Select the Best Drywall Sander from Festool



This device comes with the needed drywall sander accessories to get you started on your next project.

Size adjustments can be carried out thanks to the modular design of this work tool.

Get increased dust removal with the efficient dust extraction system of the Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander.

This piece of equipment offers a sturdy design that ensures years of quality and reliable service.

The Variable suction allows the drywall sander to virtually support its own weight, providing ease of use by reducing fatigue.



One of the Festool Planex 571579 reviews expresses the buyer’s wish that the tool came with an extra extension arm, but for majority of users, the reach of 8 to 9 feet high is good enough.

Some buyers may find the price a little steep but most of them say the machine is worth what you pay for it.

People who can’t keep the device aligned perfectly flat may end up carving swirl marks onto the work surface.


Customer rating –>  A+


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Benefits Explained

  • When you receive this best drywall sander from Festool, you get all the necessary items you might need to get started. The machine ships with longer-lasting yet less expensive sanding abrasives that minimize operating costs along with total cost of ownership. It comes with the MAXI Systainer, which delivers revolutionary worktable functionality in a greatly portable form while providing storage for key tools and parts. You get a versatile surface for a range of jobsite clamping needs. The extension pole lets you work on high surfaces without needing a stepladder.


  • The modular design allows you to collapse the machine so you can work easily in hallways to entire rooms and to high ceilings and walls. This two-length machine reduces in size quickly and easily in just seconds!


  • This best drywall sander has built-in dust extraction system that enables easy removal of dust to keep your work environment clean and mess-free.


  • The robust quality of its build makes the Festool Planex a worthy investment. The machine revolutionizes the way you do labor-intensive sanding of drywall and plaster. This virtually dust-free tool carries German quality build and components to ensure years of dependable service backed by a reliable three-year warranty.


  • The suction power can be modified according to the perceived weight of the machine, which ensures hassle-free and comfortable use.



With two-speed gears for efficient, rapid removal of material on ceilings and walls, the Festool Planex is a wonderful drywall sanding solution that will take the difficulty out of a physically laborious task. Optimize its great ergonomics and reliable build quality for your next sanding job!

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