What is the best crossbow from Excalibur



Minimal assembly

Simple cocking

Great style and performance

Ease of use



Built too small for big-bodied users, making it an awkward product to handle for hunters with large builds

Sound factor is important for some hunters and the fact that the Vixen II tends to be a bit loud sometimes due to the recurve design may require integration of a sound dampener


Customer rating –> A+


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Benefits Explained

  • Numerous Excalibur Vixen II reviews have lauded the streamlined assembly that the Excalibur Vixen II Crossbow Varizone Package is engineered with. Happy buyers compliment how the crossbow can be fully assembled and sighted in less than an hour, even by less experienced crossbow users and customers. Details are included in the package, aside from an instructional video that can help users as they go about the process of putting the product together. This element of simplicity, however, does not compromise on the product’s overall durability and quality. It comes decorated in Realtree Hardwoods camouflage design that optimizes Excalibur’s legendary Kolorfusion process, which imbues the product with awesome detail and contrast.

  • Drilled and tapped to accommodate Excalibur quiver mounts and scope, the Excalibur Vixen II makes the best crossbow from Excalibur. The recurve design on the unit is apparently a successful attempt at making the crossbow easy to handle. The crossbow does away with a complicated design and adopts a non-compound style instead, which makes the Vixen II ideal for users with less robust level of strength and build. It can be cocked easily by almost anyone via the use of a cocking aid. The crossbow comes with a Multi-range Vari-Zone scope designed to work perfectly with the crossbow to ensure maximum level of zoom. The Vixen II also ships with a scope mount, scope rings and a patented length rope cocker designed to work with the crossbow’s diminutive profile.


  • The standard premium- quality polymer quiver that attaches to the side of the crossbow enables effortless access to arrows. The component also provides protection for your precious broad heads that you can attach to an arrow shaft when you go hunting. A mounting bracket is included so you don’t have to make a separate purchase for it. With short light draw weight of 150 pounds, reduced pull length and velocity of 285 feet-per-second, the Vixen II shoots fast and true without demanding too much strength from lady hunters, young adventurers and small users, making it the best crossbow for such individuals.


  • Accurate despite being built small, the Vixen II amply fills the needs of female hunters without sacrificing on accuracy. In an industry where hunting is reserved for males, the Vixen II adequately fills the gap for lady hunters who require a less rugged version that is no less precise, giving women room to improve on their shooting ability to a significant level. Aside from the cocking aid, multi-range scope and four arrow quiver that it comes with, the Vixen II also ships with essential crossbow accessories that include four carbon Firebolt arrows with field points so ladies are ready to hunt after assembling the product.


When you want a crossbow built for small individuals or women, the Vixen II is your best bet. It has a draw weight of just 150 pounds, which is easy for hunters with limited strength. The 285 FPS velocity is perfect for target shooting. The accessories it comes with make easy use of the crossbow, which also requires minimal assembly. This product is a novice or young hunter’s dream gear.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($599.97)