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Most Hobart Airforce 500i reviews praise the product to high heavens but some wish the cord for the torch to be just a bit longer (the length is still considered decent enough by those users).

The machine does not come with a hard plastic carrying case for even easier transportability and storage.


Customer report –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • Built with a multi-voltage plug, the AirForce 500i allows you to connect to common 120-volt or 230-volt power receptacles. This plasma cutter is able to cut more precisely and at a faster pace than cutting with oxy fuel. Running with a lot of power, the machine’s fan doesn’t sound like the unit is about to explode, unlike other machines. The unit is a pilot arc type of machine that uses a two-cycle method of producing plasma, thereby avoiding initial contact.

  • Cutting metal like butter, the Hobart AirForce 500i runs smoothly and cuts without effort. The manufacturer claims it cuts up to 5/8-inch thick. However, many users have proven that the AirForce 500i can go through even thicker metal with multiple passes. 5/8-inch is just declared as a benchmark thickness at which the unit can work comfortably. The torch tips are of good quality and will not easily wear out with normal use. The heat-affected zone causes less warping thanks to its smaller radius.


  • Performance in a portable package, that’s what the AirForce 500i excels at. This best plasma cutter from Hobart has a handle on top that facilitates moving around. The strap on the back enables you to keep the hoses in place when moving the machine. The AirForce 500i  measures 14.25 inches (L) x 8.25 inches (W) x 11.25 inches (H), allowing you to bring it to and from your worksite easily.


  • The AirForce 500i comes with the necessary plasma cutter accessories. It has a torch hose covered in protective sleeve to keep it safe from falling metal and sparks. The torch comes with a great grip. The button is big enough to press even when the user is wearing welding gloves. The ground cord has decent length. The clamp has a robust grip to securely attach to the metal easily.


  • The AirForce 500i is inverter-based, which provides extra portability and ease of use. It produces a high-frequency for switching  so its housing is much smaller than other brands. This makes it ideal for mobile services. The user does not have to worry about flame tuning, gas pressure settings, gas cylinders or refills and metal preheating when using the unit.


If it’s quality and reliability you need, look no further than the Hobart AirForce 500i, the best plasma cutter for the money. With a cutting thickness of 5/8 inch, the inverter-based machine offers cutting ability that goes beyond its specifications. The AirForce 500i is a portable device preferred by mobile cutting service providers.


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