3.1 Hercules DJ Control Instinct USB DJ ControllerBenefits

Numerous Hercules DJ Control Instinct reviews praise the high quality of the product at the time of its delivery.

According to the same customers, it’s among the most inexpensive products from its class.

It’s made out of solid materials.

The item is easy to use and play music.

The software is free and comes with the product.



Windows sometimes experiences issues with recognizing the device.

A single customer complained about the delivery and about the fact that they received a broken CD along with the product.

Advanced users claim the item mostly fits the necessities of a beginner.


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Benefits explained

It appears that this product is the best DJ MIDI controller from Hercules DJ, because it offers beginners and people who want to practice their DJing at home a pleasurable and satisfactory experience, thanks to its DJ Control Surface and its unique interface.


The price of the item is one of the highly praised features it comes with. It can be bought for a little more than $100, which makes it a wonderful alternative for expensive controllers, particularly for people who have only begun their DJing adventure. It might seem suspiciously cheap, but it comes with an impressive number of characteristics, such as multiple deck controls and built-in audio outputs.

3.2 Hercules DJ Control Instinct USB DJ Controller

Most buyers of this best DJ MIDI controller have declared themselves fully satisfied with the sturdiness of the product. Although it comes with a great design and overall superb finishes, it certainly isn’t frail. We all know that DJs sometimes use a little more pressure, particularly if they’re at a gig, but this controller won’t get hurt.


Another reviewer claims they have bought the product to use it indoor, because they practice the art of DJing simply as a hobby. According to this customer, beginners can have their cake and eat it with this best DJ controller, because it’s a wonderful product to start your career and/or hobby. Moreover, it comes with a booklet of quick instructions which assist even the greatest rookie with learning the works of playing and with handling the item’s 4-channel playback.


Lastly, a noteworthy detail to getting this controller is the fact that it is delivered with DJUCED Mixing Software, and therefore buyers don’t need to make another purchase in order to eventually use the product. Unfortunately, it’s the case of other controllers on the current market. This might be an explanation why over the years this Hercules item became gradually popular.



The Hercules Instinct takes the hassle out of DJing. Thanks to a user-friendly design, it can teach the basics of sound control in a matter of hours. Sounds can also be personalized via loops, samplers and a multitude of effects. Most people who’ve bought the Instinct have also looked into some DJ MIDI controller accessories, such as DJ speakers, DJ headphones or even DJ stands.


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