faster video transfer, for streaming over the net

Includes the exclusive Access Live system that offers users the possibility of viewing videos on mobile phones and tablets



Some installation is needed but it doesn’t take more than 30 to 45 minutes

The setup for viewing live footage on smartphones requires the use of an application


Buy from for: See The Price!



Defender Digital Wireless DVR


The long range night vision feature of this product is perhaps one of the reasons on why it is considered by many as one of the best DVR security systems in 2022. The cameras are equipped with 18 LEDs that will surely make the images clearer even from afar, as long as it is within the predetermined range of the unit. It is also a good thing that it comes with a 7-inch LCD monitor that will provide you with generous amount of viewing space. There were also many who have expressed good words with the SD card recording feature that allows you to expand its recording capacity.



As one of the best DVR security system for Christmas the Defender Digital is a great addition to people that don’t want to deal with wires while setting up the system

Operates on high-tech wireless technology and includes a SD card recording system which stores data on the 2 GB card, meaning more than 350 of footage

Incorporates 18 infrared IR LEDs which permits people to safely see in the dark at an impressive range of 40 feet

Comes equipped with a 7 inch LCD monitor where users can view or playback different lived or recorded videos



Does not support recording in quad mode

The remote control does not come with included batteries (sold separately)


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Products that are no longer available


Zmodo PKD-DK0855-500GB


Equipped with pan, tilt, and zoom features, it will offer you with complete freedom on how the cameras can be controlled. It has 500GB pre-installed memory that will provide you with sufficient recording space, especially as the files are compressed with H.264. It is also a good thing that it can be controlled regardless of where you are in the world. It is compatible with smartphones, which will provide you with the opportunity to see the recordings anywhere. It also has an email alert feature that will send you n totifications when there are suspicious activities in the area where it is installed.

“We had this dvr security system installed around the office building and so far it has proven to be best option we could have bought for the money we paid. The best rated reviews were right no name it among the top ten dvr security systems in 2022.” – Freddie Christiansen





With the use of this product, you will be provided with flexibility as there are different recording modes that can be chosen. In the reviews that have been published about the product, many were also happy with the fact that the installation of the product will not require you to sweat. It is something that can be achieved in a snap, especially given the comprehensive instructions that were given by the manufacturer. It also has smartphone monitoring capability that will make it possible to view the recordings in different places.

“I purchased this dvr security system for under $150 and it proved to be very easy to install, even for me and I’m not a very `techy` guy. I don’t actually know which security system is the best, but I definitely feel safer with this one.” – Justin G. Lamphear



Zmodo PKD-DK4216-500GB


This product is equipped with 500GB hard drive that will provide you with ample amount of recording space. The night vision capability of the cameras that are included in this unit is also a good thing, as expressed in the best DVR security systems reviews. This will make sure of the clarity of images, even when the area is poorly lit or at night. However, the images will be displayed in black and white, which is alright as long as you are assured that it is clear. In terms of installation, you will have another good reason to purchase this product as it is a snap to set.


“I searched for what are the best dvr security systems in 2022 and this Zmodo model impressed me the most. I didn’t have any trouble installing it and so far I didn’t have any issues. Now I see Zmodo as the manufacturer who makes the best security systems.” – Robert E. Chandler




ZOSI 8CH Recording Kit


3.ZOSI 8CH CCTV System Kit 960H

If you’d like to spend your pennies on something worth the while but don’t feel like you’re prepared to break the bank, perhaps you’d like to check out the specs of this ZOSI unit. It’s one of the most technologically advanced ones out there in spite of the fact that it costs less than two hundred and fifty dollars. The standard package, composed of eight cameras, has a myriad of attractive features, ranging from remote live viewing to advanced motion detection.



Unlike several other models we’ve showcased, this one supports both 3G and WiFi, thus allowing people to see what’s going on around their homes whenever they are connected to the internet.

The color CMOS sensor comes with 24 infrared LEDs that provide images at nighttime as well as during the day.

The package contains a hard drive of which the capacity is 1TB.

Whenever motion is detected by the system, the owner is alerted using an e-mail, which appears to be one of the most convenient details in this alternative considering that there have been buyers who reported that they’re perfectly satisfied with this characteristic.



The software might be a bit confusing for some people.

The instructions aren’t extremely good at explaining the installation process.




Best Radar Detector 2022



Radar Detectors – What to Look For:


A radar detector is a driver’s best friend. When you have a radar detector plugged in while you’re driving, you have a better chance of avoiding getting a ticket by the police who are nearby. With so many options available, it may be hard to know which product is the best radar detector for the money.

While we cannot tell you which product is the right one for you, we can tell you some important features that you may want to look for when you are choosing among the top ten radar detectors.


The Mounting Style

To be able to choose the best radar detector, you will want to take into consideration how you are going to use the device. If you have several vehicles that you use on a regular basis, instead of purchasing a detector for each vehicle, you may want to choose a cordless detector. The cordless unit will allow you to take the detector from one car to the next pretty easily. If you plan on leaving the device in one car, you can purchase a corded unit that is usually mounted to your windshield or dashboard. Just be aware that some areas prohibit the use of radar detectors, so you may want to stick to a wireless unit that you can tuck away under your dash.

Choose the Right Band

Speed detecting radars usually operate on three different bandwidths: X-Band, K-Band and Ka Band. Old radar detector models usually can only detect X-band frequencies. This is the oldest form of radar and shares frequencies with all types of other devices. If you have a detector that picks up X-bandwidths, you will want to make sure it has a filtration mechanism that can sort out signals and alert you to police signals.

Modern detectors can detect the K-band radar because it is so common. Be aware that this type of radar is also used by “instant on” systems which attempt to circumvent other radar detectors.

Ka-Band radars are usually only used by automated photo-enforcement systems, but you may want to find a detector that can read all three bandwidth frequencies just to cover all of your bases.


Important Features

There are many different bells and whistles that some radar detectors are made with. Some of them are quite useful such as audible warnings and alerts. These alerts can warn you of possible speed traps without you ever having to take your eyes off the road. Other features include a “city driving mode” which filters out false positives while you are driving through urban areas.

why to buy from amazon

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Bands Price Dimensions Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

Escort Passport 9500ix

X, K, Ka, and Ku $$$$ 2.9 x 5.4 x 1.4 inch 1 year A AMAZON

Valentine One

X, K, Ka, and Super Wideband Ka Detection $$$$ 6 x 2.5 x 4 inch No B+ AMAZON

Escort RedLine

Full X, K, SuperWide Ka $$$$ 5 x 3 x 1.2 inch 1 year B+ AMAZON

Escort Passport 8500X50

X, K, Ka $$$ 5.3 x 1.2 x 2.8 inch 1 year B AMAZON

Escort Solo S3

X, K, Ka $$$ 5.2 x 2.9 x 1.2 inch 1 year B AMAZON


If you tend to have a lead foot while you are driving, it would be wise to think about purchasing a radar detector. They will be able to save you a lot of money in the long run by alerting you to speed traps and police in the vicinity. No one likes driving down the road and seeing the bright flash of the police pull up behind them!


How to select the best radar detector – Expert buying guide


13A radar detector can be an essential gift to get someone for Christmas who has a lead foot. You may not be aware that there are different detectors and they each have a little something special to offer. We have created this guide to help you figure out which radar detector is the best on the market and help you understand which features to look for.

There are three types of radar detectors available, corded detector, cordless detector, and a remote-mount detector. If your area has made mounting any kind of device to your windshield illegal, you may have to deal with a cordless or remote mounted detector. Corded detectors are usually mounted to your windshield with suction cups and they are known to give users the best results. Cordless detectors are useful if you have multiple cars, say a leisure vehicle and a work vehicle. These types of detectors allow you to move the device between vehicles without installation. Remote-mounted devices are permanently installed into your vehicle and can be hidden from view.

When you are looking for a new radar detector, you want to understand that they work off a frequency bandwidth. Speed detectors operate off X-bands, K-Bands, and Ka-Bands. The oldest type of speed-detecting radars use X-bands, which are low frequencies with narrow bandwidth. If you purchase an X-band detector, make sure it includes a filtering mechanism that allows it to sort out unwanted devices like motion detectors and garage door openers, as these devices use X-bands too and will give you false alerts. K-Bands are predominately used by “instant on” systems that try to circumvent radar detectors. Ka-Band radars are generally used for photo-enforcement systems. We suggest that you choose a device that can read all three of these frequency bands for optimal protection.


Best Radar Detector for Trucks


Cobra XRS-9930 12 Band Radar/Laser Detector


Those who drive across country as their occupation may find that the vigilance of the police range from state to state. It can get pretty tricky sometimes crossing over state lines and the Cobra XRS-9930 Band Radar is considered to be one of the best radar detectors for trucks. This radar detector can detect six different signals, including the Ku wavelength that is primarily used in Europe. The detector is invisible to VG-2 and Spectre detectors, even though it can detect other VG-2 or Spectres that may be in your area.

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Other than radar bands and the type of mount that you can choose for your detector, you can choose some nice features. These features include digital voice alerts that will tell you what your radar has picked up. This helpful feature can be found in affordable radar detectors and is definitely useful because you never have to take your eyes off the road. Some detectors give you extra protection such as VG-2, Specter, and “Instant On” protection. VG-2 and Specter are shielding technologies that let you know when police are using detectors to detect your radar detectors! This is quite useful because some places it is illegal to have radar detectors and the devices that have Stealth protection or Invisible protection will help prevent the police from detecting your devices.


Best Radar Detector for iPhone


Cobra iRadar iRAD-100 Radar Detector for iPhone and iPod Touch


The Cobra iRadar detection system warns you of any radar and laser guns in your area. The 360-degree detection system operates in conjunction with the free mobile app that is available on iTunes. The app will alert you to speed and red-light cameras (speed traps) and intersections that have been considered dangerous. This information is brought to you, thanks to Cobra’s national AURA Camera and Driving Hazard Database. The device works on two modes: city and highway. These modes filter out false signals and when you are on highway mode, it will raise the sensitivity and send you immediate alerts.

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The most popular devices on the market are compatible with smart phones. The way these apps work is by giving you an alert when someone in your area picks up radar location near you. This is a nice feature to have if you live in a highly populated area as it can inform you of where the police are hiding, hoping to catch those who are going above the speed limit.

Whether you want a radar detector for yourself or for someone else, you can find Black Friday deals with these devices available at a decent price. What you spend now could save you hundreds in the future by avoiding those speeding tickets! Just keep these things in mind when shopping, and everything will be fine!


Best Radar Detector for Motorcycles


Adaptive Technologies TPX Radar and Laser Detector System 2.0


Due to the complete electronics overhaul, the TPX version 2.0 is now listed as one of the best radar detectors for motorcycles. The detector features fast-alert-reduction logic, additional band lockout modes, and an enhanced cable connection. You no longer have to try and finagle a regular automobile detector to work with your motorcycle. This detector fits perfectly on any motorcycle without complex wiring jobs. The water-resistant device can be used in the rain so no matter the weather, you will always be notified if there are any police hiding waiting to catch an unsuspecting speed-demon.

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Things to consider:

  • Is it illegal to have anything mounted to your windshield? If so, you may want a cordless or remote-mounted detector, rather than a corded one.
  • Always choose a device that can read all three band frequencies, X-Band, K-Band, and Ka-Band, for optimal protection.
  • What kind of features are important to you? Do you want your device to verbally tell you when a radar is in the area, or do you want notifications sent to your smartphone?


Top rated Radar Detectors reviews


Enjoy good long travels with the loved ones and avoid having your car pictured on the highway. Free of stress driving gets you to the destination fast and without you worrying about paying extra fees. The best radar detector 2022 is small and stable and has high frequency signals that alert you from a distance if radar is on the road, without giving you false alert that make you push the breaks every 5 minutes. These are the main features I came across while reading and comparing reviews about radars.



Escort Passport 9500ix Radar


Best Radar Detector 2022Occasional long distance drivers who like to spend their vacations by exploring the roads, will find this radar simple to use and to install and very reliable once they get the hand of it. Artificial Intelligence will not confuse senses over false alerts and it relies on a very extensive database that alerts the presence of speed cameras, speed traps and much more. Pleasant sound alert accompanied by intense graphing showing will help you take action before paying for the bill. For all its features and the good price, this is one of the best radar detectors 2022.



As the highest rated radar detector from Escort, the Passport 9500ix model efficiently detects all the current bands of speed police scanners and radars (X, K, Ka and Ku) thus making every drive fine-free

Intelligently uses GPS system in order to pinpoint the car location and analyse the upcoming red light or speed camera target zones

Features a bright blue LED display with adjustable levels of brightness which can be read in direct exposure to sunlight or night

Incorporates AutoLearn technology, an artificial system which scans for radar threats and specific frequencies in order to avoid giving out false alarms



The window mount could’ve been decorated with a bit more style but in matters of utility it keeps the radar detector in its place


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Valentine One Radar Detector


Stay tuned as this model comes with multiple radar antennas and offer reliable signals for slowing down in time. Designed to match any car and any style, this little radar will let you know when you are out of danger and will amaze all your friends. One of the best radar detectors 2016 has always been a first choice for long time drivers that have spend most of their working hours on the road. It got even better and now it fits into anyone’s car, regardless of how much of a professional driver is he or she.



For those wondering who makes the best radar detector, Valentine One model is without a trustworthy answer because thousands of drivers already use it with confidence

This high performing radar detector comes equipped with 2 radar antennas for more signal strength and scanning accuracy

Designed with advanced laser technology this radar can efficiently detects law enforcement bands (X, K, Ka and SUPER wideband) for a smoother drive cross-country

It offers 360 degree protection against all the current laser detectors issued by the police



Some installation is needed but the user guide offers proper guidance

The radar’s display shows only one LED for the detected band which can be bothersome for some people


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Escort RedLine Radar Detector


This radar detector keeps itself on the dark preventing radar detector detectors from seeing it. The dual antennae makes you slow down in time. The less technical ones will find it easy to install and move around the car. Surely the best radar detector 2022 gives you confidence of not being caught on the wrong foot while speeding or just using it. Enjoy your vacation and have fun on the road! Leave your worries in high traffic rush hours and ride along the high-way with this professional buddy on your side.



As the best rated product from Escort, the RedLine radar detector provides long range detection thus letting drivers know exactly how long they have until the first police scan

Including K, X, SuperWide Ka band detection this radar detector comes equipped with digital signal processing system which intelligently reduces the number of false alarms

Even though a cheap product in comparison with other models this device uses Beltronics TotalShield RF technology in order to remain undetectable

Features the exclusive Redline 280-LED alphanumeric display that has 5 levels of brightness, viewable from different angles



Benefits from only 1 year of manufacturer warranty

The mount needs adjusting along the way


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Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector


If radar isn’t on your wishing list but you’re ultra-cautious so you wouldn’t risk getting a fee, try an affordable radar detector for special use. Not to be fooled by its low price but to gaze at its 360 degrees laser detection. Fortunately, technology has become accessible to all users. Don’t let yourself defeat by its robust figure, simplicity is the key feature of this device. Once placed on your board you will get used to having it signalize you any possible threat.



The Black Friday deals on radar detector include a professional model from Escort, the Passport 8500×50 known among American drivers for its wide detection range and accuracy

With a sleek design this radar detector can easily detect X-band, K-band and Ka-band, the primary signals emitted by law enforcement speed scanners

Features digital signal processing and the exclusive Traffic sensor Rejection software which intelligently manages false alarms

Due to the sensitivity control modes (Highway, City and Auto) drivers will be able to enjoy calm drives with less worries to speeding tickets



Does not come with voice alerts which some people prefer


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Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector


Elegant, efficient and cordless: this model brings out the best in radar detectors. You can customize accordingly to your driving style and the low-noise sound will keep from getting to nervous. Functioning on batteries, it saves you a lot of energy. Auto program it efficiently and you will have a long lasting radar detector that memorizes your settings and keeps track of your driving. Enjoy the light and portable features of this small one, as you can literally have it anywhere.



Drivers will definitely appreciate this product for Christmas or anniversaries because of the sleek design, cordless profile and capacity to detect X, Ka, K and laser bands without problems

Powered by 2 “AA” batteries this radar detector uses advanced low-noise laser sensors which maintain a long coverage and safely pinpoints the location of police scanners

The Solo S3 radar detector features 9-user customizable features which permits drivers to set settings close to their driving style

It is fitted with a large and bright OLED display that renders information in a clear manner



Does not include the Escort SmartCord (this is an accessory sold separately)

It does not issue a final warning before the batteries are dead


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Best Motion Sensor Light Reviews



Expert buying advice on motion sensor lights:


The best motion sensor light reviews get their share of readership since most people want a convenient way of obtaining nighttime illumination without having to use a light switch. With the type of technology that the highest rated motion sensor light uses, one can have illumination when and where it’s needed. Such a product improves the security and safety of your home, workplace and property. Imagine walking through a dark area of your yard, garage or sidewalk and not having the security of a motion sensor light that immediately lights up to show you the way. Purchasing such a device needs careful consideration, too, as any other investment you make.


Purpose and Style

Whether it’s just safety or security, the best motion sensor light for the money should be able to provide the kind of functionality you need. The most reliable products in the market are engineered to deter criminals from victimizing property owners. Thesesecurity devices can protect the home. Although they tend to be pricier than others, these types carry more sophisticated elements than ordinary products. Safety-oriented products are designed to simply light up unlit areas including attics or basements to prevent household members from tripping or falling in the dark. They are less expensive than their security-based counterparts and are less sophisticated, too.

You can have a decorative style of motion sensor light, as well as a flood type or remote type. The third style employs a remote PIR sensor through which all lights can be switched on simultaneously. This eliminates waiting for individual lights in the circuit to be switched on when the user moves into the path of each sensor.


Motion Sensor Type

Active motion sensors in the best rated products detect movement by sending out energy signals. The form of energy may be in ultra-high frequency sound waves, infrared light or microwaves. The sent signals bounce off solid objects including walls, which then get returned to the sensor. The motion sensor quantifies the length of time it takes to transmit and receive back a signal. When the signal bounces off and goes back at a more rapid rate, this signals the motion sensor light to switch on.

Passive motion sensors in the top ten products do not function in the same manner as active motion sensors. Instead, they just work halfway by receiving signals. They scan for heat sources, so objects that give off heat make the motion sensor light switch on. This type of product is designed to fine-tune its reception capability by detecting a certain level of body heat that is characteristic to the human body. Thus, false alarms are prevented so animals or fluctuations in ambient heat do not cause annoying activations.

Dual-technology motion sensors combine both technologies to do their work. However, when one of the sensors gets tricked into not receiving a signal, it can be a security risk.


Range and Brightness

What is the best motion sensor light available? That depends on the range and brightness. As with any motion detector device, the higher the range, the better the product is. This is one element you can never have too much of. Adjustable ranges are ideal since these enable you to customize according to your specific needs.

When security is a top concern, get a product that offers at least 300 watts of illumination. If it’s only meant for safety, lower wattage ratings should be enough.


Things to consider:

  • Your exact requirements
  • The appropriate type of motion sensor in the unit
  • The perfect range and brightness that you require


Top rated Motion Sensor Lights in 2022


It can be daunting to have to select the best motion sensor light in 2022 from the available choices on the market. It is always best to ask questions, find the most reputable seller available, and examine your options before finally making a purchase. Take into consideration your particular needs and the environment in which the unit will be employed.


Mr. Beams MB723 Motion-Sensing LED-Nightlight


Best Motion Sensor Light ReviewsThis set of 3 motion-sensing LED nightlights is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. The small but bright lights employ a sophisticated motion sensor combined with a light sensor, a configuration that allows light to turn on only when darkness sets inand only when motion is detected. The motion sensor is designed to automatically scan up to 15 feet. It automatically switches off when no motion is sensed or after 30 seconds. The lights are outfitted with bright LED bulbs that last up to 50,000 hours. They are engineered to stay off during the day.

Some people consider this product excellent while others are not so excited about it. Click here to find out why!


Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight


Numerous best motion sensor light reviews have cited how the Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight uses minimum power to operate. It is composed of extremely bright LEDsof 140 Lumens. Its motion sensor turns the LED spotlight on and off automatically. The unit features a weatherproof design for durability. The MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight needs simple wireless installation, taking just minutes to put up completely. It provides 350 square feet of coverage, giving you security in all kinds of weather. The product is battery operated or uses Photocell technology, which means you wouldn’t have to worry about it adding up to your utility bills.

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Heath Zenith SL-5411-GR-C Motion-Sensing Twin-Flood/Security Light


Offering up to 70-Feet detection range, the Heath Zenith SL-5411-GR-C Motion-Sensing Twin-Flood Security Light offers you a customized way to keep your property adequately protected. It has a selectable light timer, which allows you to go on a short test mode, or have the light on for one minute, five minutes or as long as 20 minutes. The unit uses two 120-Watt PAR38 flood bulbs that can be bought separately. The two-year warranty ensures top quality and reliable craftsmanship. The security light has Energy Star certification and meets California’s Title-24 energy efficiency standards for residential and commercial buildings.

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First Alert PIR725 Motion-Sensing Light Socket


Intended for indoor use, the First Alert PIR725 Motion Sensing Light Socket enables you to maximize hands-free operation, as it automatically turns the light on when it senses entry into the room. It automatically switches off after the room occupant has exited. It requires simple installation via an existing indoor light socket. You just need to screw the bulb into the fixture. The device is able to sense movement in all directions at a broad 360-degree radius, making it the best motion sensor light in 2022. It works with incandescent bulbs up to 100 watts and with CFL bulbs up to 50 watts.

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Adamax Wireless Motion Sensor Light


Get instant motion-activated light to ensure safety and security of the home, office or property, whether indoors or outdoors. With the Adamax Wireless Motion Sensor Light, the sudden activation can take unwanted visitors by surprise. It also provides safe entry and ample room lighting for guests and family. The infrared technology that it employs detects both heat and movement to effectively prevent false activation. The motion sensor light has daylight-off function, ensuring optimal nighttime illumination. It is compact and lightweight and installs easily almost in any location. The 10 LEDs are extra bright and cast pure white light for easy visibility.

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