What is the best washer and dryer from GE



US-made machine

Impressive selections on cycles

9 wash cycles and 4 dry cycles

User-friendly controls



The Vertical configuration of the machine means there may be fewer people considering buying it. This may be a better alternative to stackable washer and dryer combos but the design may not be what people want. This is most likely why there are few, if any, GE Spacemaker GTUP240EMWW reviews available..

The dryer on top may make it difficult to reach deep into the washer tub to extract clothes. Putting wet clothes into the washer may get the floor wet, making it a messy, inconvenient  job.


Customer rating -> C+


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Benefits Explained

  • This machine comes from one of the most trusted names in home appliances in the United States. The US-made machine is built with superior quality control and under the strictest standards for such a product category. The machine is a solidly built appliance that deserves more attention in this industry thanks to its revolutionary design, up-to-date technology and innovative look. The GE Spacemaker GTUP240EMWW is sure to possess exceptional quality that simplifies your way of life.


  • The practical design of the Spacemaker is not all that’s going for it. Even without benefit of plenty of washer and dryer accessories, it offers three spin speed and wash combinations, ensuring a perfect match for specific fabric types. The machine offers auto-load sensing with five water levels. This means the washer is capable of automatically measuring load size and adding just the right amount of water for washing. The machine has four-way exhaust options and they are: Left, Right, Rear and Bottom. This feature allows you to decide where to vent the machine.


  • This may be one of the, if not the only, best washer and dryer from GE due to its five wash/rinse temperatures that give you better control over how your clothes get cleaned and cared for. The nine wash cycles let you discover preprogrammed settings for convenient cleaning of everyday clothes. The four drying cycles include: Timed dry, Cottons, Easy Care and Delicates. This allows customized drying to suit fabric type, as with the wash cycles.


  • The Rotary electronic controls help you with simplified cycle selection. Accurate cycle times are ensured with the cycle status lights so you’ll easily know if the machine is performing as it should. Thanks to the bleach and fabric softener dispensers, washing and rinsing solutions are automatically mixed with wash water, ensuring consistently bright and soft-to-the-touch results. Rotary- electromechanical controls on the dryer also work to enable effortless and quick cycle selection.


With a state-of-the-art modern design and revolutionary technology, the GTUP240EMWW should eventually become the best washer and dryer when people tire of the conventional. Its special design is unlike any other in the market. Its large selection of washing and drying cycles simplifies laundry chores. With a few extras like Auto-load Sensing and Bleach and Fabric Softener dispensers, this machine deserves praise.


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