How to find the best steam mop from Haan


3.2 HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level SteamerBenefits

Cleans all types of floors

Offers maneuverability

Comes with highly useful steam mop accessories

Features variable steam settings

Uses Advanced Steam Delivery Technology



One of the Haan SI-60 reviews expresses the user’s wish for the machine to create more visible steam.

The steam mop needs a bit more time to handle really tough stains.

The tank should be detached from the steam mop between uses to prevent development of a musty odor on the machine.


Customer rating –> B+


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>> Employing revolutionary steam cleaning technology, this best steam mop offers  reliable disinfecting power for virtually any mess or surface. Clean all types of stains and various flooring materials without worries. Do light dusting and handle delicate floors with ease, even boost up cleaning power for hard surfaces and deeply embedded stains.

3.1 HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer

>>The swiveling head lets you enjoy great maneuverability. You can clean under furniture, go around the legs of chairs and tables and not do any heavy lifting or moving just to get access. The extra long power cord lets you go around the room to clean various nooks and crannies without having to change AC outlets. The telescopic handle lets you assume a comfortable position while cleaning.

>>Aside from the easy-fill removable water tank, you also get a carpet glide attachment that allows you to refresh and sanitize soft surfaces. The onboard machine-powered steam pump provides constant steam emission, eliminating the need to do manual pumping. The newly-incorporated Micom circuit heaters produce heat in as little as 20 seconds. The 15 steam jets disperse 212° steam over a broad cleaning path. The thick four-layered Ultra-microfiber pads provide streak-free, fast-drying cleanliness.

>>Use the Low steam setting to handle easy and quick clean-ups, with maximum steam output for delicate hardwood surfaces. Utilize the High steam setting for tougher stains and spills, with higher steam output for tiles. Or simply use the carpet tray to refresh, sanitize and deodorize mattresses, area rugs, carpet, pet beds,  upholstered furniture, etc.

>>Thanks to Smart Steam Technology, this HAAN steam mop  offers superior cleaning performance. Employing its machine powered pump, steam jets and special cleaning pads, the machine can kill nearly 100% of household bacteria and germs.



Offering Smart Steam technology that is adjustable, you get the best steam mop from Haan SI-60 with the HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer. It creates steam in just 20 seconds and comes with a variety of usable accessories that you can use to tackle various surfaces and areas in the home. The machine uses no harsh chemicals and detergents, leaving no toxic residues.


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