Most popular wall oven from Frigidaire


1.1 Frigidaire Professional 27 Microwave-Wall Oven ComboBenefits

Offers My Favorite setting

Cuts down on cooking time

Features One-Touch controls

Good-quality materials and reliable Frigidaire craftsmanship

Large microwave and oven capacity



What contributes to the absence of good Frigidaire FPMC2785KF reviews and reviews of other brands in the same product category is the price.

The large dimensions of the combo product require complete remodeling of an entire kitchen wall to accommodate the unit.


Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

<> Built with the unique My Favorite setting, the Frigidaire Professional 27″ Microwave/Wall Oven Combo allows you to program oven settings according to those you use the most, all with a simple touch of a button. The revolutionary PowerPlus convection oven also lets you easily cook your dishes to perfection. The oven also offers easy reheat option.

1.2 Frigidaire Professional 27 Microwave-Wall Oven Combo

<> This innovative combo product helps you cut down on cooking time by giving you access to two cooking appliances. The one-touch keep-warm setting allows you to keep food warm till every dish has been made ready for serving. The innovative SpaceWise half rack enables you to cook more dishes. It is also removable so you can put in tall dishes. The controls are made easy to use so you can operate the unit effortlessly.

<> This is truly the best wall oven from Frigidaire due to its built-in unit design. It has  Pro-Select controls that provide more control and settings for any dish you put in. More than ten auto options empower you to customize the cooking experience for great-tasting food. Five sensor cook options let you prepare food the way you like it.

<> From the legendary manufacturer of innovative kitchen and home comfort appliances comes this stainless steel best wall oven combo unit that will make any modern kitchen look fantastic. The unit is easy to clean and is resistant to smudges. You can easily clean off finger prints from its finish. The unit is also resistant to chipping and corrosion, ensuring durability.

<> You can prepare an entire feast with the huge 2.0-cubic-foot capacity of the microwave, 3.5 cubic-foot oven capacity and 16-inch microwave turntable diameter.



Thanks to the SpaceWise half rack, Auto shut-off, One-touch controls, PowerPlus and rapid oven clean plus one-touch oven self- clean, the Frigidaire Professional 27″ Microwave/Wall Oven Combo has all the necessary wall oven accessories to make professional cooking a beautiful experience. The Microwave offers 1450 watts of power and the oven offers 300 watts of cooking power. This allows you to work on a variety of dishes.


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