2.1 Frigidaire FFET3025LS 30 Electric Double Wall OvenBenefits

Large capacity electric double wall oven

Designed for convenient use

With Ready-Select controls

Attractive looks perfect for the modern kitchen

Bake and broil system for two ovens



One of the Frigidaire FFET3025LS reviews voices a minor complaint on the settings for the clock and temperature being a bit different.

The unit does not come with too many wall oven accessories but the user who noted this acknowledges that the product is not a sports car after all.


Customer rating –> A


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Benefits Explained

—With its two large capacity ovens, the  Frigidaire FFET3025LS 30″ Electric Double Wall Oven offers users more room to cook a lot at once. The two 4.2-cubic-foot ovens both offer two-handle rack configuration and four positions for easy placing of food items inside their enormous interiors. This means you can place various sizes of food items inside the ovens, which helps you prepare whole feasts without having to bear the heat for too long as more food gets cooked. The two oven windows are also made large to allow you to easily view what’s inside.

2.2 Frigidaire FFET3025LS 30 Electric Double Wall Oven

—-Designed for convenient use, the Frigidaire FFET3025LS 30″ Electric Double Wall Oven is the best wall oven from Frigidaire. The oven racks have enough space so you can easily pull them out even when wearing an oven mitt. The ovens clean themselves so you don’t have to. The self-clean options are available in 2, 3, and 4-hour cycles. The oven light makes viewing of the inside effortless. Clear buttons are also available for the two ovens.


—The electric double wall ovens have ready-select controls that let you easily choose options or control cooking temperature. A timer also ensures delicious results every time. Both ovens have a clock, lockout feature, keep warm for hassle-free cooking, and up/down keypad for convenient setting. The integrated pre-heat function and start button enable hassle-free commencing of cooking.


—Provided with a plastic black control panel finish with stainless steel overlay, the Frigidaire FFET3025LS makes a great addition to your modern kitchen. The handle and door finishes are stainless steel, ensuring resistance to rust and chipping.


—Both ovens offer 6 pass baking at 2750 watts and 6 pass broiling at 3400 watts. The broiling systems are variable at 400°F to 550°F, giving you more options on cooking temperatures.



The best wall oven doesn’t have to come with a lot of bells and whistles. The Frigidaire FFET3025LS 30″ Electric Double Wall Oven does its job efficiently without compromising on quality. It is a great addition to the modern kitchen with its convenient cooking features, cooking control options and handsome stainless steel finish.


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