What is the best toddler car seat from Evenflo



US-made product

Structural integrity

Side-impact tested

Great harness system

Comfort and convenience features



According to one of the comprehensive Evenflo Tribute LX reviews, the cup holder is designed for foam or paper cups, so parents who want a convenient way of bringing along their baby’s sippy cup may be disappointed.

The unit may be a bit harder to install in some vehicles than in others.


 Customer rating –> B+


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Benefits Explained

  • The product is the best toddler car seat from Evenflo thanks to being designed and manufactured in the USA. This ensures reliable quality and craftsmanship, following strict quality control standards in the production process. The toddler car seat blends together comfort, safety and ease to ensure optimal value for this type of product.

  • The toddler car seat is subjected to tests to ensure structural integrity during use. It is able to withstand up to twice the energy levels set in Federal Crash Test standards. The product maintains its form and consistent functionality most especially in emergency situations when its occupant is subjected to tremendous impact force, from which the seat shields the rider fully.


  • Meeting or surpassing all federal safety standards that apply to such products, the Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car seat has been taken through Evenflo’s own side impact tests as well as government agency crash tests to ensure that it passes with flying colors. From the leader in safety, education and innovation, the toddler car seat demonstrates its manufacturer’s long-standing commitment to protecting children and their well-being. This is through the making of a product that readily goes beyond current government standards to come up with next-generation offerings.


  • The tether system has multiple shoulder positions to ensure long-term use and a good fit for the child. Adjustment is designed upfront for the harness and the buckle release system, enabling convenient and effortless modifications.


  • The removable plush head pillow allows an older child to rest comfortably while on the road. The integrated body cushion provides extra comfort for your child. Indeed, the Evenflo Tribute LX offers those toddler car seat accessories to help your child make the most of rides with you.


With long-term experience in child education, safety and innovation, the Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car seat offers a safe and convenient way to enjoy rides with your young child. It has multiple-adjustment harness system, a detachable head pillow for older children, an integrated body cushion for total comfort, plus impressive performance in crash tests.It’s the best toddler car seat when you just want serious car riding safety for your child without the superficial bells and whistles.


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