Top rated GPSs reviews


GPS devices are now affordable and available in many different sizes. They incorporate many features and address different needs which makes it very hard to decide which the perfect device to invest in is. There are also a lot of different manufacturers which provide their own maps and software. We’ve browsed through dozens of the best GPS reviews of 2019 and we’ve read pages filled with user feedback in order to put together a list of suggestions. Our recommendations should address various needs and soothe even the most demanding of customers.


Garmin Dezl 760LMT Bluetooth Trucking GPS


GPS reviews 2019Garmin make some of the most efficient and reliable GPS devices in the world. The Dezl 760LMT is no exception considering the many features it incorporates. It comes with a large 7 inch display which is as big as a small tablet’s screen. It offers a high resolution of 800×480 pixels which is more than enough to allow you effortless navigation through the device’s touchscreen feature.  It is customizable and mostly destined for truck drivers who need to know a lot of information regarding the road up ahead. This GPS which is considered by most as the best GPS 2019, has the ability to keep you posted regarding weight limitations, height limitations and much more.

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Garmin nüvi 3597LMTHD Portable Bluetooth Vehicle GPS


Characterized as one of the most reliable devices of its kind, this gadget will provide you with detailed information regarding what is up ahead. The 5 inch display which uses pinch and zoom technology, performs beautifully. It is responsive and very bright so as to offer precise information regarding ongoing traffic. It is delivered with lifetime access to HD digital traffic and it can be linked to smartphones which use both Android and iOS. Smartphone compatibility will allow your GPS to share information gathered after a certain distance you’ve covered. It will provide accurate 3D building and terrain renditions and it will recognize important landmarks in the US.

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TomTom RIDER Motorcycle GPS Navigator


We’ve decided to pick one device which is built with a particular purpose in mind. The Rider by TomTom is destined entirely for bike riders. It comes with a 4.3 inch display which can be used even while your gloves are on. The basic package includes lifetime access to map updates which in some cases cost a lot of money you don’t actually need to spend. It has a weather proof exterior which means it can also be used in the rain or snow. It also comes with special mode which allows bikers to go down more exciting roads.

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Rand McNally TND 720 LM IntelliRoute Truck GPS


If you spend most of your time driving around between cities or between states or even countries, this is the device to buy. Considered by most GPS reviews in 2019 as one of the best gadgets on the market, the TND 720 is destined for truckers. It comes with the enhanced truck routing feature which will lower the time spent on the road. It will find for you all the most popular or trucker-friendly locations which are up ahead. It keeps track of your fuel and it can help improve consumption. It comes with a 7 inch color display and has a battery life of 1 hour.

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TomTom VIA 1605TM GPS Navigator


This is an affordable alternative for those who want a decent GPS to use around the city. It is perfect for cab drivers and it is also great for people who love going on trips every once in a while. The 6 inch touchscreen is large enough to allow you to see all details properly. You will not miss an exit while relying on this device’s assistance. It comes with advanced lane guidance which will highlight the proper path you need to follow. It comes with included maps of North America and Mexico. Because of the great value for money this device provides, some say it is the best GPS 2019.

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