What is the best washer with agitator from Haier



Capacity and Performance

Saves time and money

Compact form

Electronic controls




At least two Haier HLP21N reviews mention the water supply hose coming loose, and overfill or balance issues, both requiring watchful monitoring while doing the laundry.

The bottom panel or plate has to be screwed on with the concave area fixed outwards to avoid washer components from hitting the plate and producing loud sounds.


Customer rating —> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The stainless steel wash basket of the Haier HLP21N provides a capacity of 1.0 cubic foot. It can handle up to ten large pieces of men’s t-shirts per load. The quiet way in which the machine runs is a surprising complement to its outstanding cleaning performance. It’s been ranked first in Laundry Appliances Brands for 2011 by Euromonitor International. This product may prove to be the best washing machine with agitator from Haier despite its sleek profile.


  • With this washer, you no longer have to pay the Laundromat or the common apartment laundry machine fee to do your washing. You now have a compact laundry solution that enables you to do your clothes washing in the convenience of your home. You save time on Laundromat trips plus money for machine operations. More importantly, you don’t have to lug bags of laundry to the common basement of your apartment or condo or to the neighborhood wash.


  • When you absolutely have no room to go full size, the Haier HLP21N makes a great alternative. The unit is perfect for small apartments and modest homes where space and utility are not exactly made for convenient laundry completion. The washer is lightweight, with convenient lift handles and heavy-duty casters. It is easy to set up and can be moved to a different location in the home when needed.


  • Electronic controls let you select wash settings to customize laundry performance easily. Get precise control and confidence as you do the laundry, thanks to water level selections from low to medium to high. Control wash cycle according to the type of material you actually put in, whether Heavy or Quick Wash. See the wash cycle status whether it is Spin, Normal, Wash or Rinse, via LED indicators. You can even Pause the cycle when needed.


  • Thanks to the Quick Connect Sink Adapter, you can install the machine quickly and easily. Connect and disconnect easily using that element. The washer has optional heavy-duty rolling casters that enable you to move it from one location to another and that make storage easy. Status LEDs let you see what stage the machine is in while doing the laundry. The clear plastic lid gives you a view of the laundry in the wash tub. The fill and drain hoses complete this washing machine with agitator accessories.


The portable Haier HLP21N makes a great choice when you want the best washing machine with agitator that you can place in a small apartment or home. It requires no complicated set-up, has convenient electronic controls, a stainless steel wash tub, the necessary accessories for quick connection, and goes into any compact space for storage.


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