The Best Tips for Installing Ceiling Speakers



Ceiling speakers are a great idea for those who want to setup a really great looking audio system that will also sport high quality sound. Of course, the quality of the speakers purchased is very important in this regard, but how you choose to install them is equally important. Here are some tips on how to install ceiling speakers so you get the best sound with minimum effort and zero headaches.


Ceiling Speakers


Safety comes first

This is the first tip and it is the most important. Installing your speakers in the ceiling or walls needs to take certain things into consideration, such as, for instance, the fire codes in your building. You will need to make sure that you do not stumble upon any electric wires when you install the speakers.

Other safety information is related to how you choose to work when doing this operation. For instance, if you use a ladder, make sure that the ladder is very stable and it is placed in an area where it is comfortable for you to easily reach the area on the ceiling you are working on. Make sure to always have a hand on the ladder and do not carry heavy objects while climbing the ladder.

Make sure you turn off the electrical power while you are drilling holes for the ceiling speakers. Since there could be electrical wires in the wall, you should use an exploratory wire wrapped in electrical tape, so you can avoid any accidents.

In case you plan to install your ceiling speakers in an attic, keep in mind that these areas are poorly ventilated and you need a fan for circulating air. Stay hydrated and let a friend or a member of the family know where you are.


Plan ahead

It is no use to just start drilling and cutting drywall for installing your speakers without a bit of planning in advance. Decide where you want your ceiling speakers to be placed before making any purchase. Depending on what you want to do once your audio system is set in place, listen to music, watch movies, or play games, you may want to opt for a different placement for the speakers.


See if the desired locations work

It is very important that you do not start drilling in areas where electrical wires go through the walls and ceiling. So, a highly recommended advice is to drill a pilot hole and use a stud finder to see what you are dealing with behind the wall. Besides eliminating any possibility to puncture an electrical wire and cause an electroshock, you need to see if the speakers you want to install have enough room. Mounting dimensions should be listed inside the manufacturer’s manual, so pay attention to what is written there. If you are satisfied with the results, fix the templates provided for your speakers and use some tape to keep them in place, so you can get to work. Check to see if the templates are positioned properly, and you will be able to setup your ceiling speakers fast and easy.


Ceiling Speakers 1


Search for any pre-wired wires for speakers

There are homes where pre-wired wires for speakers may be in place. This means, of course, less work for you, so you should be interested in finding out whether or not your home has such features included. Check the documentation of your home and any pictures showing the wiring before installing the drywall. Hole saving brackets are also a solution in case they were used by the people who installed the drywall in your home.


Proceed with caution when cutting drywall

In order to install your ceiling speakers with ease, you will need to cut the drywall to the necessary dimensions. The templates mentioned earlier will give you the guidelines for cutting the drywall according to specifications. In case you want to install rectangular speakers, first drill two holes in two opposite corners. Round speakers require you to drill two holes opposed from one another. Professionals advise using a manual drywall saw and carefully proceed to cutting starting from one hole and going towards the next, abiding by the template.

Keep the saw at an inward slant, so that you do not have to patch your work a lot later on, or to minimize the amount of patchwork needed. Get rid of all the excessive material before you get the speaker inside. Repair and patch the drywall, so you do not have to work more later, with the speakers already in place.

5 Great Adventure Holidays in Australia




People decide to go on holiday for a range of different reasons. For some it is all about getting some serious rest and relaxation in an idyllic destination while others want to spend time soaking up culture and history in different parts of the world. There are also those of us who are looking for an adrenaline fuelled holiday packed with adventure and activities – the good news is that there is no shortage of destinations when it comes to finding this type of holiday with many right here in Australia. You will find incredible places all around the country where you can enjoy a truly unique and memorable adventure holiday whether you are travelling alone, with a partner, with friends, or with members of your family.


From a 4 wheel drive adventure on Fraser Island to water activities around the stunning Whitsunday Islands, there are many different options available for those who want to enjoy the excitement of an adventure holiday in Australia. The moneysaving travel coupons at  on different stores will enable you to get a superb deal on your next Australian activity holiday giving your even greater choice about where to go for your action-packed adventure of a lifetime.


Five great adventure holidays to choose from in Australia


If you are looking for ideas and inspirations for your next epic adventure holiday, here are some great ideas with a selection of activity holidays designed to cater for different needs and preferences:


The Whitsunday Islands: Nestling in the gorgeous Coral Sea close to the famous Great Barrier Reef, there are seventy four islands in total in this group. For those who love water activities and adrenaline fuelled adventure combines with the chance to take in stunning surroundings, this is the perfect choice. You can enjoy a range of activities including sailing, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, and sailing with the opportunity to immerse yourself amongst the stunning coral reefs. This is an adventure that will enable you to combine relaxation and rest with exciting activities and adventure.


Fraser Island: Fraser Island is a famous and beautiful World Heritage site and the biggest sand island on the globe. This is the perfect place to not only surround yourself by incredible coastal beauty but also to enjoy the action of a 4 wheel drive adventure along the miles and miles of beach that the island has become so well known for. The diverse terrain of Fraser Island makes it perfect for 4WD fans but you can also take part in other activities while you are here including biking, fishing and water activities. This means that you can look forward to a diverse and varied adventure holiday with plenty for all adrenaline junkies to enjoy.


Horizontal Falls: If you head to the Kimberley area of Western Australia, you can look forward to a unique and action-packed adventure at Horizontal Falls. You will be able to take a flight across the waters by sea plane and then take a jet boat across the waters to take in everything from the awe-inspiring falls and the towering cliffs through to the rugged yet beautiful surroundings of the area. For the more daring amongst you, there are also tours that enable you to swim with the sharks although you will be pleased to know that this is through the safety of a specialist cage! This makes for an even more exciting and unique adventure experience and one that will leave you with treasured memories for many years to come.


Great Ocean Road: If your idea of adventure is taking the road trip of a lifetime, then Great Ocean Road is the perfect solution for your adventure trip. The coastline that you will find yourself surrounded by on this road trip will truly take your breath away with three hundred miles of awe inspiring beauty that has helped to make this particular stretch so famous across the world. You will take in everything from stunning beaches and crystal clear waters through to towering cliffs and lush greenery as you hit the road along one of the most famous road trip destinations on the planet.


Nitmiluk National Park: Situated in the Northern Territory, this beautiful national park is ideal if you are looking to experience a unique and outstanding adventure in the Outback. You can head to the Katherine River in order to release some adrenaline in a kayaking experience you will be hard pressed to forget. Make your way past majestic cliffs and forests, stunning scenery and peaceful lagoons, and incredible wildlife including crocs. You can take a self guided tour by renting a kayak but an organised tour is one of the most popular ways of exploring and making the most of this experience.


All of these adventure holidays and trips are perfect for those who want to get more from their holiday by enjoying experiences that will leave a real impression.