What is the best shortwave radio from Eton



Full sound

Large capacity memory bank

Dual functionality


Solid build



One of the Eton Grundig NGSAT750B reviews notes that the manual does not give enough information on the many features of the radio. Fortunately, since the features are easy to use, users can enjoy exploring the product’s many capabilities.

The front of the radio may need to be propped up a bit to enable convenient viewing of the front-mounted buttons, display, etc.


Customer rating –> A+


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  • This class-leading product can very well be the best shortwave radio from Eton for users who recognize its capable delivery of rich, full sound. The rotating antenna pivots 360 degrees to pull in even the weaker AM frequencies for strong signal transmission. User can enjoy listening to FM, AM, long wave, shortwave, Single Side Band (SSB), and aircraft band frequencies. Even when the stations are too far out of range, the Eton radio really works hard to pick them up and give users clear sounding broadcasts.


  • You can listen to the largest selection of stations and frequencies with the Eton radio’s ability to program up to 100 stations in its memory for every band. That’s matchless shortwave capability complemented by reliable functionality in a compact and sleekly-designed radio. The unit offers a variety of tuning options: manual; auto; direct frequency key-in; and station memory tuning. In addition, it provides auto tuning storage function for shortwave, AM and FM. You can instantly have access to all your favorite stations thanks to the huge capacity of its memory.


  • Hate the sound of typical alarm clocks? Tired of the strident wake-up tones of your bedside alarm? Why not wake up to your favorite music, news or talk show on the Eton radio? You can enjoy multiple alarms to start your morning right. Instantly know the news before you read the morning paper. Be awakened by music that sets you on an energetic mode. Or just listen to your favorite morning talk show host dish out their wacky commentaries to get you all warmed up for the day. Whichever station you program the radio to deliver your virtual cup of joe, it will always be a great morning!


  • Perhaps you’d sometimes prefer to listen to your library of songs and music stored in your MP3 player. With the Eton radio, you can do just that through the line in socket. You can also have radio broadcast straight to other devices via the line out socket.


  • The Eton radio boasts of a clean and modern design, with reliably solid build and neat lay out of its components. It’s built to be a no-nonsense communications receiver packaged as the best shortwave radio.


The Eton radio may not have a lot of shortwave radio accessories except for its fully rotating antenna. However, it can pull in thousand of stations, even the ones that are too far out of range. You can program it to wake you up with a preprogrammed tuning to your favorite station. Constructed with a solid build and a modern design, this versatile and compact product offers full functionality in a sleek communications receiver package.


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