What is the best dog food from Hill’s



Promotes healthy immune function

Offers 100% precisely balanced nutrition

Developed by scientific experts in pet nutrition

Contains natural ingredients

Easy to digest formula



One buyer submitted their thoughts on this product via Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food reviews, saying it could encourage overeating in your pet.

The product contains corn, which some dogs may be allergic to.


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 Customer rating –> A+


Benefits Explained

  • This best dog food from Hill’s is loaded with vitamins and minerals that boost your pet’s immune system. This means your pet gets sufficient protection against common diseases as it grows even bigger and heavier. Visits to the vet can get reduced since your dog remains strong and healthy through various stages of its life. That also means more savings for you.

  • This dog food provides the essential nutrients in the right amounts to keep your dog active, strong and healthy. Employing balanced nutrition in its formulation, Hill’s Science Diet for Large Breeds ensures a precise balance of 50 nutrients in optimal amounts and proportions, ideal for the life stage, size, lifestyle and special care needs of your beloved pet. With this dog food, your pet gets lean muscle and reaches its ideal body weight effortlessly. Your pet also gets enhanced mobility and joint support.


  • Developed by pet nutrition experts, Hill’s Science Diet was formulated under the strict supervision and guidance of more than 150 veterinarians and pet nutritionists. Since 1939, the company has been making every bag of their dry pet food using only premium quality ingredients.


  • Every ingredient has been ensured to meet strict scientific requirements for nutrient content and purity, easily surpassing set standards for such products. At Hill’s, the objective remains unchanged: to provide the right kind of nutrition that can promote a dog’s health, quality of life and energy levels. Every bag contains superior quality ingredients such as whole grains and chicken, and is infused with optimal amounts of multivitamins and minerals including L-Carnitine and natural source of Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate to keep the body and joints amply protected.


  • Thanks to its easy to digest formulation, Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food for Large Breeds promotes gentle healthy digestion. This ensures protection from diarrhea, helping your pet pass consistent stools.


Hill’s Science Diet is the best dog food your large-breed pet can enjoy. Thanks to its scientifically-developed formula, Hill’s Science Diet will keep your large dog active, alert and happy. It uses real chicken and incorporates plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your pet healthy and strong.


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