What is the best wireless outdoor security camera from Foscam



User-friendly graphical user interface (GUI)

Remote viewing

Outdoor installation

Motion detection alert

WiFi compliant



According to some Foscam FI8905W reviews, the product does not offer auto-gain or automatic adjustment exposure. A slight change in outside light levels could result in either overexposed or underexposed camera image. This can be fixed by switching modes or doing manual adjustment .

The camera employs old standards of email notification, requiring the user to create a new email at gmx.com to get the alerts working.


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Benefits Explained


This best wireless outdoor security camera from Foscam runs with wired power via ethernet, which runs well once set up properly. The software built into the camera is exceptional, doing everything it’s been designed to do except record video stream. The camera takes delay snapshots so you can be alerted of security events in the area being surveyed.

With remote viewing, you can record from anywhere anytime. Then you can watch what the camera has recorded to let you review footages and clips that you want to see. This is especially useful when there’s a need for comprehensive surveillance of your home, property or business, which you can document in video.


The camera is designed with a waterproof build to enable outdoor installation. It offers Auto-IR LED illumination for reliable night vision up to 30 meters to ensure ample capture of images even when lighting is poor. With the right settings, this camera can be an effective first line of defense for home- and small business owners.


This is the best wireless outdoor security camera thanks to its exceptional motion detection capability, which also alerts you via email or uploads image to File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The user is accorded access management and is given sufficient password protection for highly-sensitive surveillance and security purposes. You can use the product to watch the home, your small business or your property to ensure safety for all.


The camera supports all standard browsers so you can remotely view captured images by employing Smartphone software. It is also WiFi compliant and supports wireless standards of IEEE 802.11 b and g. The camera is usable with WEP plus WPA WPA2 encryption to deliver timely surveillance videos on demand.



Perfect for outdoor installation, the Foscam FI8905W has a waterproof shell, offers good night vision and reliable built-in software. With proper configration, the Foscam camera should work well to enable security monitoring and ensure the user of some level of protection against forced entry, sudden events, and emergencies.It also comes with the necessary wireless outdoor security camera accessories for exceptional video surveillance results.


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