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Two or three Haier HLP21N Pulsator reviews talk about having to buy a lint filter for the washer, as it is not included in the package. This is not a huge issue considering the performance of the machine.

The spin cycle tends to be a bit loud, according to some users. This normally happens when the load is unbalanced.


Customer rating -> B


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  • Get the perfect combination every time thanks to the three water levels and three speed cycles of this best washing machine from Haier.  Use it to wash delicates as well as jeans, beddings and more. With its push-button controls, the machine can be programmed to the desired settings and then left to do its cleaning job. The washer foregoes the traditional agitator that twists and pulls clothes while running, causing garments to become deformed easily. Instead, the top-loading washer employs a pulsator to create a powerful means of moving detergent and water through the cloth fibers to push dirt and soil out.

  • Don’t be fooled by the scant 1.0-cubic-foot capacity. This top-load washer can wash up to 6 pounds of clothes in one cycle. The machine is ideal for use by apartment dwellers and mobile home owners. Its quiet but efficient cleaning ensures great washing results every time. It can be easily rolled away for storage. The Haier HLP21N makes a versatile and charming addition to the modern home.


  • The contemporary stainless steel tub is complemented by innovative push button controls that enable easy and convenient programming of the washing machine. Set the machine to handle delicates, baby clothes, diapers, even a smaller load. LED indicators let you know how the laundry is doing. This washer runs quietly with balanced loads, providing exceptional savings on your utility bills.


  • With performance and quality that easily matches those of pricier, full-size machines, the Haier HLP21N gets the washing done efficiently without costing you an arm and a leg. When you want a fuss-free way to do the laundry, the washer offers a strong and durable body to handle heavy and bulky items with the efficiency of a regular-size appliance. The adjustable leveling leg lets you achieve balanced positioning of the unit. Smooth-rolling casters let you store the machine away after use.


  • Aside from cycle lights and the end-of-cycle signal, the Haier HLP21N comes with easy install kit and quick-connect sink adapter. The machine is ready to operate right out of the box. It has intuitive controls that users can easily figure out by themselves. The machine requires no batteries and additional installation procedures to operate efficiently.


When you want value for money in getting the best washing machine, the Haier HLP21N is your perfect option. Built for the modern home, the washer can be set-up in cramped apartments and living spaces, even mobile dwellings. It offers three wash cycles and three water levels for easy customization of wash cycles. Get your clothes cleaned as efficiently as from a full-size washer, with the push button controls and unquestionable washing performance of the Haier HLP21N.


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