Best Fantasy Canopy for Bed


1. Heavenly 4-Post CanopyBenefits

This simple product is lauded in some Fantasy Heavenly 4-Post Ecru reviews for being able to add a romantic touch to any bedroom while lending a masculine look.

This is the best canopy for bed, as it fits all bed sizes.

The four sheet panels have a good construction.

The Fantasy Heavenly 4-Post Canopy serves as a functional mosquito net.

This product’s appearance can be easily maintained.



One of the reviews states that the product is not exactly kitten proof, so your pet’s sharp claws could create holes in the canopy.

The large gaps between nearly all of the edges may cause some users to conclude that the canopy is only made for aesthetic purposes, but that’s all a matter of preference.

The cut style of the edges are designed to make free hanging options easy, but may not be to everyone’s liking.


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Benefits Explained

– Making any male bedroom look astonishingly chic and unusually romantic, this best bed canopy from Fantasy offers a lot of choices for those who want to create a refreshing change from the ordinary. The canopy looks great on any bed, and makes any bedroom look fabulous. The straight edges give an airy yet still masculine look. Contrary to some people’s perception, the canopy won’t make the bedroom look overly feminine.

2. Heavenly 4-Post Canopy

– Without making the room look dark, the Fantasy Heavenly canopy suspends from the ceiling or a four-poster bed.when suspended all the way down. Even on a bed that’s very high up, the fabric can touch the ground, giving you a sense of privacy. It can be twisted into position or tied up. It fits a king bed perfectly, and gives more than enough coverage for a twin or double bed. The bottom can be made to drape along the floor or tie up at each corner so the length is shortened.


– The light and meshy fabric lets light through, so the canopy will not make your room gloomy-looking. The material is 100% polyester sheer netting, which still provides adequate ventilation. There are four sheer panels that cascade a filmy fabric sheath around the corners of your bed, giving you privacy without compromising on comfort. The package ships with the necessary canopy accessories to enable out-of-the-box functionality, and they include four ceiling screw hooks, the sheer bed canopy, four ties that are like little white ropes, and four plastic anchors that you can use to install the screw hooks into some ceiling types. The canopy is available in lilac, peach, sage, white and ecru, so you can have the color you like.


– Aside from its decorative appeal, the Fantasy Heavenly Canopy can be used as a mosquito net to keep small insects out, so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep even in humid, hot climates.


– The canopy can be dry-cleaned for a more thorough cleaning, but it can also be hand washed in cold water and then laid out to dry flat.



The Fantasy Heavenly 4-post canopy beautifies the bed and can also serve as a functional mosquito net. The light mesh construction enables breathability while giving a measure of privacy to any size bed. This is an elegant addition to any modern bedroom.


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